We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!


Yeah!, a Seaddle, WA based magazine and online clearinghouse began publishing positive stories of change in the early 2000s.  Most news in that time was down and dire, daily bummers producing fear.  Yeah! sought out and shared positive stories of people waking up, coming together in communities, taking charge of their own lives, being and actions, and doing things differently, proactively changing.  Stories inspired us with true examples of how real people were making their real worlds better.

Yeah! took off in the 2020s and beyond, becoming very popular.  It shared with us how people were surviving and thriving in shared communities, moving successfully to sustainable permaculture practices, combatting corporate monoliths, creating and using alternate currencies and community bank systems, cultivating health of humans and nature, empowering women, minorities and other oppressed groups, protecting and restoring natural and life support systems together, being empowered by technology, sharing resources outside traditional models, adopting and aligning with shared principles and values, effectively accomplishing political change, creating nonviolent change, and so much more.

Yeah! motivated so many to change thinking, being and doing and become better human beings and inspired so many to change how we live, make our livings and create our worlds as we wish they were.


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