We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!


We’ve had explosive expressions of literature and other excellent writing, that inform and inspire us.  Previously, book distribution systems made it very hard for writers to be published and distributed.  Writers often spent years and experienced rejection and after rejection, for writing with great merits.  Increasingly, writers were able to share, distribute and engage people in their writings, and make livings, via online and electronic writing and publishing systems, which anyone could print or read on devices and search in various ways to find content of interest, share with each other, and rank and promote.

An entire genre of books emerged around consciousness, its importance and how to engage with it, raise spirits and evolve in its dimension.  Many books grappled with our shared principles and values, teaching us their meanings, power, ramifications and how to engage with them, build them into our characters, integrity and honor, apply them in our daily beings, behaviors and actions, be true to them. 

Absorbing graphic stories have emerged, fusions and collaborations between visual artists and writers.  Exceptional writing now goes into song lyrics, often in collaborations between writers and musicians.  Writers produce plain language written agreements we can understand, replacing obtuse legalese.  Editors assist engineers in writing assembly and operating instructions, so we can understand them. 

Government information sharing engages good writers who optimize communicating for understanding, rather than complying with reporting requirements while trying to obscure what is actually going on.  There was an explosion of great children’s books, which turned kids on to reading and inspired learning. 

In the 2030s, there was an exceptionally popular, seven book and movie series called We Can Do This!  Its sales exceeded those of the Mary Potter series of the early 2020s.  It combined drama, fantasy and science fiction, featuring a diverse set of 15 kids, ranging from ages 5 to 15, stranded on a tired planet, after a virus decimated the adult population of their sophisticated spaceship, no longer able to fly, because of a lack of fuel, but with functional computer systems retaining the knowledge of humanity. 

These young people took on the challenge of shared survival, of creating a world they could thrive in, coming together as a community, working out differences and challenges, making good decisions, creating and building environments where food systems could thrive, building beautiful spaces to live, solving all kinds of problems, helping nature recover and thrive, and raising consciousness in hard times.  They create a lovely utopia together in an engaging Robertson Crewzo and Swiss Family Robertson style.  Millions of young people and adults were captivated, enthralled and inspired by the series.

People are literate, have the time and the motivation to read, and we read far more than we did before.  We read all kinds of things, to learn, to grow, to be entertained, to be stimulated, to connect and share.  Many more of us write.  We share stories on OurStories.  We write about community or personal values.  We document our efforts to come together, collaborate, share, work and thrive in close communities.  We share our best practices, our failures, and our experiences and wisdom.  We share dreams and ideas.  We tell enthralling and teaching stories, as was done in times of old, around campfire circles, in groups.


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