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Women's Movements

Uncontroversially, our women have had many enormous influences on the great changes of this period.  Of course, there are billions of different stories of women in the Greatest Generations, but, generally, women seem to have grasped, resonated with, adopted and spread Earth Citizen Principles and Values and their possibilities more intuitively and quickly than men.  A variety of theories for whether or why this is true circulate, in various states of serious, friendly and amusing agreement or dispute. 

Men’s hormones, predominantly testosterone, have a much more aggressive effect than women’s.  Every 9 seconds, or so, men get a testosterone squirt, a compelling urge to “fuck it or kill it.”  Male cultural dominance in most of the world had led to aggressive, competitive and misogynist paradigms.  Men had been more deeply immersed in many of the workplaces of those paradigms, for millennia, where they’d been acculturated away from more humane values, behaviors, activities and perspectives. 

Women’s hormones, mainly estrogen and oxytocin, create urges to “create a close relationship with it.”  On much of the Earth, women had been traditionally less immersed in the patriarchal paradigms dominating daily workplaces, government and military, for hundreds of generations, running households and raising children, where more humane values, behaviors and activities were more common. 

Basically, women didn’t have as far to go as men to get from where they were to Earth Citizen Values, women are generally more mature than men, at all ages, and were more ready to adopt shared values, and women have powerful influences on children, spouses, lovers, elders, the needy, and everyone.


Generally, women spend a lot more time communicating with each other than men do, at deeper levels, about subjective elements of life, like emotions, feelings, well-being, and healthy nurturing growth.  Earth Citizen Principles and Values made their ways into women’s communications with each other faster than into men’s communications with each other.  Women talk, and women talked a lot about Earth Citizen Principles and Values, and they began to take hold in women, resonating and stimulating.  Women took that talk to their men, and to other people in their lives, persuasively.


Traditionally, women have spent more time nurturing children, helping the needy and elders than men.  Most teachers, nurses and other care providers (and wives 😊) are traditionally women, for example.  Those very influential roles provided opportunities to influence children, the needy, the ill and the old, simply by being themselves, doing the things they did, by speaking their truths and behaving as they did, in harmony with Earth Citizen Principles and Values.  Those influences helped expose and accustom children, youth, adults and elders in the Greatest Generations to Earth Citizen Principles and Values.  Women just living with integrity toward and speaking openly about Earth Citizen Principles and Values had an extraordinary positive effect on their quick adoption and spread.  They were carriers!

In relationships with spouses and lovers, women have almost magical powers.  They influence their men at home, where guards are down.  Long suppressed as a gender, women had developed extraordinary subtleties in ways of influencing men.  Women used wiles to affect men, open and introduce them to Earth Citizen Principles and Values.  Testosterone urges men aggressively to seek sex with women, almost constantly, while oxytocin urges women more gently to build close meaningful relationships.  Women used those urges to expose and change their men.  “It excites me to talk about these values.  You like it when I get excited, right?”   “It’s important to me.  If you’ll do this for me, I’ll do that for you!”  OurStories has many examples of women seducing men into alignment with becoming Earth Citizens.

Since Earth Citizens Principles and Values have become widely adopted, there is much greater appreciation for the importance of balance between genders, as classic ends of a spectrum of duality.  For health and wholeness, all systems need balance.  Gender balance is widely acknowledged now as an important component of successful, stable and healthy decision-making, management, operations, communities, organizations, and almost everything.  Women about balance men in U.S. leadership roles now, at equal pay, for example.  Similar balance, or at least respected representation, is increasingly sought and valued in most dimensions of diversity, including age, race, expertise and sexual orientation.


Today, humans increasingly interact with each other and with other beings respectfully, regardless of differences, appreciating diversity.  Women deserve a lot of credit for nurturing changes that led to that.  And we are so very much better off because of it!  That balance creates virtuous energetic harmonies.

Men had been slow or reluctant to recognize it, but there are more women than men on this Earth, and, at all ages, women are better able to pay attention and be self-disciplined in school, and perform better.  Women had been progressing in academic fields more efficiently than men.  Women handle pain better.  Women carry, deliver, feed, nurture, teach and support children, naturally.  Women cultivate real love.  Women appreciate and create beauty.  Women are more empathetic, sensitive, caring and supportive. 

Women brought that, and so much more, into communities, workplaces, families, politics and changes, and all of those environments, situations, efforts, communications and relationships benefitted from it.  Having balance between female and male energies, ideas, styles, concerns and perspectives improved it.  Having balance and respect between all dimensions of duality helps to create harmony and coherence.  We are individually far better balanced and in better harmony internally, mirroring our external worlds.  Looking back on it, it is astounding and embarrassing that the Equal Rights Amendment wasn’t adopted into the U.S. Constitution until 2027, when human rights were granted to all citizens, including criminals.


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