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We Can Change Our Future!

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In We Can Change Our Wicked Problems!, we explored 25 issues or social systems in the U.S. and discovered brokenness and unsustainability in each.

In We Can Change Our Programming!, we considered that if something is broken in so many of our systems, and we create those systems, and those problems are not getting better, there must be something broken inside us, somewhere in our conditioning, beliefs, worldviews, and values.  There is a relationship between our inner and outer worlds.  "As above, so below."  To fix our wicked problems, we must fix ourselves.  We explored things we think and how we might improve to surface deep programming and values, and we drafted10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens.  If we can agree on and widely adopt common values to make us better human beings, those better human beings will make the many right decisions and take the many right actions needed, by integrating those values into our characters and living with integrity, respect and honor according to them.

We Can Change Our Future! is fiction, make-believe, positive and fun!  It pretends we are 2 generations in the future, in the year 2060.  If we committed to change, and adopted shared principles like these, how might we have changed, and what might our worlds look like?  How might it be different?  Let’s use our imaginations, have a little bit of playful fun, and attempt to envision a different future than we’re on the path to realizing now!  If the world were the way we wish it was, how would that world be?  Let’s start living that way and creating that world now!

We can change!  We need to change consciously, quickly and massively, to proactively avert pending disasters and harms.  We can do that if we intentionally change our deep programming and become better human beings, based on deeply shared values that we personally understand using common sense and personally choose to adopt and live by.  This is the time for us to stop, be still and awaken, and change, inside and out.

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Chapter Contents:

We Can Change Our Future!

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1.   Storian Narrative Overview

2.   Principles and Values Standards

3.   The Earth Citizen Principles and Values Pyramid Framework

4.   The Principled Earth Citizens Era

5.   The Greatest Generations

6.   Women’s Movements

7.   Spiritual Transformations

8.   The Great Pandemic Awakening of 2020

9.   The Shift to Consumer Power

10. Technology Empowered Change:

11.  The Communities Movement

12.  The Sustainable Energy Revolution

13.  Sustainable Transportation for All, Not Just Me

14.   Infrastructure Improvements

15.   Connect Us

16.   Government Take-Back Amendment

17.   Inform Us

18.   Accountable to Us

19.   Educate and Train Us

20.   Arts, Entertainments and Athletics:

21.   Immigration and Terrorism

22.   U.S. Earth Citizen Nation Principles

23.   Legal

24.   Prison and Incarceration Reform

25.   Housing and Homelessness

26.   Gun Violence

27.   The End of the War on Drugs

28.   Health and Healthcare

29.   Science and Technology

30.   Change Led by People:

31.   Economy, Banking and Finance

32.   Income and Wealth Inequity

33.   Taxes and Government Expenses

34.   PAPPIS and the Battle for New Orlenes

35.   Foreign Policy

36.   Empire

37.   Rights and Privileges for Humans, Other Species and Environments

38.   Permaculture and Food

39.   Environment

40.   Religion and Spirituality

41.   Ambient Sound Engineering

42.   News, Information and Entertainment

43.   Advertising and Marketing

44.   Population Growth

45.   Conclusion


Appendix – Timeline of Referenced Changes

An excerpt:

Beautiful Human Beings, of the Year 2020!


Things are difficult and feel uncomfortable, right now. 


For years, we’ve felt dismayed as things are getting worse, fearing existential threats of human created global climate change and deteriorating and failing social systems.  We’ve been caught up in a rat race, struggling and competing for survival in artificial economic and money games, as real wealth dries up….


To top it all off, we’re now isolated in lockdowns at home, as a global pandemic rages and creates fear, fear that we cannot pay our bills, will become homeless, will lose everything, will get sick and die.


That sucks!  There’s no way around that.  But take heart!  This is the time when it all begins to change.  Mother Earth is sending us some tough love.  We’ve been screwing up.  We’re being given a timeout.  She could shake humanity off her back, like a dog shakes off water after a swim, if she really wanted to.  Things could be so much worse.  Imagine airborne Ebola  Imagine what awaits us with climate change.  This is actually a relatively benign wakeup call, a crisis opportunity to change, a chance to improve.


Mother Nature is gifting us rare free time, time to stop all our frantic running around, time off of work, time to relax, let go, open, trust, become aware, get informed, wake up and commit to change inside.  This is our time to crawl into a chrysalis and evolve, later to emerge as something unimaginably better.  We do not have to be, behave or do as we have been.  We can be, behave and do in any way possible! 


We’re being given a chance and a choice  Do we want to muddle along as we have been, creating harm, or would we rather become better beings, who will make the many decisions and take the many actions to change for the better?  This is a stage of evolution for us, where we either evolve or we collapse.


Take heart!  I have seen the future.  We will rise to the occasion!  We will change!  We will evolve!


Take on the challenges of these times as a personal yoga, something we engage with to raise spirits!  Use the quiet time to sit with your being and feelings!  How do you honestly feel?  What do you think?  Release what is not serving us!  Let go of past conditioning that is leading us astray, for others’ benefits!  What do you truly care about?  What makes you truly feel good deep down inside?  What’s important?  What do you truly value, and why?  Take care of yourself, and be healthy!  Take in good food and water!  Where do you find beauty?  Find more of that!  What do you truly love?  Make time for that love!


The hard work in the chrysalis of evolution is personal, but you are not alone!  We are all one together!  We will use this time to awaken and change for the better!  Our lives, communities and environments will be so much better in the future than they are today!  We can change our future!  We will!


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