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We Can Change Our Future!

Visual Arts

Similarly, visual arts have had an explosive renaissance.  Artists have been doing similar things with painting, sculpture, drawing, graffiti, kinetic art, lighting, graphic arts, and other visual art forms. 

Visual art performances commonly accompany musical performances, projected on screens, audiences, buildings, floors, structures, and in the air, often extraordinarily beautiful, engaging and stimulating, and often choreographed with music.  Visual and audio energy wavelengths interact and create experience.

Visual art expresses higher and altered states of energy, being, behaving and doing.  It portrays nature and natural systems with great beauty, conveys deep subjective experiences of relationship with them.  It portrays values, like the shared oneness of being while being individually unique and infinitely diverse; rewards of fun, laughter and play; benefits of strong close community; virtues of unconditional love; peace and serenity; good health and abundance; releasing destructive energies; balance and harmony.

There is much more visual art in our homes, communities, cities, workplaces and common spaces, because we honor, cultivate and appreciate beauty more, and we have time to make things beautiful.  The Global Day of Beauty has produced millions of extraordinary visual art experiences around us.  Graffiti has mostly become contributions to visual art beauty, rather than acting out to tag and deface. 

Visual arts are widely available in schools and in Inform Us content, accessible to all, so we can learn it.  We create, share and gift visual art readily.  Architecture is increasingly integrated with visual arts.  Former streets and overpasses are visual arts venues.  Some sculptures are huge, amazing and move.  Many buildings are true sculptural works of art.  City gardening is often conducted as a visual art form.  Whimsical and artistic green-powered vehicles get art permits to move through cities, many fantastic - ocean vessels, animals, starships, floats, dragons, flying carpets, giant insects, things that move.


Ambient night lighting is a form of visual art.  We’ve eliminated most bright lights, glare and skyglow.  We’ve replaced them with low-power, color controllable lighting, which illuminate skyscrapers and other buildings and homes with beautiful patterns, many of which morph and change, mesmerizingly.  “Street” gardens are beautifully and subtly illuminated, as are passing gondola cars, bikes and trains.  However, the illumination allows the heavens and its bodies to be visible in clear night skies overhead.  Our common spaces are beautiful and stimulating.  It is a joy to be out in them.


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