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60. Virtuous versus Vicious, Noble versus Ignoble, Good versus Evil

If ultimate reality is ultimately energy in vibration, with various frequencies, wavelengths and patterns, what has historically been considered good, virtuous or noble is what allows or helps to create and maintain energetic purity, harmony and coherence.  What is bad, evil, vicious or ignoble has been what allows or assists in destroying energetic purity, harmony or coherence, what causes things to fall apart.  

What is good, virtuous and noble promotes and creates increasing purity, harmony, coherence and beauty in energetic sources, patterns and interactions.  What is bad, vicious and ignoble breaks apart and dissipates purity, harmony, coherence and beauty in energetic patterns and interactions.


If we start with good, virtuous and noble intentions, like creating something beautiful that sustains and inspires life, we imagine and dream something beautiful that does that, we work hard to create and realize that, we maintain it and help others engage, understand and appreciate it, and they do and their spirits lift, we’re being and doing something good, virtuous and noble.  Ultimately, that is pure, good energy or beautiful, harmonious and coherent energy pattern interactions.  It feels good energetically to be good, virtuous and noble, almost universally for sensitive, awake and aware people involved.


If we have bad energy, emotions or intentions, put down and abuse those working to create something good, beautiful, noble and virtuous, act to damage or destroy that beautiful thing, or motivate others to tear it down, we’re being evil, vicious and ignoble.  Ultimately, that is destroying good, pure energy, harmony or coherence of energetic interactions and doing harm.  That usually feels bad for most sensitive and aware people involved.  Some people get sick thrills out of destruction and harm.

For example, if we intend to create a beautiful space for art, nature and relaxation for the spirit lifting benefit it provides those who visit it; we envision and plan that; we work hard to engage others in creating it, producing the art for it, planting the trees and flowers, building the paths and water systems; we work hard to keep it beautiful, functioning and thriving; we invite others to enjoy it; and they do; then we are being and doing something good, virtuous and noble.  We are creating a pure and coherent environment of beauty and positively stimulating energies, experiences and interactions.  It feels good.


If we’re feeling bad, make fun of people working on the space, kill plants, deface art, poison the water, prevent people from maintaining it, trash it, or interfere with people’s efforts to enjoy it, we are being and doing something bad, evil, vicious and ignoble.  That feels bad to most, except for twisted thrills.

Good is dreaming, creating, supporting and appreciating increasingly pure, harmonious, enduring and/or beautiful interactions of energy.  Evil is bad energy putting down, tearing apart, eliminating support for and/or contributing to the dissipation of those pure and/or harmonious interactions of energy. 

Here as examples are the classic and Christian 7 sins and virtues.  The virtues oppose the sins, as good energy versus bad energy.  The instruction has been to increase virtue/good and decrease sin/evil.:

Sins and Virtues.jpg

It’s a little abstract, perhaps, but we must try to value and produce what is good, virtuous and noble over what is bad, evil, vicious and ignoble?  Choose higher energies over lower energies!  Let’s create and cultivate what is more pure, coherent and/or harmonious, energetically, over what is impure, incoherent and/or destructive.  More good/virtue and less evil/sin! 

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