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Valued and Intentional Lovers and Partners

An early disrupter and promoter of Earth Citizen Principles and Values adoption was an online and app dating and matchmaking service, Valued and Intentional Lovers and Partners (VILP).  Launched in 2022, it had an insightful value proposition for people seeking love, lovers and long-term relationship partners:  “very deep connections and lasting relationships are rooted in shared values, intentions and chemistry.” 

Basically, it asserted that among the best indicators of successful short- and long-term relationships were people’s deeply held values, beliefs and intentions.  Looks change and fade.  What we do for a living often does not reflect who we are inside.  What we say about ourselves is often false, to create an artificial allure of compatibility.  What we say we do as activities or entertainments changes or is false.  Women lie about being simple folk who love nothing more than drinking beer, camping and sports.  Men lie about loving their work, their successes, liking romantic films, and personal cleanliness.

VILP based its service on an initial intuition, backed up by study and experience, that when people fundamentally and deeply agree about what we value, the principles we try to live by, what we believe and aspire to, and our intentions, there’s a strong foundation for mutual and lasting connection, compatibility and relationship.  If people establish compatibility at the level of values and intentions, and then explore to find chemistry from that field of candidates, we are much more likely to find lovers and long-term relationships that are rewarding and lasting, and do that faster.  People in those relationships are much more likely to find, experience and share real love and functioning partnerships in life.

The service developed and grew rapidly, and its successes and testimonials became more compelling.   Interview series rooted out seeker values and intentions from various question and situation responses, in friendly ways, with improving accuracy.  Computer algorithms compared seeker data and responses.  Seekers produced well-presented photos, videos and profiles.  When values and intentions matched, seekers were introduced to each other, and met and spent time with each other, in person or live video, to explore “chemistry”, which we still don’t understand.  If chemistry existed, relationships developed.  Take and stay together rates were very high compared to other dating and matchmaking services.


That the service was not-for-profit was also appealing.  It paid its workers well.  It paid its investors a fair and transparent rate of return.  It invested in the infrastructure necessary to do what it did.  But it adjusted its fees based on its profitability.  As revenues increased and expenses stabilized, fees for services decreased, rather than rewarding investors with more money.  People loved that model. 

As Earth Citizen Principles and Values stabilized and became more known, and the business model was better known, women started flocking to Valued Lovers and Partners.  It made intuitive sense to women.  What we truly wanted was real compatibility, genuine love, stable partners, and solid relationships.  Women are more mature than men at every age.  Women got it first.  Women have great power in sexual and romantic relationships.  It’s when women say and mean yes that really good things happen.  Men flocked to the service in search of women.  The service spread around the globe, doing its thing.

Sure, there was a lot of dishonesty at first.  There were also problems with people not really knowing what their deep values and intentions were, so they found it difficult to be honest.  As Earth Citizen Principles and Values proliferated, and as principles and values were more top of minds and discussed and worked with, people got better at it.  It worked.  Many straight, gay and more ambiguous people used the service to find each other, connect, and create passion and lasting and rewarding relationships.  That served as a motivator for people exploring and adopting Earth Citizen Values and Principles.


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