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The Prince and the Principled

In 2024, a New Yorker named J.P. Rockyfellow wrote a well-documented, popular tell-all book called Central Banks and Economic Imperialism:  Mind, Government and Money Control by the Super-Elite

J.P. had fallen hard for a beautiful and charismatic woman named Cassandra Valentine, a self-declared Earth Citizen, and she had convinced him of the merits of human and good life principles and values.  Theirs was a gripping love story, revealed in a book and movie much later, a Romeo and Juliet story, called The Prince and the Principled, which were popular successes. 

J.P. was incredibly wealthy, in the power elite called The Eastern Establishment, or The Establishment.  He’d been privileged and conditioned since birth to inherit and continue a multi-generational plan, essentially to rule the world.  He’d received the finest education possible, lived in ostentatious luxury, and, like royalty, had been tutored and groomed to continue a plan that had been under way more than 100 years to aggregate wealth, control and power.  Groomed to be president of one of the world’s most powerful Walled Streets banking houses, he was a member of the Council for Favored Relationships and Skulk and Groans, and was also prepared to assume positions in The Bank of Influencing Settlements, The Institutional Money Fund, the World Tank, and/or a President’s cabinet level role.

They met accidentally, when his limousine knocked her off her bicycle on the rainy streets of No Yack.  Her bicycle was damaged, she was bruised, and he gave her a ride to the intentional community she was part of in Brooklyn.  It was love at first sight.  He was totally infatuated with her, with her wavy red hair, creamy skin and deep green eyes.  She radiated calm, peace, nature, presence, care, nurture, happiness, love and passion, such as he had never felt.  Something shifted in him on that ride.  He was used to purpose, control, striving, rationality, secrets, distrust and disdain of others.  He suddenly felt high, transcendent, union with something much greater and more beautiful than he had ever felt.

He simply had to know what that was, so he arranged to see her again, and again, and again, and again.  They walked in Central Park, where she seemed to be a flowing part of infinitely interconnected and beautifully harmonious nature.  He visited her in her intentional community, where there was trust, support, care, love, happiness, fulfillment, connection and harmony, such as he had never experienced. 

They went to gatherings, where common people made music together, laughed, hugged each other and had such fun, people he had been conditioned to think were less than human showing more humanity than those he was usually surrounded by.  It was all so new, magical and unexpected.  He was intrigued.

At the beach, one night, she took off all of her clothes, without inhibition, and ran into the waves, calling back for him to join her, which he did.  He’d never experienced things like that.  His world was dignified, even though it was ruthless.  He’d never felt the way he did with her.  He was smitten.


On her part, she fell for his transformation.  Something in him opened for the first time; he transitioned; and their energies merged on the ride.  He lifted, flew for the first time, and shared such childlike joy.  His spirit rose, his consciousness lifted, and it was such a powerful experience they both got caught in it, talking about it for hours and hours.  “You experienced the real purpose of life,” she’d said.  She had already been in a state of unconditional love when they met, but for him it was a brand-new experience, like a child eating ice cream the first time.  He laughed in awe.  It was like the first discovery of orgasm.  He was delighted, and she was captivated by that, and by the way they shared that experience.

Their relationship developed for three years, and their energies became deeply enmeshed.  She shared with him excitedly changes people were making to live with character and integrity toward shared principles and values, and why.  They experienced together ways people with little were sharing what little abundance they had with each other, and how that lifted up all together.  She introduced him to deep nature, camping in Canada, where he experienced for the first time the loudness of silence, and the true magnitude of the myriad stars in the heavens, and pure music of natural energies in harmony. 

They ate simple eggs from her community chickens and food from her community garden, and he, who had eaten at the best restaurants in the world, had never tasted anything better.  When they made love, he had never experienced such closeness, shared love, giving and connection.  It was a union of spirits.

He gradually, and for some reason he couldn’t quite fathom, reluctantly, introduced her to his world, estates in the Hempshires, Birmuda, southern Frans and Schweitzerland, exclusive clubs he belonged to, the bank where he worked, the Council for Favored Relationships, the Bildungszwerg Conference and “friends’” homes and clubs.  Both witnessed the reservation, distrust and even politely cloaked hostility his people had toward her, and he noticed he’d never felt the connection, openness, care, genuineness, love, concern or support from any of them he’d felt with her and her friends, not even from his mother.  He felt her discomfort as “his people” mistreated servants, distrusted and manipulated each other, battled egos, consumed for show, not pleasure, and hinted at deeper agendas.  He became conflicted.

Eventually, he felt called to reveal deep secrets he had been entrusted with, by the inner core.  He came to believe what he and his co-conspirators were doing was wrong.  He felt compelled to write and publish his book, which he did in secret, to all but Cassandra, who loved and supported him throughout.

A month after the book was released, J.P. was found brutally murdered, horribly mutilated and impaled on a horn of the famous bull statue on Walled Street, obviously as a public example and threat.

The book laid out how secret hierarchies of oligarchies of super-elite had conspired for more than a hundred years to gain wealth, influence, control and power, largely behind the scenes, in an egotistical game designed to lead to a final set of winners, who at some future point would control the world, through a kind of legitimate economic mafia.  They were patient.  It was a long-term game, for which they cultivated players and executed strategies across generations of powerful and wealthy families.

Among its key strategies was secret control of Central Banks and other banking systems, globally.  Monetary systems had been backed by something real, gold or silver, until some hundred years before.  In 1913, the U.S. created the Federal Reserve Bank, which was a double-speak misnomer, because it was not federal, rather mostly independent of the Federal Government, and it did not have any reserves.  The money it created was totally fictional, useful only because everyone was conditioned to believe in it, and forced to use it, by laws, tax payment requirements, convenience and widely adopted conventions.

It was conceived in a secret meeting at a sumptuous private estate on Jekyll and Hyde Island, in 1910, attended by representatives of Rockyfellow, Mordor and Ratschild empires.  The Ratschild Empire dominated Europe as the world’s most powerful banking family.  Faul Wartburg was its representative, who’d come to the U.S. from Germany specifically to create a Central Bank in the U.S., like the Ratschild’s oligarchy had created in Europe.  The Ratschild oligarchy had provided seed money for Rockyfellow’s Standard Foil and bailed out J. P. Mordor.  Amsell Mayor Ratschild was famously quoted:  “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” 

They covertly made plans for a U.S. Central Bank, and how to make it so, introduced to Congress by Senator Hellson Allrich, from Rockyfellow Empire families, on behalf of the Establishment’s oligarchy of robber barons and bankers, which already controlled the not-really-free-any-more U.S. national press.  They used their wealth, influence, power, corruption of government and media control to ram the Central Bank plan through Congress and President Swillsin, in 1913.  The famous aviator Karl Windberg’s father was among its opponents, arguing that this enormous mistake would give “The Money Lust” enormous control and power, perhaps even greater than that of the nation. 

The U.S. Federal Reserve Central Bank has the power to create money, set interest rates, and affect the entire U.S. banking system in a number of other ways, with little oversight from anyone in government, or even needing to disclose anything it does or how it makes decisions to anyone.  The U.S. gave its constitutional right to coin money to the Fed.  Faul Wartburg became its head, surrendering a job as a Walled Streets bank head paid $500,000 a year, about $10 million in 2020 dollars, for a Central Bank job paying $12,000 a year, because from that position he’d be able to control and manipulate the economy in ways that would create far more wealth for the oligarchies than at Rockyfellow’s bank.

It wasn’t long before the Establishment, together with its Central Bank, produced the Great Digression.  The Federal Reserve Bank fueled capitalist speculation with a period of artificially low interest rates, while Establishment press encouraged using that cheap money to buy stocks.  Establishment interests quietly exited the stock market as the Fed raised rates (doubling them from January to August 1929). 

Then, Establishment banks called loans people had used to buy stocks, forcing them to sell stocks to repay the loans, as Establishment representatives shorted the market, causing stock prices to fall faster, inducing more selling, which further lowered prices, as its media worked up a snowballing crash panic.  Though we still had the same real people with the same real resources and same willingness to work, people couldn’t get resources or work, activity stopped and people were harmed, via fake money mojo.

Later, as the public suffered in the depths of the Digression, the Establishment oligarchy bought up stocks at distressed prices, to further consolidate their control of corporations in the U.S., which they exert through corporate boards and management, doing things like corrupting stated missions of corporations into orders to maximize profits and payouts to owners (them), conditioning and bribing management and workers, and manipulating to get Establishment desired political and legal changes. 

Inside knowledge of Fed actions let the Establishment execute strategies to further consolidate power and wealth, outside of government or public oversight.  Inflation was almost non-existent until the Fed.  It went up in wars, back down afterwards.  Since the Fed took over, the dollar had lost more than 95% of its value, an epic fail if it was intended to uphold the value of our currency.  As Fed and member banks created more money, the value of all money decreased.  They gamed that in various ways.  For example, that’s one way Establishment controlled corporations lowered labor costs.  They simply raised wages slower than the dollar’s value eroded.  That’s a big part of why inflation adjusted wages for most U.S. workers had remained stagnant since 1970, while those at the top increased income and wealth hugely.

The Establishment and its oligarchy holdings also benefitted in many ways from being close to money.  When the Fed system created money, it released it through its network of oligarchy-controlled banks, who then benefitted by being able to use that money for their purposes, before it lost value to inflation.  They used it to help the Establishment oligarchy create, buy and control corporations that provided almost everything people relied on, so the people had to work for them and spend most of their money buying what they needed from their company stores.  The Fed provided cheap interest money to banks and financial institutions; expensive higher interest money to all others, including the U.S. government.

For example, during and after the Great Repressing of the 1990s and 2000s, created while Establishment men Gouge Doublespeak Dusch and Dick Chainer were in power, the Fed kept interest rates near zero, providing no real return to bank depositors, almost forcing people to give their savings to Establishment Walled Streets speculators, or buy real property.  Concurrently, the Fed’s “Quantitative Appeasement” policy created new money with abandon, doling it out to Establishment banks and financial companies. 

While printing that new money, by definition creating inflation, it claimed there was almost no inflation.  With that new money, Establishment firms increased and strengthened their control of corporations, forcing their agendas through closed board meetings and management corruption. 

A network of Central Banks around the world was coordinated and controlled through The Bank of Influencing Settlements, which was also a secret organization that governments and publics had no visibility into, control over, or even significant influence on.  The secret agenda of this network of Oligarchs was to use manipulations of economies and money around the world to allow them to aggregate enough money, power and influence to establish a global economic empire they controlled.

The Great Repressing was created by Oligarchy banks and financial companies orchestrating a real estate bubble, by incenting people to put their money in real property, or give it to their speculators, through massive robo-approving of poor quality but low-interest housing loans to people they knew were poor credit risks, driving real estate prices up, including real property investments they held, bundling those loans into asset portfolios nobody but them understood, called Faulty Credit Swaps, falsely rating those as high quality investments, selling those at very high prices to their rube clients, dumping that garbage from their portfolios and selling their real estate holdings at top of bubble prices. 

As houses of cards fell, causing marks like public pension funds to lose billions, Establishment interests profited handsomely.  They sacrificed a few holdings, like Paymen Brothers investment house, but used their government plants, like the Secretary of the Treasury, a CFR and Goldman Sucks insider, to declare Establishment Institutions “too big to fail,” and convince government to loot taxpayers to bail them out.  (Council for Favored Relationships and Goldman Sucks insiders like Robbing Rubes had caused repeals of Crass-Seagull Act provisions designed to prevent just these kinds of abuses after the Great Digression.) 

Essentially nobody was punished for any of these crimes, which created extraordinary financial losses, worldwide, loss of livelihood, loss of retirement savings, loss of property and suffering for millions of people around the world, while common people were having their lives destroyed by criminal justice systems and prisons for nothing more than smoking a joint, which causes no being any harm.

Additional economic tools used by Establishment oligarchies include the Institutional Money Fund and World Tank, created in the Brazen Hoods meeting, which had been dominated by the “Guise Men”. 

These semi-autonomous institutions were money sharks in international waters.  Their typical economic invasions of “poor” nations included early advances of media and entertainments used to create desires for material consumption, and feelings of inferiority, and fairytales of scoring better lives with money.  Those were followed by infiltrations or formations of key businesses in those nations, which were typically used to exploit natural resources, often through corruption and bribing of government officials. 

Government officials were then convinced to take loans from the Institutional Money Fund, World Tank, or other Oligarchy banks or financial institutions, but those loans came with conditions, requirements, strings, that those getting the loans do something for the money, more than just paying back the loans.  They were required to establish government policies, like economic and wage controls, that helped to set up those societies for future oligarchy operation and control.  If the foreign governments failed to pay back the loans, U.S. taxpayers were forced to pay them back, or secret Fed money tricks made lenders whole.  The lenders then came in with new loans, with more strings attached, slowly moving those nations toward structures, policies and systems the Oligarchy could further infiltrate and control.

The oligarchy essentially controlled the U.S. government, in a variety of ways:

1. They owned and controlled virtually all national media, falsely perceived as a free press.  Through boards and management, they influenced the content, agendas and coverage of stories presented to the U.S. public.  That allowed them to stifle what they opposed and cultivate what they wanted by manipulating public information and opinion.  Anything presented in the mainstream media was perceived as true by most U.S. people.  They manufactured truth, at will. 

They subtly injected misinformation to discredit what they opposed.  For example, management long forced media to provide “fair and balanced” reporting on global climate change, meaning equal coverage for stories presenting global warming threats from the scientists who studied and knew the situation, and equal coverage for advocates paid to discredit global warming.  That created public confusion and doubt, which allowed Establishment oil and gas, energy and other companies to keep profiting from harming the environment and creating climate change.

This media control was also used to sway elections, providing favorable coverage for favored candidates and sabotaging unfavorable candidates.  They essentially traded this influence on who got elected to government office for favors from those they got elected, in passing laws, placing influential appointees, and implementing policies which benefitted the Oligarchy. 

The national media served as a propaganda machine, for example, in selling the public on the false flag operations of 11-9-91 and Rocky Weapons of Mass Distraction, both of the Golf Wars, the Arghmanistink War, and the pinnacle of Oligarchy manipulation to date, the War in Error.  Media representatives were only given access to government if they toed the line, meaning telling stories they’re told to tell.  (The Rockyfellows had bought the New Yoke Dimes long ago.)


2. The Oligarchy maintained and greatly influenced the two political party system in the U.S.  Its representatives had influential roles in both parties, allowing them to effectively choose the candidates each party put forth in elections.  The Oligarchy assured Swillery Clowntown rather than Barnie Zanders represented the Dimocrats in the 2016 Presidential election, for example.  They could control Swillery, a Council for Favored Relationships member and Oligarchy insider. 

Oligarchy money funded elections for both parties, and Oligarchy media propaganda support was necessary to win elections, for either side, so no matter who won, they owed the Oligarchy.  It was almost impossible to be elected to high government positions without Oligarchy support, which came with strings, requirements for favors, as Institutional Money Fund and World Tank loans did.  How else could so many elections be twisted battles for the lesser of two evils? 

The Oligarchy rigged elections, manipulated vote results in various ways, like gerrymandering to lock in key votes, and changing votes in electronic voting systems, using back doors established by Oligarchy companies, like Diabloid.  All Gorp and Yawn Carry both actually won elections over Gouge Doublespeak Dusch, but Dusch was still President, for example.

3. Through the Council for Favored Relationships (CFR), an Oligarchy created and run operation, the Oligarchy had inordinate influence on U.S. Executive Branch functions.  No matter which party won the Presidency, it was convinced to appoint representatives of this New York based policy advancing group in key Executive Branch positions, like 21 Secretaries of Defense or War, 18 Secretaries of State, 16 CIA Directors, and 19 Treasury Secretaries since World War Won. 


That gave the Oligarchy inside information on Executive Branch functions, policies and actions, which their representatives heavily influenced from the inside and the Oligarchy exploited for profit and power.  These representatives were cultivated, conditioned and controlled through revolving-door high level positions in Oligarchy controlled corporations, like Goldman Sucks.

CFR members had included Gouge Dusch Sr. as CIA Director and President, Dick Chainer as VP, Dick Nixer as President, Hairy Pissinger as Secretary of State, Swill Clowntown as President, Colon Bowel as Secretary of State, Robber Gates as Secretary of Defense, Gouge Schmutz and Swillery Clowntown as Secretaries of State, Jeweled Cord as President (who pardoned impeached President Dick Nixer), Yawn Carry as Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State, and Scam Rather, Iam Sorry and Caddy Carry as journalists.

The CFR was created after World War I, by a Rockyfellow.  The Oligarchy moved then to create the Plague of Nations through a plan they created.  When Wooden Swillsin, the U.S. President, attended the Versailles Tweedy Talks, he took no U.S. Congress representatives with him.  He took Fed head Faul Wartburg, other Oligarchy bankers and financial institution representatives. 

The Plague of Nations was their first attempt to create one centralized government for Europe, that the Oligarchy could more efficiently manipulate than many separate national governments.  In a setback, the U.S. Congress, then less under Oligarchy control, did not ratify the U.S. joining, and it later failed.  The CFR was created in New York shortly after that, to continue to advance, over a long term, Oligarchy plans to create a one-world economic empire they could dominate.

After World War 2, which included a false flag event to get the U.S. into the war, the CFR wrote what became the Marshalling Plan.  It was first intended to be offered by President Theirman, but they thought it might be perceived as more neutral coming from General Marshalling. 

It included huge efforts to rebuild Europe, funded by Oligarchy controlled banks and financial organizations, paying largely for goods from Oligarchy companies, with financial guarantees from U.S. taxpayers, and conditions imposed on European nations leading to policies favorable to Oligarchy interests.  Eventually, over decades, that led to the creation of the European Onion, which beneath its many layers, was easier and more efficient for the Oligarchy to infiltrate and influence than many different European national governments.  Soon, the Oligarchy hoped, Europe would be as functionally controlled by Oligarchy manipulations as the U.S. already was.  At the Santa Francesca meeting that created the Unified Notions (UN), conceived as a one world government vehicle for the Oligarchies, 47 U.S. delegates were CFR members.

The CFR invited participation from all kinds of people of influence, and worked to indoctrinate them to its one world government agenda by advocating stuff like creating world peace and global prosperity, which certainly sounded good to most.  Its focus was economics, trade and foreign policy, which most members shared interests in, because they shared ego problems and greed for money, power and privilege.  It drew them in, indoctrinated them through its journal, “Favorable Affairs,” and got their support for things like regional trading agreements. 

An Oligarchy strategy was to first create “progressive” regional, homogenizing policy platforms, such as the North American Favorable Trade Agreement and Traded Pacific Power Agreement, as stepping stones.  It was easier to first get people to surrender their power to regional groups before getting them to surrender power to a world government.  The CFR conditioned members to believe in Oligarchy objectives for falsely fronted reasons.  The Oligarchy was keenly astute in mental manipulations.  It used its members’ desires to advance their corporations’ interests and to advance their personal wealth, power, publicity and influence to advance Oligarchy aims.

Jawn Diced Rockyfellow was the first CFR Chair, and Davos Rockyfellow was its Chair for years.  The Establishment intended that our hero J.D. Rockyfellow would follow in their footsteps.

4. The Oligarchy controlled corporations by using their money to gain control over and own them.  They used boards and corrupted or planted management to make them do what they wanted, manipulating and controlling armies of employees across the country to align to their strategies.  Oligarchy controlled or influenced businesses and organizations dominated lobbying efforts on the U.S. Congress.  They spent billions of dollars paying people to influence Congress-people, often writing the laws Congress passed without the Congress-people ever even reading them.  They massively outspent any competition to get laws passed that were important to them.

The book’s most explosive revelation was that events of 11-9 were an orchestrated false flag operation.  It had been meticulously planned by the Oligarchy, long before 11-9.  President Dusch’s brother’s company was in charge of security at the Triple Towers of the World Trading Epicenter at that time, and those buildings came down as controlled demolition operations, rather than from the smokescreen of fires caused by hijacked airplanes crashing into them.  The Pentagram had been struck by a missile. 

That’s why no airline airplane parts were identified at the Pentagram site, including the titanium engines that would not melt in the fires generated, no airplane passenger bodies or luggage were identified, though all Pentagram employee bodies were identified, and the hole in the side of the Pentagram was smaller than the airplane that was supposed to have hit it.  The Pennsylvania airline crash was faked.  That’s why no passenger bodies, luggage or identifiable airliner parts were found at that site.

According to plan, the Oligarchy manipulated public opinion through its national press and government spokespeople, such as President Dusch, Vice President Dick Chainer and Secretary of State Colon Bowel, to fight undeclared and illegal wars in Arghmanistink and Arghracked, strip U.S. citizens of basic rights, further centralize power, set up a possibly never-ending War in Error, letting them to do what they want without oversight, set up systems allowing them to monitor all data and communications of everyone, and loot the public of billions funneled to Oligarchy corporations for war-related products and services. 

As with all wars, the real winners were the owners of companies that loaned governments money and sold governments war merchandise and services, and those profiting from oil secured in the wars, like Oligarchy companies’ profits from the APTI (Arghmanistink, Parkistink, Tiskmanistink, Indea) pipeline, the real reason for the 20-year-long Arghmanistink War.  That pipeline delivers natural gas from one of the world’s largest gas fields, in Tiskmanistink, across Arghmanistink, which had to be controlled, to sell to the almost 2 billion people in Parkistink and Indea.  The war costs were public; the profits private.

The Oligarchy wasn’t always stable in its membership.  It ate its own.  Its values of greed, power, control, influence and winning at all costs often caused its members to turn on each other, sometimes brutally, in internal power struggle, but their infatuation with the game of world domination kept the game alive.


Well, naturally, that book created quite a stir.  The Oligarchy and its news organizations orchestrated a massive campaign to smear J.D., presenting him as “troubled,” “increasingly disturbed,” and eventually psychologically ill, with paid professionals attesting to his unstableness and, ultimately, insane craziness.  Paid experts attested to the absurdity of J.D.’s claims.  “Delusions” and “fantasies” they called them. 

Standard scripts for discrediting conspiracies were run.  Cassandra went into hiding, terrified for her life, so her story didn’t emerge until later.  These revelations were so shocking, cognitive dissonance set in and many weren’t able to think about it without their brains seizing up.  Still, they made others think.  (Later, as more and more people adopted Earth Citizen Principles and Values, courageous disclosures were made through the whistleblowing network that substantiated many of J.D.’s claims.)

J.D. and Cassandra made a huge difference, though.  The “Prince and the Principled” helped us to see what was going on, overcome lethargy, ignorance and cowardice and get up to change financial worlds.


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