We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!

The Greatest Generations

In this greater context, initially small, then gradually increasing, then rapidly increasing numbers of people despaired of just working within the system to create positive lives and changes.  We felt really bad about dire environmental and social conditions and desperately needed and wanted change, but the systems were too broken and corrupt.  Humanity did not have access to government.  We missed happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, love, nature, trust, spirituality, strong family, community, honesty, good health, fairness, free time and freedom from fear, resentment and hopelessness.  People with little to lose and people with much to gain began deciding to live according to human values and principles.  We dropped out of corporate-religious profit-building empires to create close caring communities with like-minded compatriots, where we had the power and influence to create conditions we sought.

While it wasn’t easy to implement and be true to, the decision to adopt Earth Citizen Principles and Values as primary guidelines for our lives, actions and behaviors was a simple, common sense decision.  It wasn’t necessary to believe in some amorphous divine being we may not identify with, or moral or legal codes we did not understand or had never been exposed to, or trust some ruler we didn’t know.  We simply studied and sat with the Earth Citizen Principles and Values, absorbed them and came to realize they made common sense, based on our own life experiences, thoughts, guts, hearts and desires.  Many of us came to know others who had adopted Earth citizen principles and values and were impressed by them, their strong characters, integrities, purposes, charismas, energies and examples, and that was our introduction to adopting and working to live by Earth Citizen Principles and Values.

As soon as any of us committed to living according to Earth Citizen Principles and Values, our lives changed for the better.  We had something to believe in that we could understand, and that provided deep personal meaning and guidance in our lives.  We could grasp these guidelines and work with them.  They provided purpose and a framework for evaluating almost everything, including our interactions with each other, plans, efforts, behaviors and actions.  They provided a solid foundation on which to build new lives, communities and worlds.  It gave us the strength to let go of things that were no longer serving us, take leaps of faith, change and work hard to create something different and better.

Many storian narratives now refer to people who were alive in 2020-40 as “The Greatest Generations,” because we faced and prevailed against the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced, challenges human beings created, challenges which could have caused the deaths of billions of humans, collapse of human civilizations, disastrous changes to Earth’s climate, and the extinctions of a million species.

Many storians credit younger generations with the inertia-overcoming impetus of the Earth Citizen Principles and Values Movement that changed the world, saved and created the world we live in today.  The younger people simply had no investment in the way it was.  It was clear to them things could not continue as they had.  All through their educations, entertainments and interactions with others, they’d been told how bad things were getting, how the climate was screwed, how they couldn’t afford college, how they would never be able to have good careers or buy a home, and how the good times were gone.  It was clear to them they had no good futures if they supported systems that offered them only that.  They knew it had to change for there to be hope for them or their children.  They couldn’t afford to hide in comfort, sleepwalk through habits, ignore and deny the obvious, or pretend it would be OK.

This younger generation rejected capitalist materialism in droves, and when various charismatic leaders among them adopted and began spreading the Earth Citizen visions, principles and values through extremely efficient social media vehicles, it spread quickly.  They had so much less unlearning to do, fewer changes to make, fewer habits to break, less to lose, more to gain.  They made it theirs, and turned it into an impassioned movement.  They made it central to musical and artistic creations, political activism, festivals, entertainments and events, social media sharing and stories.  With technical savvy, they built those values and principles into applications, websites, social media, and other technologies.  It came to peace, purpose and power in the depths of their souls.  It inspired their passions.

The younger generation prevailed, because they truly believed in and cared about their core principles, values, visions, hopes and dreams more than the entrenched status quo did.  They were passionate, idealistic and deeply motivated.  They believed and fought for something far greater than themselves.  They fought for the Earth, all living beings, all humans, and principles and values.  They fought with love, with a commitment willing to sacrifice their very lives.  Their bright white magic was powered by awareness, love, compassion, care, beauty, higher truth, selflessness, higher consciousness and enlightenment, and it prevailed over the entrenched dark magic of greed, ego, consumption, comfort, power, disrespect, manipulation, exploitation, laziness, ignorance, hate and meanness.

The flowering creativity and passions of these young people were tangible, evocative and stirring.  Beautiful, positive emotions empowered their visions, efforts and creations, creating manifestations of their visions that at times seemed magical.  Unanticipated synchronicities, opportunities and outcomes led to their sought ends as often as planned, methodical striving.  The power of their belief, genuineness and good-heartedness made the Earth rumble.  Everyone felt it.  It was profoundly moving.

Many of those moved were old hippies, who recognized nostalgically and gratefully the creative energies, freedom, spiritual purity and idealism of this new younger generation.  For many, it was like waking from a dream, remembering they too believed in the dawning of a new and better era on Earth. 


They were shocked and ashamed to rub their eyes, look around and discover that they had been responsible for, or at least complicit in, so many of the self-centered, greedy or ignorant behaviors that had led us to the precipice of environmental and social collapse.  They dusted off tie-dye good energies, put them on their inner children, and came out to play and change the world with the younger people.  Differently, many of them had financial resources now.  Many of them turned into collaborators and partners with the younger generation to create new alternate communities, livelihoods and lifestyles. 


People have been steadily and increasingly choosing what we consider right livelihood, applying our talents and efforts to work we believe in, because it is consistent with our values and principles, and because we personally believe in the principles, visions and values that drive that effort.  These personal choices have led to increasing workforce abandonment of unprincipled business efforts, hobbling their efforts to do what people do not believe in, or forcing them to change their principles, values and visions to be able to recruit a workforce to help them do it. 


This trend has greatly increased the satisfaction and fulfillment people report in our work.  Believing in and agreeing with what the effort is trying to do, those involved in the effort, and the outcomes and benefits produced is very important to people now.  It’s important to us to be working to create lives, environments and the world we want to live in.

Everyone alive in 2020-40 was part of creating, cultivating, living through and adapting to monumental changes, even those who resisted and opposed them.  Children pioneered revolutions in education.  Youth contributed actively to community building projects.  Young adults provided passion, drive, organization, activism, and a new form of idealistic social entrepreneurialism.  Older adults and elders contributed land, money, wisdom, experience and other resources they controlled.  Individually and together, we changed ourselves, and we changed the world!  Without controversy, it is better now.


The 2020s was like the 1960s on steroids.  It was a time of flowering spirit, art, music, idealism, activism and change.  There was a palpable high energy, in people, in communities, in the air.  We were excited, activated, inspired and invigorated.  The creativity was extraordinary.  We expressed ourselves in so many positive ways.  It was dynamic, engaged and hyper-real.  We woke up.  We rose up.  We changed.


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