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Swap Networks

Over the last 40 years, there’s been a proliferation of other online exchange systems people use to trade and share things like:  community dinners, entertainment, vehicles, events, services, food from gardens, guest living spaces, capital, electronics, community work products, ICT systems, and many other things.  They work in various ways, similarly to Einfach Leben’s Share-It, to facilitate gifting and sharing things people have that are being inadequately used, or things and experiences we want to create and share. 

Host-It provides free capacity and setup assistance for people wanting to share information, by giving people use of server space and network connectivity to share content and efforts; Guest.Net provides ways to share extra living space in homes and communities, free, at cost or in exchange; Eat-Together provides listing services for places at family, individual and community dining tables, where people share food and time together to build relationships; Fresh and Local Garden Goodness makes it easy for people to share or trade produce from home and community gardens with others; Ride

Together is a cellphone based app that made it easy for people driving somewhere to offer space in their vehicles for passengers, reducing traffic and making transportation more social; Join-Us makes it easy for people and communities to invite others to social and entertainment events, without it getting out of control; and We Can Help! connects people and efforts needing assistance with people who are willing to help.


This category of apps and services facilitates sharing and trading, not for lots of money, but so we make more efficient use of what we have; share what we have more than enough of, for the benefit of all; connect and build relationships; swap what we’re not using for what we need; and/or gift what we are able to for the benefits of gifting.  We all benefit by efficiently sharing and receiving excess abundance.


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