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Sunset Wishes

In 2022, a group of expatriate and local surfers at a guest house, called Su Casa, in Ajampe, Ecuador, came to a powerful, if stoned realization they reasoned out to be legitimately based in scientific law.  The long-accepted “scientific law” is that we get to make a wish when we personally see a falling star.  The powerful realization was the sun is a star, and if we personally see it set, we’re seeing a falling star, and we get to make a wish.  Beautiful sunsets over the Peacific Ocean are easy to come by in Ajampe.

This group started making a ritual out of going out to the beach, alone or together, to sit quietly and peacefully, relax and release, absorb and enjoy beautiful sunsets and consciously make wishes on them.  That sounded frivolous, perhaps, but they did it, and discovered beautiful things started happening. 

They started feeling different.  In that peaceful, quiet and beautiful experience in nature, they shifted.  Thinking slowed, and sometimes even stopped.  They were present in the experience, aware in the now.  Dramas ceased.  Sensitivity increased.  Feeling expanded.  Something awakened, something inside.  Hypnotic sounds of the sea and the birds soothed and mesmerized.  They became their true selves.

The wishes were ways of consciously expressing intentions.  When wishes were formulated well, spoken aloud, and remembered, they had curious ways of coming true, often in fascinatingly unexpected ways.  They learned it didn’t really work to wish something for another they would not wish for themselves, and it generally wouldn’t work to wish for something selfish and greedy, but if the wish was for something to help them grow and evolve on their individual paths, in ways that would not harm others, something would happen to help them.  If the wish was selfless, for the good of all affected, magic!

This form of wishing was a way of meditating and consciously and deliberately expressing intentions to the universe.  The universe then knew how to help us, and did.  Not always.  Often not as expected.  However, there is something there, something we can personally experience and feel.  It feels good.  Sometimes the wishes are granted or assisted in coming true by others who hear them and help.

These expatriate surfers moved around to other beaches, following the surf, as diehard surfers do, and as they did, this idea and practice spread.  People were digging it, as they dug toes and fingers into sand.  Most are connected now, via devices and networks, with people all over the world.  It spread faster.  People all over the world started trying it.  They went out into nature.  It didn’t have to be to a beach, just somewhere they could quietly, respectfully, personally experience the sunset.  It worked on roofs.

People made time for it, made efforts to get in good spots for it.  They made it happen, let it happen.  They started sharing stories of it, on OurStories and in communications and interactions with others.  The spread was organic, through personal communications between people, and it was also technologically enabled, through various communications technologies, and through an online service that came to be around the idea and practice called Sunset Wishes. 

Sunset Wishes made it easy to log personal wishes, so people could track them and what happened, and share wishes with others, so others could add their wishes to those of their friends, and even unknowns, amplifying those wishes, or intentions, or using them to inform their own future wishes for themselves. 

So called “angels” began using the service to aid others’ wishes coming true, other humans who helped.  One wishing they had money for surgery they couldn’t afford experienced money arriving anonymously.  Someone wishing for love, met their lovers that way.  Someone wishing for work received job offers.  Sunset Wishes became a way people came together to help each other, in many beautiful ways.

It sounds hokey and ridiculous to some, but for many people sunset wishing became a spiritual practice.  It helps us value and make time for quiet time in nature during the day, motivating many to make special efforts to get out and experience sunsets.  That quiet time is meditation and recovery time.  People use it to heal, relax, let go, trust, open, expand, feel and appreciate beauty.  It’s used to awaken, and it helps many, many people.  Today, it’s common that lots of people quietly enjoy sunsets in nature.  It changes our relationships with nature, life, our environments and ourselves.  Try sunset wishes!


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