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Spiritual Transformations

Some characterize the revolutionary movements and changes of the 2020s and beyond as a leap in the human spirit, or consciousness.  Deep in the roots of many of these movements and changes were individual and collective spiritual efforts, experiences and transformations.  It came down to what people believed and intended.  If we truly believe in something, with our guts, hearts, souls and minds, we become powerful forces.  When enough of us think and do the same stuff, we become superhuman, a collective creative power that shapes reality, through thoughts, emotions, being, action and, at times, inexplicable synchronicities and manifestations that seem magical.  If we rise and align, we transcend.

In the early 2020s, we increasingly came to believe that for the world to change for the better, saving us from greed, ignorance, lethargy, manipulativeness, carelessness, exploitation and meanness that had us on brink of ecological and social collapse, we each needed to change, personally and significantly.  Sitting around whining “somebody has to do something” wasn’t working.  Neither was blaming others. 

Feeling helpless to do anything about it was frustrating.  Each and every one of us needed to change, deep inside, our thinking, behaviors, habits and beliefs, what we were doing and how we were being.  We change the world by changing ourselves.  It is each of our responsibilities.  It is up to each of us.

We Can Change! was an impetus for that, for who could stomach reading it.  For many it was too heavy.  “Maddenly boring,” read one review.  “Dense in content and dense in thinking,” read another.  “Dud.”  “Outrageously too broad in scope.”  “Conspiratorial and preposterous.”  “Idealistic and unrealistic.”  “Pretentious blather.”  “Intellectual hippie drool.”  There were many critical reviews. 

However, a core idea it captured did manage to get out and catch wind:  1) there’s something broken in most U.S. systems; 2) that indicates something is broken at deeper levels, in the worldviews, beliefs, conditioning and values of the people; 3) to fix systems and problems, we each need to change our deeper worldviews, beliefs, conditioning and values; and 4) if we align on common values, beliefs and worldviews that apply to most humans, at the evolving next stage of our consciousness, that make sense to us personally and collectively, based on our own lives and experiences, rather than because they’re imposed on us by secular or religious authority, or stories and myths we don’t really understand, we have a foundation for incredible growth and change.  Likely, We Can Change! grabbed those ideas out of the air because they were ripe there.  Other, better writers and thinkers did better jobs conveying them.

As Earth Citizen Principles and Values were being considered, discussed, debated, tested and adopted, people did experience change, deep inside, personally.  We felt something.  We felt lots of things, and we were moved by them.  We began releasing fear, anger, resentment, despair, blame, depression and other negative energies and emotions, and cultivating love, compassion, openness, acceptance, hope and other positive energies and emotions.  That felt good.  It provided personal feedback on how well we were doing what we were trying to do, even if we were often unsure of what we were doing.

In 2023, the Institute for Knowetic Sciences (IOKS) in Petaluna, California released its Framework for Spiritual Energies and Consciousness.  The organization was founded by Ed Michel, an Apallo astronaut who had conducted statistically significant remote viewing experiments with people on Earth as he was returning from the moon.  IOKS is dedicated to applying scientific methods to trying to understand phenomena that are often dismissed as occult, namby-pamby, unscientific or make-believe, things like what Karl Young called synchronocity.  How is it so many report things like thinking of someone we haven’t heard from in years, and the phone rings, and it’s them; or mothers knowing if their children are in danger, far away; or “randomly” running into someone we know on the other side of the planet?  How can some people influence random outcomes, like flipping a coin, in statistically significant ways?

IOKS scientists went to India, where they worked in depth with gurus, sages, rishis, and spiritual adepts, for 10 years.  They observed things that didn’t seem possible, like people being able to slow a heartbeat to the point where it is not detectable, being buried underground for a week in a coffin without enough oxygen to survive and yet reviving after resurfacing, apparent immunity to cold, knowing things they could not have known through any explainable way, self-healing and healing others, and surviving without food for very long periods.  More importantly, they experienced powerful changes in their own states and perceptions in the presence of these other beings, things that were profoundly moving.

Their natural first reactions were things like:  “Whoa, WTF!  That just can’t be.  But it did happen.  How?  What on Earth’s going on?”  Those kinds of questions were precisely the founding motivation for IOKS. 

They began hooking these spiritual adepts up to measurement devices they constantly tinkered with, learning from the 5,000-year uninterrupted traditions and experiences of spiritual practices in India, conducting various experiments, talking with the adepts, asking them questions and submersing themselves in teachings and spiritual practices under the guidance of these gurus, as experiments.  Multiple books were written about these experiences, but the framework released looked like this:

IOKS Consciousness Framework.jpg

Although consciousness or being energy maps had been developed before, and others appeared later, this was new stuff to many in the West.  Consciousness and spirit energies had been deeply appreciated, studied, cultivated and experienced for 5,000 years in the East, but most people in the West were ignorant of this entire domain.  The gurus laughed at the Western IOKS investigators, like one laughs when a child does something cute, because they were so innocent and ignorant of spirit energy.

IOKS investigators found a way to measure “spirit energy,” in a spectrum, on a logarithmic scale, like electromagnetic radiation.  Low energies, at the lowest level, associated with stuff like grief, shame, guilt, apathy and self-loathing, universally feel bad to those experiencing them, as if we are burdened with dis-ease.  These were also later found to correlate highly with physical diseases and symptoms.  These states are painful, torturous, full of misery and suffering, like being in hell.  People in these states attract manifestations of negative experiences and outcomes, bad luck, bad news, abuses and ugliness.  It’s hard to raise oneself out of these states without help from others, most effectively being surrounded by people radiating higher and more powerful energies, which can take the place of these dark energies.

Higher energies in the 2nd level are associated with strong negative emotions, like fear, anger and hate.  Beings in these states are far more energetically active, but their lives are tumultuous, and behaviors are often reactive or mean-spirited, with disrespectful, negative views of others, as something to be feared, abused, taken advantage of, or even destroyed.  Problems are often blamed on others in these states.  The sources of pain and suffering experienced in these states are often projected on others, and people in these states often harm others or go along with harming others as ways to try to end that suffering.  Rising out of these states involves recognizing and acknowledging the negative states and emotions, realizing they are not serving us well, and releasing them, therapeutically or through meditations, and by being surrounded by others radiating higher energies, which can overpower these darker energies.

The third and highest level of lower consciousness, vicious energies, or “hell” is the level of egoism, feeling we’re better than others, the world revolves around us, we’re the central characters that matter, and we deserve to get what we need or want, with little regard to the costs and harms to others.  People in these states have rapacious material, emotional, psychological and/or sexual desires that are rarely satisfied, for long, and are deeply absorbed in our own stories of who we are in relation to others and why we’re better and more deserving than others.  Greed and excess consumption are common.  We think we’re right and others are wrong in these states, which we may leave behind when we adopt intellectualism, fall in love, broaden awareness with travel and transformational cultural experiences, intentionally abandon or meditate our ways out of them, or resonate with higher energies of others.

The middle layer of intellectualism, at the lower border between lower and higher consciousness, ignores or suppresses emotional and subjective experience in favor of objectivity and rational thinking.  People in these states appreciate research, science, analysis, learning, information, knowledge and logic.  We reject feelings as legitimate sources of information and believe fervently in powers of our intellects to figure everything out and, finally, be able to do anything.  We think we know the answers and tend to put down anyone or anything related with feelings or subjective experience as ignorant or irrelevant.  These states are transcended by falling in love, powerful subjective experiences that overwhelm the intellect or provide exposure to higher states, including psychoactive spirit medicines and practices, or surrendering thought in meditation, resonating with higher others, and experiencing higher states.

Conditional love is the gateway to higher consciousness, virtuous energies or “heaven” for most of us.  That’s when we feel romantic love toward another, and negotiate relationships to sustain that feeling.  The love is conditional, because it doesn’t exist without the other, or the satisfaction of desires or needs by the other.  Conditional love can produce profound spiritual union and experience, but it can fade, often to be quickly replaced by strong negative emotions, if the lovers break up, or the other lover stops being or doing whatever that love depends on, like being supportive, listening, caring, or making love.  We find or create conditional love by opening, trusting, finding another, connecting, communicating, negotiating relationship terms, and letting love in.  Conditional love is higher energy that often relapses.

Unconditional love surrenders conditions to love and restrictions on who love is shared with, and it is characterized by great openness, trust, care, compassion, sympathy and understanding.  It’s been called enlightenment and is often experienced as an illumination by divine energies, depicted in art as halos.  It’s accompanied with feelings of profound happiness, satisfaction, presence and peace.  It is expansive and accompanied with expanded awareness, of self, nature, others, energies and all.  It is powerful, healing and infectious.  Most people cultivate it through meditation and being fully present in the now; others, via grace, or being in the presence of another or others, radiating and transmitting high energies.

The highest level of consciousness is that of transcending duality and resonating at very high energies, losing individual identity and merging with universal consciousness, experiencing Oneness with all, across all time and space.  It has been called tapping into the Universal Supercomputer, Nirvana, Brahman, Godhood or Heaven.  Inspiration may be a function of these energies.  It feels like pure bliss, joy, home and ultimate peace.  It is pure being, beyond ego and intellect, merged with all pure being.  We get there through meditation and intention, but it’s considered an act of grace, out of our control.  These highest energies are exponentially higher, greater and more powerful than the lowest energies.  Extraordinary capabilities have been reported at these levels, like being able to manifest reality at will.

Ultimately, all beings and things are energetic.  The universe is a holographic energy matrix, infinitely interconnected and inter-resonating.  All these energies and states surround and are part of us, always.  Our holographic energy beings are and reflect all energies, but we tune to and resonate with different energies at different times.  We affect what we resonate with, via intention, association and meditation.  What we think, do, feel and are resonates in others, reflecting back at us, as in a cosmic mirror, karma, the “Law of Attraction.”  We tend to get back from the universe energies, feelings and experiences like energies, thoughts and feelings we project in the universe.  What others think, do, feel and are radiates out to us, and we tend to resonate and reflect that back to them, unless we manage our energies.  We experience energies as emotions and other subjective feelings, fundamental to who and what we are.

The transmission media for energy across all time and space is the energetic content of empty space, which permeates all, including what we think of as our bodies, souls and minds, and everything that is.  Space is not empty.  The “zero point” energy it contains is vast, dominated by the higher energies of the highest levels of the model, and has been called universal consciousness, God, Great Spirit or Brahman.  Everything that ever was, is or will be resonates timelessly in that matrix, the Akashic field, which is like a universal supercomputer, a repository of all knowledge and experience, known as the Akashic records. 

We can access that universal supercomputer, resonate with and access that Akashic library, in very high states, which occurs naturally, sometimes, in sleep or inspiration.  The zero-point energy of this field is the energy source that creates the subatomic particle building blocks of matter and manifest reality, with gazillions of tiny sub-atomic particles the Buddha called Kalapas popping in and out of existence, billions of times per second.  This energy matrix infusing all space and time is the source and end of all, Emptiness, Silence, Source.  Deep within each of us, we are a node in that matrix.  Find the node within!

Enlightened or illuminated masters have long been revealing this knowledge, obtained by achieving higher states and accessing the Akashic records.  What was different now was science had been able to identify and measure that energy for the first time and got into the game.  It was truly revolutionary.  It launched a whole new area of physics, and we got really excited about it.  Consciousness, being-energy, zero-point energy or the Akashic field is now believed by many to hold secrets to a Unified Field Theory, a single theory of everything, which Einstein had devoted the latter years of his life to pursuing.

Spirit energy measuring tools were developed, used in psychology and medicine, and now a body of knowledge associates physical ills with dominant consciousness energies, for diagnosis and, importantly, energetic therapies that cultivate good health.  Spirit energy biofeedback devices now allow people to accelerate into a few years progress that had taken spontaneous grace or years of meditative practice.  Having a framework and scientific legitimacy allowed many of us to accept and encouraged many of us to pursue practices intended to raise consciousness energies, evolve up the framework of consciousness or spirit or being energies within a lifetime, the great goal of all Indian yogas in the wheel of life.

As more and more people did this, more and more people started doing this.  Countless books, classes, practices, gurus, videos and accounts emerged in this domain.  It was popular and sexy.  It caught wind. Higher consciousness energies became more pervasive; these energies began to resonate with more power and radiant sources than ever; and we seem to eventually sort of cross some critical threshold, some tipping point, sometime in the early 2030s, in which a majority of human beings were resonating higher consciousness energies, and everything seemed to shift somehow, across much of society and most of the world.  Higher consciousness became the dominant paradigm.  Many of us transcended.

Sri Aurabindo, who had a powerful shift to higher consciousness while in prison for working with Gondhi to free India from British rule, had written extensively of a coming age in which many people would shift to higher consciousness, as “superhuman”.  Instead of transcending physicality to merge with Oneness, we’d rather choose to participate actively in manifest lives and realities, with superhuman perspectives, resonating and creating with higher consciousness energies.  That would be a shift into a new era, a new dimension of manifest consciousness, in which enlightened beings in human form walk the Earth and make it beautiful, healthy and harmonious, the shift in consciousness foreseen by shamanic mystics of Central America and predicted and embedded into the ancient Mayan Calendar, as its final endpoint.  The end of the Mayan Calendar was not apocalyptic, it represented a shift in consciousness so profound that we would be different beings, who would need to create a new calendar to reflect a new reality.

Until the 2020s, much of this might have sounded crazy to most Westerners, who may have rolled their eyes and made cuckoo sounds.  Most Westerners were unconscious of, unaware of the dimension of consciousness, ignoring and insensitive to being energies.  Instead, we were caught up in our intellects and egos, insatiably acquiring and consuming, emotionally reacting or suffering, in the lower four layers of the model, when we weren’t riding highs and lows from falling in or out of conditional love, which we pursued obsessively through dating apps, wrote countless songs about and filled romantic novels with.  By the mid-2020s, many people were turning on to unconditional love, and the testimonials snowballed.  OurStories is full of them.  By the late-2020s, credible, relatable accounts of high levels of consciousness were inspiring people all over.  This was the exciting new frontier we all wanted to go settle.

Now, in 2060, our states of consciousness or being are among the very top priorities for most people.  As we get higher in our being, the world and everything in it become increasingly beautiful.  We relate to other beings with love and connection, kind of like extensions of ourselves.  Our physical needs are few.  These states are so fulfilling, we need and want little more for ourselves.  We’re compassionate, caring and supportive of others.  Harmony resonates in us.  We smile, laugh and make merry with each other.  We can energetically experience happiness, joy and bliss, that rival experiences of orgasm.  We apply ourselves to learning, growing and creating abundance and worlds we idealistically dream of with love and care, and for the best possible outcomes for all.  It changes everything to be in these higher states. 

We no longer react to fear, anger and hatred with fear, anger and hatred.  We no longer hunger insatiably for material and sexual rewards.  We no longer wallow in the miserable sufferings of despair.  We no longer hide behind our intellects from the deep, subjective and rewarding experiences of life.  We are one, or close to it, while also deeply appreciating the richness of the diversity of life around us.  We feel our beings intertwined, with each other, with other beings, and with Earth’s living systems.  These spiritual changes transcended religious differences, and most religious rivalries simply went away.  We love and make love without depending on others for our states of being.  We take responsibilities for our own energetic states, owning them.  If we change this about ourselves, we change everything.


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