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28. Separateness, Isolation and Loneliness

U.S. city and urban designs, housing styles, transportation choices and culture create separateness, isolation and loneliness, in addition to extreme inefficiencies. 

For most of human history, we lived in close communities, parts of tribes and villages, very present in lives of others we knew well, loved and cared about.  Daily, we saw family, friends and acquaintances who we worked, raised kids, solved problems, entertained ourselves, enjoyed, shared and thrived with.  We knew, loved, supported and took care of each other, as integral parts of each other’s lives.


It is therefore historically unnatural for human beings to live in isolation, deprived of those things.  Solitary confinement is a punishment in prisons, banned as torture by international law,[1] because isolation creates suffering.  Separateness, isolation and loneliness are unnatural for human beings, and they make us sick and depressed.  Our spirits are sapped.  Our immune systems weaken.  We become vulnerable to other diseases.  We feel bad and lose drive.  For some, it even destroys the will to live.

We try to compensate, turning on the TV or radio, so it sounds like we’re not alone, but we’re still alone.  Televisions run 8 or more hours a day in a typical U.S. household, yet we are still alone, still suffering.  We go out to be around people, but if we do not know or care for them, we’re still alone.  We pay dearly to attend sporting events and other entertainments, so we can feel something while around others, but it’s still not the same as being a real and regular part of loving, supporting community.

Separation, isolation and loneliness are particularly painful, because being in community is already a substitute for feeling separated from the Great Spirit, that which we were part of but forgot when we were born, Oneness with Universal Consciousness, that which we strive to regain while incarnate in life as a spiritual life purpose.  We already feel loss from that apparent separation, even if we can’t name it.  To then be separated from close, caring community creates even deeper unconscious pain and longing.

Nobody should have to feel separate, isolated and alone.  We are all be able to choose to be part of sharing, caring community in our everyday lives.  Let’s make that natural and easy and widespread.


[1] “International Human Rights Law on Solitary Confinement”, by Human Rights First – Summer 2015, Prison Legal News, https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/media/publications/International%20Human%20Rights%20Law%20on%20Solitary%20Confinement%2C%20HRF%2C%202015.pdf


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