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44. Quality and Pride in Work

U.S. people used to have great pride in our work.  We cared about quality.  We wanted to do a good job, to genuinely help others.  What we do is a reflection of who we are.  We took enough time to do it right, in part so we wouldn’t have to do it over again.  Focus on it, do it once, do it right, and be done with it, secure in knowing it works, so we can count on it and be free to focus attention elsewhere.  Functional.  Reliable.  Aesthetically rewarding.  It is a pleasure to work with something well made.

Today, it’s almost as if we intentionally do not care about quality.  Do it half-assed enough to get them to pay for it, because it’s as good as the other half-assed alternatives, get paid for it, and then when it doesn’t work, soon, they’ll have to pay for it again.  We make more money.  Even if they don’t buy from us next time, some that bought from the other half-assers will.  Everybody’s doing it; why shouldn’t we?

Without quality, we can’t depend on it, whatever it is.  If we can’t depend on it, we have to be worried about it and pay attention to it, so we can be ready to deal with it when it fails.  That’s wasteful, inefficient, distracting and dysfunctional.  It takes our attention away from other, more useful things, and it costs us more.  Creating and performing well, with quality and pride, are fulfilling.  It makes us feel good to do something well, knowing it’s a solid contribution.  Quality and pride in work are important.


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