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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

8. Be Fair & Constrain Material Wealth, Power, Money, Ego, Greed & Lower Drives!


Out of control ego problems, like insatiable greed for power, money and influence, are illnesses that are harming us all, and they must be addressed and contained.  Be fair with all; do no harm to any; decentralize power, and stop trying to make others do what we want if it’s good for us and not them!

Almost all of us have an innate appreciation of fairness.  We want to be treated fairly, and we’re grateful when we are.  Our hardwired sense of justice and injustice makes us unhappy if we’re treated unfairly.  Is it not simple common sense to insist on fairness?  Let’s be fair, with ourselves, each other, and all life! 

Being fair doesn’t mean we all have to be the same.  We’re not.  We’re gloriously unique and different, at the same time like and unlike everyone else.  At our core, a common life spirit animates us; we’re all human beings; and we’re all due common respect, decency and fairness for that alone.  Yet, we’re also each distinctive and exceptional, unique products of DNA, upbringing, education, cultures, experiences, desires, imaginations, thoughts, efforts, relationships, awareness and environments.  We are special.  Being fair includes giving each freedom to be and do our own thing, as long as we do no harm.

Fairness is common respect, appreciation and decent treatment for each of us.  No matter who we are, how we contribute, who are parents are, where we live, our gender, race, age or sexual orientation, how much money we have, who we know, where we go to school, what we weigh, whether we’re disabled, how tall we are, what we create, how educated we are, where or how we live, what we affiliate with, what music we like, how we feel, what we do or want to do, who our mates are, how we get around, how long or what color our hair is, what we believe, what we wear, what our skills are, what we dislike, what we care about, if we have tattoos, our spirit practices, or how we get high; we each deserve to be treated with basic fairness and respect, as long as we do not harm nature or beings, violate our shared principles and values, or treat others unfairly.  Live and let live!  Be and let be!

Fairness includes listening to each other respectfully, letting each our own ways, thoughts, beliefs, sensibilities, values, spirituality, actions and behaviors, and allowing us express ourselves as we want to.  Fairness includes not preventing each other from being the ways we want to be or doing what we want, if they’re not in conflict with our core shared values and principles, causing harm or being unfair. 

Being fair doesn’t mean we have to treat everyone the same.  We are all different, and our relationships are also different.  It does mean we’re aware, thoughtful and respectful toward others, and we consider the impacts of our behaviors, actions and relationships, so that we don’t create bad feeling in others.  1960s hippies encouraged us to “Be cool!”:  try to understand, be aware of and respect each other, and, from that place, try to be, do and behave in ways that that do not harm others, make others feel bad, or hold people down or back, as long as they are doing no harm and being cool.  Be cool!


Doing no harm is being fair.  Do no harm to Earth’s life support systems, so nature will keep supporting us and other forms of life, so we can all thrive.  Do no harm to living beings, so all evolve and thrive, developing new wonders and creative expressions of existence, which we can learn and benefit from.  Do no harm to each other, so we can each evolve and thrive, sharing our creations and spirit, for the benefit of all.  Do no harm to our creations, so we can learn and benefit from them.  Do no harm includes do no harm to physical, emotional, psychological, subjective or spiritual aspects of any beings.  It includes not trying to influence others through marketing, advertisement, media and other forms of manipulation for the purpose of creating benefits for ourselves, rather than those we are manipulating.

Money isn’t real, except as a means to simplify trading.  Ego and greed around money are causing harm.

Ego is a sense of individual identity and self-importance created by the mind that can get out of control, become self-righteousness, close out perspectives and needs of others, and seek attention and reward in unhealthy ways.  Ego develops hunger that is never satisfied, acting like disease, destroying its host.  Ego cancers are epidemic, causing enormous harms.  To prevent and fix that, we must lessen the rewards of privilege, prevent corruption, call out ego sickness when we see it, treat it, and prevent it.  We need to often be exposed to diverse lives and perspectives, do common work with common people, be aware of ego problems, know how to recognize them, work to prevent them, serve others before us, be fair, lessen income and wealth gaps, avoid isolation and insulation, and surrender ego in meditation.

Power is the ability to do something.  We develop power to do something by doing it until we can do it.  To develop power, we intend, try, adjust, exert will, be patient, and persist until we succeed.  We grow and use our powers to create what we want.  Power is also the ability to influence or control others.  Power = tell ‘em what to do and they do.  Always, others only have power over us if we give it to them. 

If we don’t, they don’t.  We may bear a cost for not complying, but we never have to do anything anybody tells us to, ever.  Our culture is infested by efforts of some to get power over us, for their gain, out of greed and ego, which cause us harm.  We must stop giving away our power, by coming together, agreeing, refusing to give power away by doing what we want, not what we’re told, and sticking with it.  If enough of us do, they can’t do what they want, and we increase our power and decrease their power.  Since ancient times, before history, we’ve recognized power corrupts, and more power corrupts more.  We need to decentralize power, move it out and closer to the edges, to the people and communities!

Capitalism is now a controlling state religion of greed.  There’s little separation of church and state now between the religion of capitalist ego, money, power and greed and our phony democracy government.  Society’s failing under capitalist profit overhead and demands.  Income and wealth inequality/unfairness are destroying our society.  We must replace capitalism, as practiced today, with something else.

Money, power, ego, greed and other lower energy motivations are bad mojo that is causing great harm.  Too many are obsessed with money as an end, rather than a facilitating means, and with acquiring and exerting power over others, for the benefit of only some.  Behind that is greed, one of the deadly sins.  Greed is an illness of ego.  Greed and ego illnesses need to be addressed.  They need to be eradicated.  The stakes are simply too high.  More is not better.  Enough is enough.  Stop!  This is not merely a game.  If greed, power, money and ego win, we all lose, and we may not be able to play anything again.

All lower energy states and motivations cause harm, including:  shame, blame, guilt, despair, apathy, punishment, regret, fear, craving, anger, greed, hate, vindictiveness, scorn, unworthiness and misery.  Being in any lower, negative energy state, and most actions motivated by them, create harm.  Release these energies to avoid harming ourselves and others and replace them with higher energy states, like:  courage, trust, inspiration, optimism, forgiveness, release, allowing, mercy, hope, encouragement, harmony, love, wisdom, care, helpfulness, serenity, joy, peace, compassion, bliss, illumination and flow.  In these states, we can solve problems created from the lower states, to reduce and avoid harm.

Be fair; be cool; do no harm; release bad energy states; cultivate good energy states; and eradicate money, power, ego, greed, capitalism and other bad mojo diseases!  That is greater than any of us. 

Be Fair and Constrain Material Wealth, Power, Money, Ego, Greed and Lower Drives!

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