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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

7. Create & Foster Real Wealth, Like Love, Relationship, Beauty, Happiness & Evolution!


Real wealth is much more than mere money.  Real wealth helps us to feel good about our lives, because it serves real and healthy needs, for things like:  love, fulfillment, relationships, beauty, health, meaning, happiness, feeling good enough, belonging, thriving natural ecosystems, security, and good energies, feelings, connections and contributions.  Pursue real wealth, not money!

Financial speculation and playing with artificial money and economic games do not produce real wealth.  Money isn’t real.  It’s just pieces of paper or metal, bits in computers, or numbers in accounting ledgers.  Its only real value is to facilitate exchanges.  What’s real are objective worlds we can see and know and the subjective thoughts, feelings and experiences that create our inner worlds.  Financial wealth is fake.

Real wealth is in things like healthy, clean, productive lands, waters, air and ecosystems; happy, healthy and engaged beings; functional and supportive communities; shared abundance; effective and efficient social systems; well-being and spiritual fulfillment.  Financial wealth is just control of fake money.  Money, getting it and much of what we do with it, is make-believe; yet, for many that’s a main focus of our attentions and efforts in life.  Money is just an artificial means toward something real.  It’s not real.

Why do we assume converting natural living wealth to financial wealth creates real value, or maximizing financial returns maximize real value creation?  Real wealth has intrinsic value.  Financial wealth doesn’t.  We easily confuse phantom financial assets with real wealth for which they can be traded.  Those who hoard phantom wealth unfairly dilute everyone else’s supplies of real wealth.  Economic mumbo jumbo. 

Deceptions are baked into our language.  We call speculation “investment” and phantom financial wealth “capital.”  When we hear words like wealth, capital, assets or resources, we don’t know if we’re talking about real or phantom financial assets.  Our language does not make this essential distinction.  It’s no surprise we get confused and fail to see Wall Street does not produce things of real value.  Beyond having and using basic physical necessities of life, like good food, water, shelter and clothing, real wealth cannot always be readily measured, objectively and externally.  It’s embedded in healthy ecosystems and life, in our knowledge, and in what we think, how we feel and how we evolve. 

Real wealth is in things like:  feeling secure we have basic necessities of life; being comfortable we and loved ones are healthy and thriving; good romantic, friend, community and colleague relationships; being and feeling part of balanced, harmonious and healthy natural ecosystems; not feeling afraid, distrustful, resentful, angry, unworthy or other negative energies; feeling happy, encouraged, upbeat, worthy, trusting, love or other higher, positive energies; having meaning; feeling fulfilled by what we do; taking time for sleep, friends and family, vacations, nature, spirit, presence, fun and laughter.


Plenty of people with plenty of money aren’t happy.  Billionaires can be unhappy, unable to relax or feel good if they worry about losing money, or how to get and keep more, how they’re judged relative to those they compete with, or if personal relationships are real or about others trying to get their money.  One can have loads of money and be impoverished in term of real wealth.

Real wealth is in things like knowing we’ve integrated good values and qualities into our personal and collective characters and are being true to them, with integrity, respect and honor; creating and sharing abundance, for our benefits, but also in service to others; being empowered and proactively creating and living, fully engaged, the existences we imagine and desire for ourselves and with others; and feeling deeply and personally new experiences and energies that cause us to grow and evolve.

Real wealth is knowing there is no such thing as us versus them; there is only us, and we are all truly OK. It’s knowing Earth’s life support systems are balanced, healthy and in harmony; we’re not harming and can rely on them; and feeling deep, personal connection with nature and other beings.  It’s in being free from fear and not fearing death because we’re living well and fully now.  Real wealth is fairness for all, being honest with all always and trusting others are too.  Real wealth is not needing to lock the doors.  Real wealth is being courageous and true, with integrity, to our character and values, even if afraid.

When we feel love in ourselves and others, that’s real wealth.  We more easily solve problems created in lower energy states if we approach them from love and other higher energy states.  Love overcomes.  Being in unconditional love and participating in life from that state of being are real wealth.  The world changes when we change our state of being.  We perceive, feel and think differently.  We’re different, and everything else seems different, too.  We change our own states of being, choose and cultivate unconditional love, encompass all in it, and everything shifts.  If enough of us do that, the dominant energy in our culture shifts from fear to love, and it changes for all.  We behave towards others with love and compassion, and we naturally help, share with and care for each other.  When we do, we’re all cared for, have enough, feel good enough, are supported and thrive.  That’s real wealth.

Service is generously sharing with and helping others.  Serving and helping others creates real wealth.  Scarcity is a choice.  Problems with scarcity go away if we simply stop choosing scarcity and, instead, choose, work for and share abundance for all.  We have more than enough resources if we choose to use only some of them, more than enough food if we grow enough and share with all without wasting it, more than enough love if enough of us simply choose to love, more than enough land if we choose to use and share it wisely, more than enough money if we choose to create enough and share it fairly, more than enough time for what we value if we choose to use it doing what we value, not in other ways.  We’re good enough if we believe that.  We have enough means if we live below our means.  If we share with others what we have, they share with others what they have, and we all create what we can, then we all have enough, miraculous truth.  Service, sharing and benefitting from abundance are real wealth. 

Beauty is an attribute of something we sense or experience that makes us feel a way we want to feel.  It’s subjective.  No matter what we personally find beautiful, it’s important to perceive and experience beauty and inspiration in our lives.  We create and share beauty to help ourselves and others feel good.  Beauty is a dimension we work out in to identify and create what we need or want within our lives.  Creating beauty with pride and good energy and enjoying beauty around us is real wealth.

Feeling like we’re making progress and evolving is real wealth.  Evolution isn’t just random genetic variations leading to some doing better than others.  Everything is part of life and evolution, including our thoughts, desires, efforts, relationships, values, cooperation, feelings and choices.  When the combination of all that, of everything, is producing advancement, improvement and experiences that make us feel more alive, healthier, happier, more beauty and fulfillment, that’s progress and evolution.  Evolving in the dimension of spirit and consciousness is real wealth. 

Real wealth for all is much greater than any of us individually.  It grows organically.  Money is not real.  Phantom financial wealth is not real.  Let’s be real and focus on real wealth, not fake financial wealth.  Real wealth is in what we are, how we behave, what we do, how we feel and how we grow and evolve.  Let’s not mistake means for ends. 

Create and Foster Real Wealth, Like Love, Relationship, Beauty, Happiness and Evolution!

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