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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

6. Cultivate and Share Good Health, Food, Water, Air, Lands, Beauty and Abundance!


Create, nurture and maintain good health, in our bodies, minds, beings, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, relationships, communities, environments and spirits!  Create, cultivate and maintain good, pure and healthy food, water, air and environments!  Create, share and appreciate beauty and abundance!


We are at a severe disadvantage in creating and maintaining our local worlds as we want them to be, with like-minded friends and family, in thriving close communities, if we’re not healthy and resonating good energies ourselves.  If our energies are depleted, we don’t have much to give.  If they’re bad, then we radiate infectious and harmful bad energies.  If we’re sick or suffering, that overwhelms us and takes away from efforts to improve ourselves, expand awareness and for anything other than our suffering.  Some shipwreck survivors in rafts are so seasick they cannot raise their arms to wave at rescue boats.  We need to put our own oxygen masks on first, before we try to help others, or we may collapse before we can help others.  We need to own our own good health, proactively, and help others maintain theirs.

Good health isn’t instantly created with magic pills or reactive medical treatments.  It’s not something we buy or get quickly with a few half-baked and soon abandoned diet or exercise efforts.  Good health is cultivated, over time, with good care, sleep, food, water, exercise, love, support, energies, emotions, times, beliefs, work, presence and environments. 

We grow good health like we grow good food:  keeping DNA pure by avoiding poisons, infections and radiation that alter it; submersing and integrating ourselves in healthy natural environments, with pure, balanced, healthy natural systems, water, air, light, land, sound and other living beings, of many species; taking in, processing and integrating the good energies of pure, fresh, local and natural foods and water; avoiding negative energies, states and environments that tear us down, including those in disrespectful relationships with, actions and behaviors around death; and with good intentions, energies and efforts.

We cultivate good health in ourselves and others by actively engaging with love, support, care, sharing and mutual endeavors in healthy relationships and communities; cultivating good high energy states of being, like love, compassion, joy, hope and harmony; caring for our emotional and psychological states; living with integrity, true to character, values and beliefs we personally know and believe in; feeling we’re part of something greater than ourselves; feeling good about making real contributions toward things we personally care about; helping others as service; creating and sharing abundance; deeply and frequently experiencing beauty and peace; making and taking free time for sleep, rest, vacation, play, fun, quiet time, presence and leisure, so we fully restore ourselves; and doing regular exercise outdoors. 

We’re physical beings, and we evolved to be healthy by being physically active.  That works easiest and most naturally when physical activity is integrated into our daily lives.  If we have to get in a car and battle traffic to exercise, it’s too easy to let that go.  If our lives are set up for passive physical inactivity, sitting at desks all day at work or school, in cars to and from work, school or shopping, and on chairs eating meals and sofas consuming passive entertainments at home, physical activity and exercise are not integrated into our lives.  They’re things we have to make separate and special efforts to experience. 

When we set up our lives so that we are physically active during the day, as we live our day-to-day lives, we get physical activity and exercise without thinking about it:  walking or riding bicycles to get around, taking stairs to upper building levels, working in the physical world, learning by doing and experiencing, and entertaining ourselves by getting together with real people and being physically active.  Exercise!

We are social beings, evolved to thrive in close, caring relationships and communities, cultivating health and well-being in ourselves by cultivating health and well-being in our relationships and communities.  We need close, caring and functional romantic, friend, neighbor, coworker and community relationships to be healthy and whole.  We create them by genuinely loving and caring for each other, connecting and communicating well, sharing presence and experiences, respecting and honoring values and efforts, having good intentions, treating all as us rather than them, and taking time to play, enjoy meals and have fun together.  We cultivate them by being honest and truthful with each other, sharing beauty, art and music, and proactively prioritizing, creating and maintaining healthy, rewarding social interactions.

We are spiritual and energetic beings, fulfilled by personal experiences with higher energies, energetic connections with nature, each other, other beings, and energetic patterns greater than ourselves.  We’re thrilled and fulfilled by personal experiences of progress in evolution toward higher states of being and consciousness.  Part of cultivating health and well-being is taking time and making efforts to experience higher states and levels of consciousness, being present, engaged and aware, using quiet time to let go of thought and ego, feeling with and learning from our other senses and intelligences, meditating, connecting with nature and other beings, and enjoying and cultivating beauty.

We’re creative beings.  To be healthy and satisfied, we need to use our imaginations and be creative.  We cultivate good health by proactively creating lives, environments, relationships, communities, systems, things, values and beliefs we feel good about.  Create healthy and sustainable solutions for all!  Let’s create love, beauty, art, fun, play, free time and experiences to help us learn, grow and be wise! 

We’re emotional, psychological and energetic beings, who feel a wide range of energies and states, from negative lower energies and states like:  hopelessness, shame, blame, anxiety, guilt, despair, fear, hate, apathy, regret, grief, craving, anger, scorn, greed and misery; to positive higher energies and states, like:  willingness, affirmation, courage, trust, optimism, allowing, forgiveness, pride, mercy, hope, harmony, love, wisdom, serenity, joy, peace, bliss and illumination.  To cultivate good health we release low, negative energies and states and integrate positive, high energy states.    

A vital part of psychological and emotional health is feeling sure we have enough and are good enough.  We need to know and feel we have enough: food, shelter, clothing, water, warmth, energy, love, power, money or means, and we and our loved ones are safe, secure, provided for and growing.  We need to know and feel we’re good enough to be worthy of:  love, attention, opportunity, support, appreciation, resources, food, shelter or belonging, so we feel secure about ourselves, our relationships and positions in communities.  We cultivate good health by producing and sharing abundance, so we all have enough, and by loving, caring for, supporting, appreciating, teaching, trusting, being fair with and helping others.  Let’s create and share abundance!  Let’s be healthy in what we think and feel!

We recognize and experience virtuous, pure, healthy, complex and stable energetic patterns, states and systems, and their opposites, through our perceptions and projections of beauty.  Subjective feelings and experiences of beauty and ugliness provide us tools for knowing virtuous versus vicious, healthy versus unhealthy, pure versus impure, and harmonious versus dissonant energies, states and structures.  We know beauty because we personally perceive and experience it.  Let’s use our experiences of beauty to guide us toward what is healthy, and creations of beauty to fulfill us and make it all better!

Cultivate and Share Good Health, Food, Water, Air, Lands, Beauty and Abundance!

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