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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

4. There Is No Us versus Them, Only Us; Cherish our Diversity and Make It Work for All!

We are all one, parts of humanity and Earth’s great web of life, and we are all distinctively different.  Our diversity as unique human beings and different species is among our greatest sources of strength.  Let’s celebrate and benefit from our diversity!  It harms all of us when some put down or harm others.  There is no such thing as “Us Versus Them;” there is only us.  It either works for all or it does not work.  Do not let us be divided!  Do No Harm to Us!

Many of Earth’s, humanity’s and other species’ problems arise from mindsets of “us versus them” within humanity, various insider groups competing with, ignoring, putting down or taking advantage of others.  We wage war on, exploit, blame, neglect and harm others, because we don’t value them as much as us.  By not considering others as we implement solutions for us, we create or worsen problems for others, and those problems come back to us, whether we want them to or not. 

We must know and accept that there’s no such thing as “them”; there’s only “us”.  We’re all one, as a species and as inter-related and inter-dependent parts of life webs on Earth, and we are all ultimately affected by anything that affects any of us.  We must learn to open to each other, allow and respect each other, learn from and cooperate with each other, share with and depend on each other, and care for and take care of each other, in all our diversity.  All of us is far greater than any individual or group.  Together, we have truly extraordinary power and possibilities, far greater than we have realized so far.

Every single one of us is unique and different, a distinctive product of our DNA, biology, environments, parents, upbringing, conditioning, culture, efforts, interests, experiences, spiritual growth, communities, friends, behaviors, relationships, dreams and desires.  Be, experience, appreciate and celebrate that! 

That diversity makes us stronger.  We all gain from expanding and sharing our personal and collective beings, experiences, perspectives, contributions, relationships, information, knowledge, thoughts, dreams, wisdom and efforts.  The more diverse we are; the richer we are; the more opportunities we have personally and collectively to experience, grow and evolve.  Witness how life does that on Earth!

Openness, tolerance, acknowledgement, understanding, respect, appreciation, encouragement and celebration of diversity expand our collective awareness, information, knowledge, experience, wisdom, creations, growth and evolution.  Let’s let each to develop on individual paths we create for ourselves, as long as our differences and actions don’t harm other beings, our life supporting natural systems, or others’ efforts to create, live, thrive, grow and evolve.  Let’s share our conditional and subjective perspectives, experiences, truths and wisdom, and let’s also respect and learn from those of others.  Allow life and diversity to thrive!

Disparagement, judgment, criticism, scapegoating, exploitation, abuse and bad attitudes and energies from some toward others divide and harm us all.  They’re like diseases we release into our populations that sicken us, tear us down and apart, hold us down, make us feel bad and stimulate bad reactions.  They are vicious forces that destroy creation, balance, harmony, higher energies, virtuous structures, lives, health and well-being.  Just say no to bad energies and attitudes that separate and harm us!  Examine and discard beliefs, behaviors and actions that belittle and disrespect others just because they are different from us!  Reject efforts to divide us and set us against each other!  Conjure and share love, tolerance, respect and other good energies that lift us up, instead! 

“Divide and conquer” or “divide and rule” is an ancient strategy for seizing and exploiting power.  It is used in politics and sociology to gain and maintain control by fragmenting larger power concentrations, so people have less power to prevent whoever implements the strategy.  It breaks up power structures, preventing smaller power groups from joining and working together, causing rivalries and discord among people, so the people lose the power to resist the conquerors and exploiters.  

It involves those seizing and using power exploiting existing conflicts or driving wedges to create conflict between people in a population based on differences between us.  That way, our attentions, efforts and energies are diverted from the real threat seizing power, exploiting and abusing us and absorbed in differences and disagreements between us.  Make us fight between ourselves, and we defeat ourselves, without the exploiter having to take much risk.  We have never been more fragmented?

This strategy is used against us, successfully, daily.  We fall for it and are abused by it, again and again.  Together as collaborative humanity, we have incredible power, and we can do almost anything we want.  Power manipulators drive wedges between us, stirring up disagreements and bad energies between us, around differences or issues like abortion, guns, religion, politics, race, gender, age, sex, nationality…  We get riled up, argue, blame and harm others, who are us, and, in the end, suffer in these interactions and from abuse by the power manipulators who take advantage of us and cause us all harm. 

We suffer when a tiny minority of people own and control most wealth, income, power structures, rules, resources, employers and politicians, which they use to take ever more from us, stealing our decent lives and experiences, and then we step, as rubes, in their trap of blaming and scapegoating each other for it, other races, political parties, nationalities, religions, genders, believers…  We get screwed by “the man”, so we beat each other up over it, leaving the man unscathed to do his worst.  Retarded.  Enough.  Stop! 

We’re different, each and every one of us, and that’s a good thing.  We’re also the same:  human beings, parts of Earth’s incredible living webs of life, who want similar things, like:  good food, shelter, clothing, education, community and healthcare; fairness for all; basic respect for all, and for our shared values; opportunities to learn, grow and contribute; love, joy, compassion and other higher states and energies; release from fear, anger, hate, greed, envy and other lower states and energies; security we and our loved ones are thriving; protection from harm by others; to be parts of healthy, thriving natural systems; free time for our own purposes; freedom to be our uniquely diverse selves; and opportunities to evolve.

Respect, honor and tolerance for all within the guidelines of our collective principles and values!  Disagree with and discourage being, behavior and activity that conflict with our core collective values, but not on mere characteristics of diversity.  Let’s be open, fair, tolerant and appreciative of diversity, while living, experiencing, growing and evolving as diverse individuals working together to determine and live by our collective values.  Let’s support, love, care for, encourage and appreciate each one of us as parts of us, while lovingly guiding each to live according to our core, shared, collective values!


In truth, there is no such thing as other.  There is only us.  We are all one thing, diverse parts of an interconnected, interdependent web of being, energy and life.  If it’s bad for another, it’s also bad for us, in some way, perhaps some way we cannot yet perceive.  No solution will ultimately work unless it works for all, at some level.  We are one.  We are us, all of us, all people, species, things and beings.  We’re all connected.  What any does and is affects all.  We all depend on each other. 

There Is No Us versus Them, Only Us; Cherish our Diversity and Make It Work for All!

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