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10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

2.  Be Honest and Do No Harm, Directly or Indirectly, to Any Being or Natural System!

With awakened awareness, and all our collective knowledge and wisdom from diverse experiences, assure that our beings, behaviors and actions do no violence or harm to any being or natural system! Don’t directly or indirectly be, do or interfere in anything that causes violence or harm, to them or us!  Be honest, with all, always, so we can all trust, share and evolve rapidly.

Violence is doing harm, especially if done willfully, by force.  Violence directly or indirectly produces injury, death, damage, abuse, destruction or suffering.  Violence and harm can be willful or ignorant, intentional or unintentional.  Violence and harm often result from use of force.  Violence does harm.

Our culture glorifies violence.  Violence is prominently featured in many of our entertainments, usually with some kind of plot contrivance to justify its use, but clearly starring violence as a thrilling element.  The U.S. has a long and violent history of war, being complicit in the deaths of some 200 million people, causing death, injury, destruction, pain, dissolution and suffering in most parts of the planet, and only experiencing about 15 out of 240 years not actively at war.   The world’s biggest police state, in the U.S., is actively doing violence and harm to 1 in 35 of its citizens, plus their families and loved ones, through its prison and punitive judgement systems, imprisoning us at 5 ½ times the world’s average rate.

Our culture is also largely ignorant of or indifferent to violence and harm it does to ecological systems, other forms of life, and our health and well-being, through at least:  harms done by global warming,  pollution and environmental changes;  making, overusing and wasting energy from harmful sources;  allowing the privatization, hoarding and exploitation of information, knowledge and experience;  transportation systems damaging ecosystems and life;  poorly developed and maintained infrastructure and commons;  the ways we do agriculture and food;  ways we manage lands, wastes and soils;  corruption of our governments;  and mismanagement of information, privacy and invasive advertising.

We do violence and harm by allowing epic gun violence, including being the only country in the world where our citizens commonly kill our children in our schools with guns;  an inefficient healthcare system optimized for capitalist profits rather than healthcare, that is bankrupting citizens, killing and harming us and leaving many uncared for;  unhealthy relationships with substances, devices and entertainments, driven by pervasive social, emotional, living and mental health wicked problems;  unfair justice systems giving those with money and power systematic advantages over those without;  extraordinary unfairness in the ways we share income, wealth and resources;  resulting poverty and stress that are tearing apart family, lover, friend and community relationships;  homelessness and its threats;  and unfair taxation systems taking money from people for things many of the people do not want. 

We do violence and harm with abusive and predatory debt systems;  outsourcing power and control of money systems to privateer bankers;  having people focused on unreal money and financial games rather than real life and real wealth efforts;  using an education system failing too many to indoctrinate rather than inform and train us;  scapegoating and abusing immigrants and asylum seekers desperately fleeing violence we do to them;  by violating human rights; and by operating the world’s largest military, all over the world, using 10 times the overseas military bases of the rest of the world combined, spending ¾ of Federal discretionary income on it, taking money from things that actually help people, selling the most arms and ammunitions of any nation, and operating the world’s largest and most invasive and abusive spy and interference organizations.

Violence and harm are not limited to objective physical damage, or lives, limbs, stuff and money lost.  Violence can also harm psychologies, emotions, spirits, thoughts, relationships, communications and other subjective elements.  Many of our wicked problems, behaviors, ways of being and actions do harm and violence to how we are, behave, think and feel.  Violence causes harm, objectively or subjectively.  We often ignore or are ignorant of subjective violence and harm.  Subjective pain and suffering are real.

Violence is so deeply ingrained in our culture that we often don’t even notice it.  It’s just part of the background of existence.  Sirens wail; jets fly overhead; military and other vehicles pass by; pollution and noise surround us; climate warms slowly; guns are all over; entertainments are violent; life is sick; we abuse substances and devices; we have legal, money and healthcare problems; the rich get richer, and more of us struggle economically; many are homeless in our streets; we’re alone, after families, relationships and communities break apart; terrible foods and drinks are everywhere; we are obsessed with money; government corruption is clearly evident; we’re assaulted by ads and selling; people are buried in debt; we’re surrounded by ignorant people; and we’re too busy to do anything about any of it.

All of that involves violence, conscious or unconscious being, behaviors or actions which cause objective or subjective harm.  We’re blasé about it.  It’s so pervasive that it’s just normal everyday stuff.  It’s harm. 

We must wake up to the pervasive violence and harm done by our society, businesses, military, police, citizens, farmers, food providers, utilities, wealthy, judicial systems, guns, healthcare systems, artificial chemicals and substances, activities on lands, air and waters, money, economic and debt systems, media, technologies, energy and transportation systems, surveillance and spy systems, weapons, treatment of others, predatory systems of aid and support, and so many other things.

No more violence!  No more harm!  Be aware of the short- and long-term impacts of everything, and don’t participate in anything resulting in violence or harm!  Violence is only ever justified by preventing violence and harm, and even then, there is usually another, better way.  Do no violence!  Do no harm!


Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for being complicit in violence and doing harm.  Wake up and be aware and informed, love and care about all, and try to be, behave and do as our highest selves!  Conscientiously, comprehensively, observe and study our environments, systems and participants!  What effects do our beings, behaviors and actions have on them, now and even in the very long term?  What effects would our intended beings, behaviors and actions have, now and in the very long term? Who and what are or would be affected?  How?  Would that do any harm to any?  What, how and why? 


Stop if we’re doing violence or harm to any!  If we intend something that will do violence or harm, don’t!  If we see violence or harm being done, to us or another, figure out how we can help reduce that harm!  Do it!  Help others by preventing violence and harm from being done to them, or by helping to end it!  Help others recover and restore after suffering violence or harm! 

We often do not or cannot know all of the consequences of our beings, behaviors and actions.  Whenever that is the case, be cautious!  Err on the side of not risking violence or harm and forego it!  Delay until you have studied the matter adequately!  Consequences can be far downstream from action.  Know the impacts as far downstream as we can, on all beings and systems!  Be humble!  Do no harm! 

This is like the Star Trek prime directive, the first and most important rule for Star Fleet engagement.  Don’t interfere with others evolving as unique, diverse life on their paths, so we don’t harm them, and so we don’t harm ourselves unintentionally by affecting something we are ignorant of!


Honesty is essential for all human interactions, because without it we cannot trust any information, knowledge, person, organization, news or anything.  Without trust, we cannot work with each other.  We are debilitated and suffer harm and decay.  When that happens, society breaks down; knowledge and understanding no longer advance, but begin to decay; we lose the positive benefits of cooperation; we stop learning from experiences and sharing of others; we develop harmful negative views of others; and degeneration and negative energy ensue, which result in violence and harms.

Many of our problems relate to a breakdown of honesty and trust.  We no longer believe, trust or count on each other, so anxiety and dysfunction arise, we suffer violence, ignorance, resentment and harm, society degenerates, we blame and scapegoat each other, we’re unwilling to engage with each other, our own honesty becomes corrupted, as we mirror dishonest behavior; we stop caring about each other, bad feelings and negative energies develop and grow, and we self-destruct. 

The breakdown of honesty and trust harms every social institution and system, our relationships with each other, our communities, our individual well-being, the environment, everything. 

Honesty is being comprehensively truthful in sharing relevant information with others, not intentionally communicating anything we know to be directly or indirectly wrong or misleading, and communicating to correct what we know to be false, when it’s important, with respect and best intentions toward all. 

Do no harm!  Dishonesty causes harm.  The values of honesty and trust are essential for social function.  We must insist and rely on honesty, and endeavor to develop trust with all.  Be honest, always, with all!

With awareness, knowledge and wisdom, do not allow our beings, behaviors or actions to cause violence or harm, directly or indirectly, to any being or natural system!  Be honest and develop trust!

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