We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Programming!

10 Shared Principles for Human Earth Citizens

1.  Wake Up; Be Aware & Informed; Love & Care; Be, Do & Evolve as Your Highest Self!

Take time and devote energy to waking up as spiritual beings; become aware and informed about what’s going on around and in us; nurture higher states of being, like unconditional love and oneness; care about ourselves, other life and living systems we are parts of; make efforts to improve ourselves; and endeavor to raise consciousness and exist, act and evolve as, or as if we were, our highest selves.

So many of us are going through life in a hazy daze of hustle, hurry, worry, ignore, criticize and escape. 

The challenges of making a living and living well in a setup that is structurally unfair, with systemic advantages for existing wealth, privilege and power, struggling with poverty, homelessness or insecurity, or their threats, in a culture glorifying violence, ego, money, power and fame, with corrupt government, failing and unsustainable social systems, and, for most, lowering standards of living, are overwhelming.  We are drowning in invasive advertising, selling and marketing noise, and in astounding volumes of information and communication blather, and in far too many unnecessary consumer choices.

We are sickened and weakened by unhealthy environments; poisoning from our air, water, lands, foods, drinks, toxins, plastics, things in our homes, drugs, stuff we put on our bodies, noise and light pollution, ego problems, isolation, stress, fears and anxieties.  We suffer in lack of presence, nature and exercise; absorption in abstract unreal mental worlds; competitions; prejudices; and bad energy surrounding us.  We are frazzled from spending far too much time navigating complex and frustrating traffic in vehicles.  We’re frayed from carrying too much stuff around in our heads, including judgements and criticism.  We’re muddled from using devices and substances to escape the stress and worry.  We’re damaged.

We have to stop, take a break, step back, relax, let go, wake up and get informed about what’s going on.  Take a vacation, get lots of sleep, make quiet time, relax and restore, open, feel unconditional love!  What do you feel, and how does that feel?  Are you are living as your higher self?  Why, or why not?  What would help you be, do and feel like your highest self, the best you possible, as you wish you were? 

Understand what our systems are, how they work and don’t!  Become informed and knowledgeable!  Take time to read quality information!  Things aren’t working, or could certainly be working a lot better.  Our systems are unsustainable.  They are failing us, or will pretty soon.  What is your personal situation?  What is your romantic, family, community and social situation?  How are your loved ones doing?  Why?  What do you spend time on, and is that satisfying and fulfilling?  What are your dreams and wishes?  What do you think about?  What are your conscious and unconscious values, worldviews and beliefs?  How do you feel at various times in the day, week, month and year?  What’s going on with that? 

Make up your mind to change!  Be more awake, informed and aware!  Be present!  Open to what is!  Notice how you feel!  Notice how others feel!  Pay attention to the natural world!  Be aware!  Experiment with different thoughts, behaviors and activities!  Which personally work to lift you up?  Engage entheogenic substances with intention, guidance and respect, for revelation and transformation!  Decide to care about, not only ourselves and loved ones, but also for other things greater than we are!  Decide to care about nature, each other, other life and living systems, communities and social systems!


Identify and release lower, negative and vicious problem creating energies and states of being, like fear, anger, hate and resentment, and feel for and cultivate higher, positive and virtuous problem resolving energies and states of being, like love, compassion, union, flow and inspiration.  Doing that raises consciousness and creates positive impacts on all of us and on everything we are and do.

To the best of our knowledge, developed by the best scientific and spiritual minds and beings of all of humanity to date, ultimately, everything is energy, in a variety of frequencies and wavelengths, in various infinitely interacting and changing patterns.  We are energetic beings, like all other living beings.  Everything we think of as matter is ultimately energy.  What we think of as empty space is full of energy.  Energy does not go away; it just changes form.  At one level, everything that is, is energy.

We experience energies, energetic patterns and interactions via our beings and senses, and our minds use that input to model or paint pictures in our heads, to help us try to make sense of a world of energy.  Those are all just abstract models or paintings, though.  It’s all make believe, created by our intellects.  We make up stories in our heads to make sense of what we feel energetically.  They are just stories.

We can sense energies and energetic patterns with more than our five senses.  We are energies and energetic patterns, and we interact with energies and energetic patterns far beyond only what we are.  If we stop, get quiet, turn off our brain tools, and feel, we can sense energies and energetic patterns with and in our bodies.  Our hearts have networks in our bodies, like our brains do, and if we listen to or feel closely with our hearts, we can learn about and work constructively with energies and energetic patterns inside and outside of our bodies.  We can use our guts and their networks in a similar way.  We can feel and know using many parts of our bodies, as energies and energetic patterns and changes that interact with other energies and energetic patterns and changes.  It’s an extremely analog level of being.

We are enamored by our intellects, and identify with them through our egos, but we’re much more than our intellects and egos.  We have to release intellects and egos, temporarily, to experience these other sources of knowing.  To know directly through energetic feeling, we have to move our attentions and awareness outside of our intellects, pause the brain chatter, and concentrate on feeling with all we are. 

We have other intelligences besides our mental or intellectual brain functions.  What we call emotional intelligence is real.  Only it operates with more than just what we think of as emotions.  It also operates with what we can think of as states of being, body knowledge, impulses, instincts and motivations.  Basically, it works with subtle feelings associated with energies and energetic patterns and changes.  What can we feel, and how does that make us feel?  What kinds of visions, if any, does that inspire?  What music do they create?  What inspirations flow with them?  What emotions do they evoke?

Negative emotions, impulses and motivations, or lower states of being, we call things like shame, blame, guilt, despair, apathy, regret, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger, greed, hate, vindictiveness, scorn, envy, unworthiness, hopelessness, punishment, criticism, vengeance and misery.  We can feel and distinguish these and other negative emotions, feelings and states in and with our bodies.  These are names we put on what can be called bad or vicious energies, forces, changes or powers at work or in action, because they destabilize and break up higher and more harmonious energetic patterns.  They dissipate higher energies and dissolve energetic patterns.  We know them as vicious, evil or ugly, because they feel bad. 

Actions from negative energy states create negative reactions.  We create problems from these states that cannot readily be solved from within these states.  Problems created in anger cannot be resolved until the anger dissipates.  Problems created from fear cannot be resolved until we release the fear.  Lower energies attract and resonate with lower energies.  Lower energies only endure when we feed them with lower energies.  Stop doing that!  Recognize and release negative energies!  Let them go!  When we do, our energy, consciousness and states of being shift.  Then, from the higher states, we are able to resolve the problems created in the lower states.  No fear!  Release anger!  Despair destroys life.  Stop finding fault in others!  Don’t react to negativity with negativity!  Hate hurts.  Feel the bad energies, look at them, recognize that they do not serve us well, and let them go!  Refuse to feed bad energy!

Positive emotions, impulses and motivations, or higher states of being, are energies, feelings and energetic patterns we give names like openness, courage, trust, willingness, optimism, release, joy,  forgiveness, allowing, mercy, hope, encouragement, harmony, love, wisdom, care, helpfulness, serenity, peace, compassion, bliss and illumination.  These can be called good or virtuous energies, forces or powers, because they strengthen, harmonize and create coherence in energies and energetic patterns.  They empower energies, extend their ranges and support the creation of more beautiful and harmonious energetic patterns.  We know them as virtuous, good or beautiful, because they feel good. 

We can release negative, lower, evil and vicious energies, tune them out, or let them pass through us, and focus our attentions on creating, tuning to, maintaining and strengthening higher, positive, good or virtuous energies and energetic patterns to raise spirits and evolve in the dimension of consciousness.  We do that by feeling with more sensitivity, releasing what feels like bad energy, or what we know does not lead to good energy, allowing and resonating with what feels good, and cultivating that.

The dimension of consciousness is the full range of energies and energetic patterns and changes, from the most destructive, evil, bad, vicious and low to the most constructive, good, virtuous and high.  Human spiritual heroes, like Zoroaster, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Krishnamurthi, the Singhs and other shamans, sages, mystics, rishis, saints, gurus and holy ones, from all times and parts of the world, have reported extraordinary sensations, perceptions, connections, transcendences, realizations, changes and transformations in their adventures and experiences in the dimension of consciousness. 

They’ve all pointed us in the same directions, up into the realms of higher consciousness, energies and states of beings, and away from realms of lower consciousness, energies and states of being, in similar hopes for the betterment of all.  They all offered similar guidance.  Go inward!  Find love and above!  Religious differences layered on later, for other purposes, can be ignored, as unhelpful. 

Tuning out mental make-believe realities and chatter, directly and personally tuning in to energetic experiences, and resonating with higher, good and virtuous energies and states of being, that feel increasingly rewarding, leads us to making evolutionary progress in the dimension of consciousness.  The more we can do that, the higher we get, approaching what has been called union with Godhood, Brahman or Universal Consciousness.  Everything changes as we do that, because as we do that we change the realities we model or paint in our heads, our energetic states and patterns, and how we interact with other energies and energetic patterns energetically.  That’s energetic reality.  When we get back into our heads and create from higher states of being, we create a more beautiful and noble world.

Let’s get more of us to do that and see what happens!  This is much greater than any of us individually, but we can and must each connect with it personally and powerfully.  Let us get higher – and create the worlds we want to live in from there!  Let’s be and do on Earth as super-humans from higher states!  Let’s work on developing super-powers in the dimension of consciousness!

If we are not there yet, fake it!  Pretend that you are the highest form of yourself, your ideal of yourself, and imagine how you would be and behave, and what you would do!  Be, behave and do like that!  Make believe you are the best you could be, your ideal, imagine how you would be, and be like that, imagine what you would do and do that, for now!  It helps you rise in the dimension of consciousness.

Perhaps some of this is too far out for you.  You’re not ready to work with subtle energies and feelings.  It sounds a little too namby-pamby, flighty, far-out and kum-ba-ya.  You don’t relate to consciousness.

That’s OK.  We’re all unique, at unique places, on our unique paths, which we create for ourselves.  However, no matter who we are, or where we are, or when we are, or how we are, we can improve.  We can always be better beings, whether we’re the highest or lowest on the consciousness spectrum.  There are things we can be and do to progress along our unique paths, from wherever we are now.  Let’s work on being and doing that!  Let’s improve ourselves!  Let’s advance on our life/spiritual paths!

Maybe we’re often tired, depressed, stressed, anxious or angry.  We can work on releasing those states, and the situations and stories they exist in.  When we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, well, they’re not tired, depressed, stressed, anxious or angry.  Let’s eliminate that from our lives and stories!

Maybe we’re in love with who we hoped to be our soulmate, with children we love with all our hearts, but often it’s hard, because our mate keeps wanting us to be and do things we don’t always feel like, and our mate isn’t always the way and doesn’t always do what we want, and those cause bad feelings.  When we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, we’re not getting knocked down and feeling bad just because somebody else isn’t being or doing what we want.  Let’s be in unconditional love, instead.  Let’s eliminate external dependencies in being in love, be in love on our own, and interact from there!

Maybe we’re awakened spiritually, feeling sensitively a captivating array of subtle energies, but withdrawn from everyday life and real-world systems to be able to attain and maintain higher states.  From that place on our path, we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, and realize we are not isolated and removed in a cave somewhere, but out in the real world contributing to making it better.  Let’s work on being able to carry higher states into the real world where they can create improvements!

Maybe we’re informed about a public problem, motivated to do something about it, and working hard, every day, to do something about it, fighting the good fight.  We’re at war against the wrong other, and we battle the unjust and broken systems.  But we are worn down by the conflict, and angry about it all.  We want to kill that wrong other, so that wrong will stop.  When we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, we are not tired, worn down, angry and wanting to battle or kill anything.  We are in love, feeling good, solving problems peacefully and with mutual respect.  Let’s work on being and doing that!

Maybe we are unhealthy, suffering from illness, pain, weakness and worry about being and feeling sick.  When we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, we do not see someone sick, weak and suffering.  We see someone healthy, vibrant, strong and feeling good.  Let’s improve ourselves by being that!

Maybe our heart’s in the right place, we know something’s not right, and want to do something about it, but we just don’t understand all of the complexity, are confused by all the different things said about it, and don’t know what to do about it.  When we envision our higher and better, ideal selves, we don’t see someone ignorant, uninformed, overwhelmed and confused, but someone who understands and knows.  We can better ourselves by learning more.  Let’s better ourselves by improving our knowledge!

“As above, so below.”  There is an inter-relationship and inter-dependency between macro and micro, between outer and inner worlds, conscious and unconscious.  When something is broken out there; something is broken in here.  Stop and fix our inner worlds, and we fix our outer worlds!  Work on it!


Wake Up; Be Aware & Informed; Love & Care; Be, Do & Evolve as Your Highest Self!

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