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57. Presence

All of life goes down in the moment.  Everything that happens, happens in the instantaneous present.  We always exist only in the present time.  All action happens contemporaneously.  Everything we feel, we feel only in the moment.  We are only able do anything when it is now.  We can only speak now, and we can only connect in the now.  We can only experience life in the present moment. 

Everything other than present experience is abstraction.  When we think about the past, imagine the future, or think about problems, that takes our attentions away from present experience, or reality.  When we think about any kind of information or knowledge, or engage our brains to solve problems, we’re taking attentions away from present experience.  When we rehash conversations or experiences, think of what we wish we had said or done, we’re not available for conversations or experiences now.  Whenever we worry about what might happen or think about what we want to happen in the future, we’re not engaged in what is happening now.  Present awareness is reality.

Our ability to think abstractly is a gift.  We benefit from being able to analyze and learn from the past, being able to plan for the future, and being able to use that knowledge and those plans to affect some other present moment when it arrives, being able to reason our way through scenarios so we don’t have to go through all of them personally, and being able to dream and imagine realities that do not exist under present conditions.  That’s all good stuff.  We’re better off for it. 

However, many of us spend so much time thinking abstractly that we do not spend enough time being present in the experience of life in the moment.  We forget to live, because we are remembering and thinking about other things.  We miss out on life, because we are lost in head space.  We lose lovers and friends and destroy personal relationships, because we’re not really there with them.  Let’s be careful to strike a fair balance between abstract thinking and experiencing, and engaging with life in the present. 

Children are a great blessing in helping us be present, because that is where they exist and engage.  Children demand presence.  They will prevent us from becoming lost in abstraction if it is at all possible.  Look at me!  Watch this!  Be here with us now!  Play with us!  Pay attention now!


It’s great that we have the ability for abstract thinking.  Make good use of it.  But pull out of it as much as possible to be present.  Experience life now!  Be here now!  Pay attention now!  Live and love now!  Presence is a gateway to higher consciousness.  Presence can change everything.  Be present!

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