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News, Information and Entertainment

News, information and entertainment have been revolutionized by technologically empowering people, by breaking up media conglomerates, by bypassing media distribution controls, and, generally, through shifting focus and effort from centralized systems to community-based living at the edges of society.

In a grand movement and progression during the 21st century, technical developments and evolutions have enabled common people to do things we wouldn’t have been able to at any previous time, like:  communicate with anyone anywhere in real time, even across language barriers; learn anything known anywhere via diverse learning methods; capture and share high quality audio, photos and videos with devices any can afford; convert voice to text; edit and improve text, audio, technical drawings, graphics and videos; create animations and special effects; do complex analytical work and produce compelling charts, graphics and visualizations; access all kinds of data and information anywhere; sense, monitor and measure all kinds of things, remotely; interact with powerful artificial intelligence engines; 3D print many kinds of things with different materials; and make use of dedicated or rented robotic machines. 

These and other technological developments accessible to common people empower us to create and share all kinds of visions, experiences, ideas, entertainments, art, collaborations, tools, products, music, films, stories, events, information, knowledge and wisdom.  Users are empowered creators of media, information and entertainment.  Many are deeply engaged in creating, experiencing and sharing these, rather than big business created and controlled traditional news, information and entertainments.

In the late 2020s, big media and most all other businesses with excessive market power were broken up, to end and prevent long-running abuses of power and unfairness, ending control and manipulation of information and news by wealth and power elites for their purposes and benefits.  We no longer turn on news all over the country to see the same stories on all channels, at the same time, in the same ways, just through different mouths, often as part of large propaganda or population programming efforts.  Instead, we use a wide variety of media to find and evaluate sources and information we can trust.  Independent journalism is thriving, and many who do that well are followed widely, as heroes. 

People have learned critical thinking in our explorations and evaluations of data, information, news, media and opinions.  We no longer just accept the truth of anything coming through news and media.  We know to verify and corroborate stories and claims from diverse sources.  We routinely use free fact checking and debunking services, which is as easy as saying out loud to almost any media device:  “Please fact check ____.”  Instantly, we have access to diverse information and sources for validating or refuting what we are exposed to.  Because we have access to so much information, we’ve learned not to get wound up over isolated opinions, stories or claims, but rather wait for clusters, patterns and trends of facts, stories, claims, experiences or opinions.  Most people have learned to process data and create our own interpretations of it ourselves, rather than relying on conclusions or opinions of others.

Distribution of media, news, stories, books, film, music, educational and other user-created content is no longer locked up by big businesses, as it had been until the 2020s.  It used to be almost impossible for a writer to get a book published.  Stories about authors or bands or filmmakers trying for years to get a book published or a recording contract or film distribution, and experiencing rejection after rejection, only to have that book, album or film become a bestseller when finally released are no longer common. 

Anyone can publish a book or produce an album or film and use various online services to share and distribute it now.  Anyone can print and bind books or integrate music or film into digital catalogs with desired fidelity on affordable home systems.  This, plus lower costs of living and other ways of community living, have enabled many artists to pursue and succeed with their art, who couldn’t before.

Social changes in our values and ways of living in communities have changed the ways we interact with news, media and entertainments.  In the past, we worked for corporations all day, commuted in traffic, arrived home exhausted, and passively consumed whatever corporations pushed at us through our TVs.  Everybody in the country had the same few choices of movies in theaters at the same time.  Now, we are more focused on what we create and enjoy with each other at the edges in our living communities.  We are more engaged with personal life and nature experiences and need less passive entertainment.  We are more impacted by what’s happening locally than our previous obsessions with what’s happening “out there” where others control everything that may impact us.  We are present in life.

We better trust information and each other, because we value honesty and insist on it in relationships.  We share information openly, rather than hoarding it for private advantages.  That accelerates progress.  We have powerful technologies we use as tools, rather than allowing them to addict and control us.  Entertainment is something we create with and for each other, rather than just pay for and consume.  We are no longer obsessed with it or addicted to it, zombies staring at screens everywhere.  We’re free!


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