We Can Change!


We Can Change!

Need for Big and Conscious Change

We need to wake up, change and evolve to higher levels of sensitivity, awareness, understanding, compassion, sustainability, consciousness, cooperation and organization.  We need to change our ways of thinking, being, behaving and doing, and stop going along with what doesn’t feel right.  It’s urgent.


Humanity’s population and impacts are now so great that our continued ignorance, irresponsibility, apathy, and unenlightened and fragmented self-interests, behaviors and actions are badly harming Earth’s life support systems and species - and human social organizations and quality of life. 

The vast majority of the world’s informed scientists agree human activities are contributing to harmful climate changes all over the planet, changes affecting weather, ecosystems and species everywhere.  We’re polluting everything.  See it where you are?  Human population and practices are unsustainable, continue to expand with little restraint, and are creating very real risks for catastrophic collapses.  Quality of life for human and other species is suffering.  We’re about to cause a million extinctions.


Everywhere on Earth, people acknowledge wicked personal, social and environmental problems negatively affecting our lives, wicked problems like:  population growth, inadequate water supply, pollution, health and healthcare problems, war, immigration and integration issues, energy problems, education problems, transportation problems, crime, corruption, racism, dysfunctional governments, exploitation, unfair income and wealth distributions, abuses of power, needs for meaningful work, problems providing for families, hunger, unhappiness, and lack of spiritual experience and growth.  Generally, many of our problems are becoming worse, not better.  We can do better than that.


In the U.S., neglected bridges, dams and other infrastructure are about to collapse; we’re harmed by growing storms and fires; political divisions and social fragmentations are angry and mean, on all sides; there’s a mass shooting a day, of kids at school weekly, and 10,000 people a month are shot by guns; militarized police target, kill and arrest people unjustly; we imprison our people at 5.4 times the rate of the rest of the world, a higher percentage of our adult blacks than South Africa at the peak of apartheid; we feel unsafe and unhappy; racism is getting worse; government barely pretends to represent people; obesity, opioid and media addictions are epidemic; most painfully waste tons of time in traffic, can’t afford a home, have no savings or time and are about two paychecks away from living on the street; many people are homeless everywhere; bad feelings are growing and creating problems everywhere; and our daily news has become a surreal nightmare of craziness that does not make any sense. 

The default paradigm is not working.  Things are already broken, and it’s getting worse.  It isn’t working to sort of try to incrementally patch big system problems in isolation, without enough power to do so, or to just sit here, angry, afraid or resentful, thinking somebody else ought to do something about this.  This is the great challenge of our era.  It’s do or die for many.  Things are already changing, for the worse if we sit in stupor and wait for it or resist it, for the better if we wake up, get up and make it wonderful. 

We must each change, deep inside, changing what we think, how we are, what we do, how we behave and what we accept.  We have the power to do that already.  We don’t have to wait for anything.

Let’s rise to this challenge by raising our spirits, embracing change, and creating our ideal situations!  Let’s empower and ennoble ourselves to be and make the great positive changes that save our world!