We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!


One noteworthy change in music over the period has been in topics of musical content.  Previously, much of popular music was devoted to romantic love:  lovers getting together or breaking up and experiencing good and bad times with that.  That’s a fine theme, but it was about all any sang about.


Whatever else happened in this period, constraints over what music could sing about were vaporized.  Engaging songs came out to reveal, call out, protest, dishonor and rile people up about all kinds of systems, organizations, thoughts and behaviors.  They expressed emotion and motivated change. 


Motivating songs called out, explained, exhibited the attractiveness of and encouraged the adoption of shared principles and values.  Beautiful songs portrayed wonders of nature, and experiences of and in it.  Harassing songs beleaguered organizations, governments, practices and individuals who misbehaved.  Grateful songs showed appreciations for changes and heroic acts exhibiting strong values and actions.  Spiritual music expressed wonders of altered and higher states of being.  We got new birthday songs!

There was an explosion of quality in song lyrics, a fusion of fine music and fine poetry and literature.  Incredible collaborative teams of great writers and musicians emerged.  Music was integrated in theater. Music was integrated in schools and learning.  Songs taught and helped us remember things we learned.  Music became much more prevalent in people’s lives and communities, with many more making music. Music is performed free of charge in parks, community centers, local performance spaces and in schools.

With decreasing economic pressures for education, housing, work, vehicles, material stuff and childcare, increasing numbers of us made time to learn to play musical instruments and to sing.  We shared music naturally in shared living communities.  New musical instruments were created, many easier to play.  Electronic music creation, editing and sharing tools enabled new ways of making and distributing music, and electronic music rediscovered melody and lyrics, adding them to compelling beats and rhythms.  Free or low-cost music venues let low-cost music performances still provide for musician livelihoods.

Many intentional communities have shared musical focuses.  Inform Us content teaches us music, free.  We have musical recording and playback systems optimized for high analog fidelity, rather than cheap digital compression, so music sounds richer and more beautiful.  Electronic tools give us novel sounds.  All kinds of sounds from nature have been integrated into music and popularized.

Music has played an important role in lifting our spirits, motivating our changes, showing us beauty, helping us feel deeply and subjectively, helping us understand energetic relationships through sound, expressing human emotions, values and intentions, presenting powerful words in engaging new ways, sharing space, time and experiences with each other, building personal connections and relationships, understanding, sharing and aligning our values, guiding plant medicine experiences and feeling good.  We dance to music a lot.  Many musicians play for change, not for coin.  Families sing together.


We’ve had some awesome soundtracks to accompany our great changes and efforts!  We sing choruses:  “Is this OK, No way, Let’s change it!”, or “What would nature do?  We can do that too.  We’re on it.”, or “There is no reason to go it alone.  This is the season to make a new home.  Get together.  Share love!” and many others are refrains we sing into normal conversations.  Musical snippets are like phrases we drop into our talk, some with words, some just tones.  Music is deeply meaningful and motivating.


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