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17. Money

Money’s not real.  A hundred-dollar bill is a piece of paper with stuff printed on it.  Burn it, and it’s gone.  Money in bank accounts or computers is also not real.  Trash the paper or delete the computer data, and it’s gone.  Without a system to keep records of it, it doesn’t exist.  It only exists as pieces of paper, pieces of metal, and 1s and 0s in accounting systems – and as something we decide to believe in. 

The only way money has any value at all is if we agree it has value.  It’s make-believe.  We make it valuable only if we believe it has value.  Real world money is essentially the same as money in a Monopoly game.  Close the box on it, and it has no meaning.

Money has historically served a useful function as a means of exchange.  We can’t all do everything well all the time to meet all of our needs.  We get stretched too thin and work too hard.  Sometimes, we want to be able to trade what we have or do for what another has or does.  If we have or do what they want, and they have or do what we want, we can simply barter or exchange our thing for their thing.  Win-win.  Everybody’s happy. 

But as soon as we don’t have what they want, they have what we want, and we have what somebody else wants, it starts getting complicated to barter.  We’d have to trade our stuff with them, even though they don’t want it, so they can trade our stuff with somebody else, to get what they want.  Add a few more parties, and it starts getting really cumbersome and inefficient, moving all that stuff around and figuring out who has what, that who wants, to make the trades work. 

Money can simplify that.  If we all agree to give our stuff a value in money, whatever that money is, we can trade them money for what we want, they can trade somebody else money for what they want, and somebody else can trade us money for what they want, and each thing only gets moved around once.  As a means of exchange, money serves a purpose.  It facilitates trading. 

The purpose of money is to facilitate sharing what we have an abundance of, and others sharing what they have an abundance of, so we all have plenty.  As soon as we have plenty, that’s enough.  After that, we continue to produce abundance for the satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment we personally enjoy from its creation, and we share our additional abundance for the joy and love of helping others. 

It’s as simple as that:  if we each create or contribute abundantly what we’re good at creating or contributing, because we get satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment from creating or contributing it; and we each share whatever we create that is more than we need; we all have plenty.  It’s so simple, beautiful and functional.  Somehow, however, other debauched make-believe values around money have gotten into the mix and really screwed things up. 


We now have relatively few people controlling the abilities of others to produce abundance, so the few can trade that abundance for money, which they hoard far beyond having plenty, leaving too many without enough.  Many are producing abundance controlled by the few, so the few can acquire money they don’t need, leaving the many single-mindedly focused on getting money, which there is not enough of because it is hoarded by the few, so the many do not have enough of what they need.  What a crazy, unnecessary, complex, silly, senseless and destructive perversion of the simplicity and functionality of sharing abundance, and using paper chits or records to made that easier.  There are libraries full of rules for how our money games are played, written to advantage some over others, and keep most confused.


At this point, it would probably work better if we eliminated money altogether and simply and freely shared our abundance as gifts, leaving those with too much money holding something worthless as a fair valuation of their contribution?

Something sick and perverted has gotten into what we make believe about money.  We are using the accumulation of money as an estimation of what someone is worth in complex make-believe games, like Monopoly.  We have gotten so absorbed in those games, that we have lost track of what is real and important:  that everybody has enough and is free to enjoy life and create the abundance that gives us joy and meaning.  Why else would billionaires continue to strive to acquire more money?  People are stressed out trying to win the game of who has too much money.

Plenty is enough.  Stop it already!  This is stupid.  We are destroying real lives playing a fake game. 

Let’s get to everybody doing what we do to create real wealth and abundance, because it satisfies and fulfills us to do that and contribute in that way, sharing that real wealth abundance freely with all, so we all have enough, so we are free to be ourselves, love each other, have fun, and enjoy nature, art, music and each other.  No more money sports.  No more perverse game playing, pretending that acquiring fake money has any real meaning.  Money is not real.  Let’s get real.  Don’t consider money. 

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