We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!


Congress worked more than 10 years on Principle 7, in a grand house cleaning effort that eventually reduced federal laws and codes by more than two-thirds, eliminating legalese and using plain language.  Eventually, U.S. states and localities made similar efforts, simplifying and reducing laws, rules and codes.  Principle 5 justice system changes, aided by Association of U.S. Justice Professionals (AUJP), included:

  • Legal agreements must be in plain, simple language, without legalese.

  • Disputes go to mediation; if unresolved, to arbitration or jury trial, intending fairness to all.

  • AAJP members elect judges, to 4-year terms, subject to legislative approval, by jurisdiction.

  • Jury service is compulsory and fairly compensated, at the national average compensation rate for all workers, with mandated cooperation by employers, and cooperative scheduling.

  • All legal trials, hearings, testimony and arbitrations are video recorded, available to the public, reviewed for fairness, and thrown out to start over if found to be unfair or compromised.

  • Any punitive damage awards in lawsuits go to public funds dedicated to mitigating harms to all, rather than to plaintiffs and their lawyers, reducing speculative and greedy attacks.

  • Attorney businesses must be run as not-for-profits, with attorneys fairly compensated according to a rate schedule determined by the AUJP and approved by legislatures in each jurisdiction.

  • Corporations may not hire attorneys as employees; all attorney services are independent.

  • All are randomly assigned legal representation from the same pool of attorneys, regardless of ability to pay, and attorneys are publicly compensated if representing those unable to pay.

  • Criminal plea bargains are eliminated, to eliminate coercion and serve fairness.


Collectively, these changes have had a big impact on the justice system.  Its ruthless, high-stakes competitive nature was replaced by a common will to seek fair solutions for all.  Its ever-proliferating complexity benefitting those who could pay to navigate the complexity was replaced with simplicity designed to be accessible to all.  The profit-seeking motives of attorneys were replaced by decent livelihoods in service of fairness.  Gradually, people’s fears of lawsuits and legal predators was replaced by a trust in fair treatment for all.  Teetering stacks of laws and codes were reduced by two-thirds. 

Simplicity and fairness ruled over manipulativeness and greed.  The Constitution was re-written.

Even more importantly and impactfully, as people changed, adopting and living with integrity toward Earth Citizen Principles and Values, in supportive living communities, we learned to work out our differences and problems with respect, greatly reducing needs for court and legal system resolutions.  As our consciousnesses rose, we were less inclined to engage in things that created conflicts or harms.  As income and wealth inequities dissipated, most had at least basic needs met, and all had healthcare and good education and training opportunities, crime and conflict rates plummeted. 


The public exerted its consumer powers, punishing corporate offenders and rewarding principled and valued providers of goods and services, in a kind of democratic, market-demand-based justice system. More people were happy, satisfied and fulfilled, reducing grievances.  More have love and support, so we don’t act out as much.  These changes change everything.  We have less need for a justice system.


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