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40. Intellectualism

Human beings are currently infatuated and obsessed with the human intellect.  Many of us view our intellects as that which sets us apart from the beasts and makes us superior.  “I think; therefore, I am.”  Actually, being comes before thinking.  I am; I think; I feel.  Thinking gets between being and feeling.


The human intellect has created incredible things:  language and the many benefits of communication; science and the accomplishments of science, engineering and technology; religion and its impacts on lives and societies; mathematics and its amazing ability to describe with precision; architecture sociology, psychology, philosophy, and other academic disciplines and their contributions to civilization.  The human intellect created all of our constructed buildings, tools, vehicles and toys.

There is no denying the accomplishments of the human intellect.  It’s an extraordinary tool.  However, there’s also a wide world of phenomena, experiences and feelings that exist outside the human intellect.  The complex, miraculous, interrelated, interdependent, diverse and beautiful, extraordinary web of life of planet Earth developed and can exist independent of the human intellect, something far exceeding even the wildest dreams of human intellectual understanding or endeavor.  We are but sparkles on one miniscule grain of sand, on an enormous planet consisting only of sand, compared to the vastness of unknowns of the universe, spread across the possible infinity of space and the possible infinity of time.  As wonderful as the human intellect is, it knows little, really, despite what it and our egos tell us.

We have other ways of experiencing and knowing the universe than the intellect.  Everything is energy, ultimately, energy in infinitely varying patterns, wavelengths, frequencies, vibrations and interactions. 

Energy is interconnected.  Energy doesn’t disappear; it just changes form.  Everything we are or think or do is ultimately just our energy wavelengths, frequencies, vibrations and patterns, interacting with an infinitely vast interconnected web of energy, full of varying wavelengths, frequencies and patterns.  Everything is notes, pauses, chords and combos in the energy music of the spheres. 

Everything we think we see is made up by the brain, its way of modeling or trying to help us make sense of the eye sensory organs’ transmittal to the brain of their version of what they can detect within the visible light energy frequencies they receive.  Everything we think we hear is invented by our brains, their way of modeling or trying to help us make sense of the ear sensory organs’ transmittal to the brain of their version of what they detect within the range of audio energy frequencies they receive. 

Our brains do the same with the inputs from all of our physical senses.  They paint imaginary pictures in our heads to help us make sense of all of this energy stuff we are, are surrounded by, and interact with.  Everything we think we see, hear, smell, taste or touch is a figment of our imagination within our brains.  Brains made up every story that’s run through our heads to try to make sense of energetic interactions. 

Everything anyone thinks, ever thought or will ever think is, was or will be made up by some intellect.  We live in a virtual world, as many of our advanced thinkers increasingly believe,[1] a virtual world of thought, consisting of things humans have invented with our thoughts.  Every accomplishment of the human intellect is ultimately just a set of energetic vibrations in an infinite ocean of energetic vibrations.  When we operate in our heads with what we think, we are in a simulated virtual world.  It’s not real.

We can sense energetic vibrations with more than our five senses.  In fact, the entire micro constellation of interacting energy wavelengths, frequencies and patterns which make up the total of us, is interacting with the entire macro constellation of interacting energy wavelengths, frequencies and patterns which make up the total of all that is, ever has been, ever can or will be.  Our whole bodies and beings, including beings we host, like bacteria, are energy detection vehicles.  All interacts with all energetically.

It’s possible to receive and process energetic information through more than our five senses, but most of us don’t know we’re doing that, or how we do that, or what to do with that.  Sensory information from our five senses is sent to the brain and processed there.  Energetic information from sources other than our five senses can be experienced and interpreted in similar, or in other ways.  For some, it’s through feelings.  Different energetic experiences have different associated feelings.  Some have visions or dreams, in which information is passed to the brain to be imagined.  For some, it’s like music.

We talk about having “gut feelings”.  The gut is like a brain for a sensory network extending out from it.  Gut feelings are a gut intelligence processing and communicating energetic information interpretations.  We talk about “trusting our hearts”.  The heart is like a brain for a sensory network extending from it.  Heart feelings are heart intelligence processing, communicating and interpreting energetic information.  Who is to say our guts and our hearts could not or don’t already serve us just as nobly as our intellects, especially if we focused efforts on developing, understanding and using them more fully?


Many maps of consciousness show the intellect as a trap at the gateway to enlightenment.  To advance into higher consciousness, which credible pioneer witnesses characterize as more glorious, fulfilling, beautiful and rewarding than our current levels of consciousness, it is necessary to turn off and transcend the thinking mind.  We have to turn off the radio to hear what it drowns out.  Higher consciousness happens when we expand our awareness beyond the worlds our minds have imagined. 

When that happens, we realize by experiencing it, that we are more than just our minds and intellects.  We have access to more information.  We can process and experience that information in other ways.  We can interact with our bodies, fellow humans and external worlds in other ways than we were limited to before.  We can know in other ways than the intellectual understandings we were limited to before.  We feel exquisite things only rarely felt before, like love, joy, bliss, serenity, ecstasy, peace and oneness.

There’s nothing wrong with the intellect.  It’s a great tool.  But we are much more than what we think.  We need to realize and experience that personally, transcend our intellects, and shift into higher states.  Love is a gateway to higher consciousness.  When the state of universal, unconditional love is reached, there may no longer be a need for laws or moral codes.  When we truly love others as we love ourselves, we are no longer different, and there is no question that we would never willingly do harm to others, or be less willing to help them than we would be to help ourselves.  That’s just the way it is in that state.  Jesus was just reporting back, like many others who have achieved that state.  He didn’t make it up.

With appropriate thanks to the intellect for outstanding service, let’s devote significant efforts to opening and exploring beyond its constraints.  It’s not like the intellect goes away as we’re doing it, or even after we’ve succeeded.  It’s always there, but there is so much more.  Take a break, intellect!


There are problems the intellect cannot readily solve, like:  why don’t I feel good when I have everything I’m told I need to be happy; what is God; what is the experience of being beyond duality; how can we know something we have no known way of knowing, like our loved one was just injured very far away; why do synchronicities defy statistical norms?  These problems deserve our attention as much as traditional intellectual and scientific problems deserve our attention. 

The dimension of consciousness is every bit as real and important as the dimensions of space and time.  We need to expand the constraints of our intellects to experience and benefit from evolution and progress in that dimension of spirit and consciousness also.  Make intellects our tools, not our masters!  Turn them off, periodically, and explore the universe in other ways!  Pursue higher energies!


[1] “Are we living in a simulated universe? Here's what scientists say:  If we are living in a simulation, then the cosmos that we are observing is just a tiny piece of the totality of physical existence.", Dan Falk, NBC News, July 6, 2019, https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/are-we-living-simulated-universe-here-s-what-scientists-say-ncna1026916


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