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Over time, our shared values of fair, transparent, honest, efficient and complete sharing of relevant and useful information led to other big changes in public information systems.  Sioux addressed the nation, calling for a fair and equal public information sharing system to optimally benefit all. 


In parallel with communication infrastructure studies, government asked the people what we wanted in our public information system, rather than just whoever had the resources doing whatever they wanted.

Associated with changes in telecommunications infrastructure, we created one committee to study, gather input and propose a public plan for meeting the information needs and desires of the public.  That committee consisted of representatives of government, businesses, non-profits, citizens groups, minority groups, different social and economic classes, and others. 

As with the telecommunications infrastructure effort, the group worked for 3 years, polling the public in various ways, writing papers, holding public meetings, soliciting ideas and comments, circulating drafts.  The effort determined we wanted:

  1. The fair and equal information sharing systems for public elections and for public elected, appointed and hired positions guaranteed by the Government Take-Back Constitutional Amendment.

  2. An independent system for whistleblowers to be able to share information, anonymously if desired.

  3. A portfolio of public TV and radio stations offering independent, 100% publicly funded information sharing, news and entertainment, with no fund-raising requirements, advertisement or censorship.

  4. Guarantees no media body controls more than 10% of major or 30% of minor media markets.

  5. A single, accurate, reputable, up-to-date and reliable directory of contact and other information for every citizen and organization in the country, essentially an online and app accessible database of basic information about all for all, that is free for all.  It should provide at least one user-selected preferred method of receiving communications and user preferences for who may contact them.

  6. A single, accurate, reputable, up-to-date system to identify products and services by producer or service provider, verified specifications, designs, attributes and performance, options to get them, with pricing, and professional and consumer evaluations, essentially a smart, unbiased yellow pages for every service and thing in the information age, that is free, accurate and fair for all anywhere. 

  7. A state-of-the-art, electronically accessible public library system integrating all public and academic library resources, including those of the Library of Congress, electronic access to all works and information in the public domain, and unbiased descriptions of and how to find and get all information resources, books, papers, magazines, news articles and other works for sale.

  8. A portfolio of publicly-funded, professionally produced educational resources, free for schools, students and citizens, that includes books, labs, lectures, videos, multimedia creations, games, simulations, events and tutorials, to empower a makeover of educational and training systems.

  9. Rigorous, proactive and enforced protections against unsolicited marketing, public relations, advertising and selling in public spaces and private lives.


Since then, we’ve spent about a billion inflation-adjusted 2020 dollars a year on the Public Information System for the USA, colloquially known as Inform Us, since 2029.  The system is now extraordinary.

Federal, State, County and Local Governments now work efficiently for the people, with their employees focused on their jobs and the interests of the public, instead of fundraising, meeting with and appeasing donors and powerful influencers.  Elections are fair, accurate and audited.  Voters are informed on or not allowed to vote on a position or issue.  All organizations and individuals submit communications, information and suggestions to government representatives and employees using the same, fair and transparent methods. 

All government employee meetings, communications, votes, actions and decision-making processes and considerations are transparently available to all, under active watchdog surveillance, so abuses of power are rare.  Basically, the public is surveilling the government, rather than the government surveilling the people.  Candidate and government representative statements are routinely fact-checked, and people are called out and corrected publicly for falsehoods. 

Whistleblowers are protected for disclosing honest information for the well-being of the public, natural systems and any life forms, and the system for doing that allows whistleblowers to remain anonymous.  That whistleblowing information disclosure and sharing system is independent, publicly viewable, protected and provides valuable channels for public surveillance of government and corporate activities.

The public has free access to and enjoys diverse, high-quality news, information and entertainment via public TV, radio and other media, which is a critical, independent check and balance on government and corporate power and manipulation.  Media conglomerates were broken up, so nobody has significant control of news and information, and high quality, independent journalism has vastly improved and is greatly appreciated.  False information is publicly corrected, and its purveyors are publicly reproached.

We all have instant electronic access to a single database with contact and other information for every individual and organization in the U.S., organized and accessible in consistent ways for maximum utility.  Basically, we brought back and radically improved the old, reliable telephone book, accessible through internet and phone applications, including opportunities to share more than just mailing addresses and phone numbers.  It includes email, social media, websites, descriptions and other contact information, including communication preferences.  It serves as one place anyone can go to connect with anyone. 

We all have free and equal access to an independent, state-of-the-art system for learning about all products and services available to meet any need, which is searchable by text or voice commands in all kinds of new ways, and enhanced by artificial intelligence.  Interacting with the system, we can quickly identify product and service provider solutions that optimally meet our needs and desires; we can review others’ reviews of them for 3rd party perspectives; we can evaluate reviewers; we can quickly determine and evaluate choices for how to get it; and we can order it, without sales or marketing spin.  It is delivered to us where we want it, through 3rd party, independent and unbiased delivery systems.

We all have free access from anywhere to a comprehensive, state-of-the-art information system, with everything in any public or academic library, including the Library of Congress, instant electronic access to all works and information in the public domain, and unbiased descriptions of and information on how to find and get all information resources, books, journals, papers, magazines, articles and other works for sale.  All can be instantly downloaded, viewed electronically in readers, and printed and bound on common home printing and binding systems.  Also included are resources from the Internet Ark, which, among other great works, has backed up the entire public Internet about every two months for decades.


We all have unlimited free access, from anywhere, to outstanding solicited, donated or purchased educational and training resources, which have been a big part of revolutionizing education and training. 

We no longer have thousands of teachers all over the country endlessly duplicating efforts to deliver different lectures with large quality differences to convey the same knowledge.  We now find the best examples in the world, buy them and make them available to all anywhere for free.  Students and citizens access and consume them at their own paces, as they will, or as part of educational plans. 

There is also extraordinary video, multimedia, gaming, simulation, lab, exercise, application and other content to convey educational subjects and to develop and integrate skills and abilities.  With 3D immersion technologies, students and others can virtually experience real-world situations.  These greatly assist radical improvements of educational system performance and public knowledge and skills.

It is illegal for anyone to contact anyone for commercial purposes, unless we proactively indicate beforehand that we choose to accept communications for those purposes.  Citizen complaints for violations through easy web forms result in automatic $1000 fines (in 2020 dollars) for any violations, per incident, which are taken automatically from violator bank accounts, and which violators must contest and win to have returned.  There are really no more unsolicited phone calls, mail, email or advertisements in any form, unless users specifically say we want to receive them.  That has helped people be openly willing to share their contact information publicly in contact information systems.

Consistently, there are also no longer any advertisements in any form in public spaces, no more billboards, videos, lights, announcements or people waving signs in the streets.  People are allowed to have a sign identifying their home or business, and each must have a sign with the physical address in front of their home or business.  That makes it so much more beautiful, pleasant and rewarding to be in public spaces, and so much easier to find physical addresses.  Lives are better without selling invasions.

Markets are now driven by individual and collective human demand signaling what we want producers to produce for the benefits of individuals, organizations, communities, societies, natural systems and other life forms, rather than producers spending billions of hours and dollars invading public spaces and personal lives to try to generate demand for whatever products and services they supply.  This has resulted in a massive shift of people and resources from marketing, PR and sales activities to quality information production and sharing and fulfillment of goods and services with actual positive impacts. 

The peace of mind, quiet and sanity produced by these changes has greatly improved our ability and willingness to pay attention, concentrate, quiet our minds, open to others, and use our time better.


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