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Immigration and Terrorism

Somewhere along the way, we figured out that the best ways to help prevent and solve problems with unbalanced, overwhelming, desperate or unwanted immigration are to help all people where they are to have the conditions they need to create the lives, communities and situations they want to live in. 


If we damage natural environments somewhere, to the point they no longer adequately sustain life, people there have the choice of trying to move somewhere that will sustain our lives, or suffer and die.  Most of us will choose to try to move somewhere that will sustain our lives, out of desperation and a hard-wired life preservation instinct.  We can hardly blame anyone for that, if most would do the same.  But that adds to environmental and social stresses where people are moving, creating or adding to problems for those already there, including various bad feelings and energies, and problems they create. 

The best way to prevent all of that is to not damage natural life support systems anywhere, so all can live where we are, without life stresses originating in life support system stresses.  If it’s too late for that, because the natural life support systems are already damaged, the best way to fix it is to fix the damaged natural life support systems where they are, to restore them so they adequately support life. 

We all have a stake in that together.  It’s in all our best interests to preserve and restore the natural life support systems of Earth, everywhere, so we don’t become so desperate we have to sacrifice everything to move somewhere else to try to survive, so we don’t have environmental and social problems associated with new immigrant influxes and how to support and integrate us, and so we do not have the associated bad feelings and energies that create problems.  Now, we try to do that.  Common sense.

If we interfere and harm critical social, economic, political, belief, physical or other systems that people have built lives on somewhere, to the point we don’t feel like they or our loved ones can survive or thrive there safely anymore, we’ll try to move somewhere we can, with regret, but in desperation. 


For example, when infrastructure and systems of a people are critically damaged by war, so we or our loved ones experience great loss and pain and are experiencing great fear and anxiety, we will, naturally and instinctually flee the devastation, fear and pain and try to find some place we can be and live safely. 

We’re hard-wired for that, just like an amoeba and virtually all life are.  Duh.  But that adds to the environmental and social stresses of wherever we are moving, creating or adding to problems for people already living there, including bad feelings and the problems they create. 

The best way to prevent that is to not interfere with and harm critical social, economic, political, belief, physical or other systems people are building lives around, anywhere.  That’s why Earth Citizen Nations have committed to giving the United Nations of Earth Citizens (UNEC) its primary power, the power to prevent and stop all armed aggression of any toward any other anywhere.  There is now no more war or armed aggression, of any against any.  The UNEC sees to that.  Each nation contributes resources as needed to stop that, right away.  It’s in all of our best interests to do so.  Common sense.


As long as nobody can force anybody to do anything anywhere through violence or threats of violence, there is usually a viable opportunity for people anywhere to change what we want to, where we are. 

Economic imperialism and manipulations can be just as harmful and exploitative as military force.  Obviously, it is possible to interfere with how things are elsewhere by pushing economic situations, peddling debt and using it to steal resources, forcing systems and “solutions” that advantage exploiters.

We now recognize that creates harm.  It disadvantages local peoples.  It steals natural and real wealth.  It locks people into things they don’t choose.  It forces them to be like us, which is an act of violence. 

When people feel we have no power or choice over our lives, we naturally seek to change the situation.  We rationally choose to move from where we are trapped in unfulfilling existences to where we’re free.  We can hardly blame others for behaving as we would, in conditions we create that harm them.  Now, we endeavor to do no harm or violence, anywhere, to any form of life.  Common sense.

A good way to help people understand options or alternatives for change is to invite us to experience other ways of being, doing, behaving and thinking, so we can learn from them and make up our minds about whether we like them better and would like to work to create or integrate any of it into our ways, where we live.  The best way to accomplish that is for us to be open, inviting and accepting toward all, sharing information, knowledge, experiences, thinking, behaviors and wisdom freely and generously. 

For that reason, virtually all nations now invite guests from other nations to come visit and experience the many diversities of our countries and practices, openly and freely, with few visa or other restrictions.  We do not force our ways, but we openly invite any to come and experience them.  We lead, or not, with our freely shared examples, which others are free to learn from and make their own choices about.  That openness and sharing helps all to grow, evolve and make things better, everywhere.

These changes have led to widespread reductions of mass migrations worldwide, and reductions of immigration related problems.  Our nations function as open, sharing, caring and helping communities, which prevent armed aggression of any against any, anywhere, via the UNEC.  Diverse, open, sharing, caring and helping nations, consisting of diverse, open, sharing, caring and helping communities, function as a global Earth community, guaranteeing peace on Earth, and striving together to make it all work for all, everywhere.  A result of all this:  there is now almost no terrorism of any kind anywhere.


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