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53. Humor and Laughter

Humor is the act of making light of something, releasing its negative energies and converting them to positive energies, and, generally, creating higher energy by having fun with something and laughing.  Humor is a coping mechanism, a tool for creating good feeling, and a method for creating connection.  Humor is making merry, having fun, being funny and creating joy and association through our laughter.  We love humor and laughter, because they make us feel good and help connect us with each other.

We use humor when we encounter something that makes us feel bad or uncomfortable, as a way to feel less bad and uncomfortable.  When a politician or leader is behaving poorly and doing things that make us feel bad, like not representing our values or doing things that harm us, we make fun of it, as a way to defuse and discredit it.  “What is the modern dinosaur responsible for the demise of U.S. civilization?  The T-Rump.”  Tee-hee!  When we do something stupid, like locking our keys in the car or falling and hurting ourselves, we make fun of ourselves telling the story, because it makes us feel a little better.  When we experience misfortune, like losing our job or wrecking the car, we make a funny story out of it, because it eases and lessens the pain and worry of it.  We make difficult things easier with humor.


When nothing is wrong at all and we already feel good, we use humor to feel even better and connect with each other.  We appreciate wittiness in conversation, as a clever way to help people relax, open, connect and share good feeling.  We tell each other jokes, because it feels so good to laugh together.  “What’s the last thing that goes through a bug’s mind, looking into its eyes as we smash into it at 70 miles an hour with our car windshield?”  “I don’t know, what?”  “It’s asshole.”   Ooh waah, ha, ha, ha!  We include humorous anecdotes in public presentations, because it helps the audience release tension, open and be present to listen, feel and experience as presentation content is shared.  We seek out and experience amusing entertainments, to help us let go of negativity and conjure happiness and joy.

Laughter is therapy.  When we laugh, we release blockages and let go of negative energies we hold.  Laughter shakes us loose.  It purges bad feelings.  It discharges the energy behind our reactionary bad feeling buttons and knobs.  It lifts bad moods.  It shifts attitudes.  It alters perceptions and projections.  It creates good feeling.  The benefits of laughter are like those from quality time on the shrink’s sofa, but we can experience them anywhere, at any time, with anyone, for free.  

If we think of light as that which is positive, creates good energy and feeling, serves virtuous raising of spirit, consciousness and coherence, inspires creativity and synergistic connection; and we think of dark as that which is negative, creates bad energy and feeling, serves vicious degeneration of spirit, consciousness and coherence, depresses creativity and separates us; humor and laughter can be viewed as potent and almost magical powers for generating and radiating light and suppressing darkness.


Humor and laughter are important tools and values.


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