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35. Human Rights and Freedoms

Humanity has made great progress defining and detailing international human rights and freedoms.  We’ve made significant accomplishments in documenting them and getting nations to agree to them.  They are embedded in U.S. and other national governments and legal systems foundational documents, and they are included in numerous United Nations work products.

We are not complying with them, and we are not being held accountable for that, which is corrupt, and that is allowing us to do violence and harm.[1]


We can improve our lives, society and wicked problems by taking human rights and freedoms seriously, by following them in our being, behaviors and actions, and by being held accountable to them.  Understand, follow and enforce human rights and freedoms!  They are important.


[1] See We Can Change Our Wicked Problems! Chapter on Human Rights and Freedoms, https://www.wecanchange.us/human-rights-and-freedoms


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