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We Can Change Our Future!


Similarly, Honestly? is an organization and information sharing platform that allows public disclosure of dishonesty in public statements, advertising, behaviors and activities.  It documents false expressions, behaviors or activities by individuals, organizations and governments, providing a vehicle for calling out dishonest and/or misleading communications, ways and actions that cause harm.  It’s a one-stop shop for verifying and promoting truthfulness, calling out, shaming and reducing dishonesty and deception. 

It uses computers, AI and expansive databases to determine in almost real-time if a statement is false, and it reports that almost right away.  It is accessible on devices most carry with us.  Using it is as simple as saying to your device:  “Honestly, is it true that ______________?  Honestly responds with the facts.  It cannot tell us about personal communications and information not known to it, but it can verify most public information.  Politicians and businesses can no longer lie to us without us knowing, and they are not in politics or business for long if they do.  We do not accept it.  This has helped move society and humans toward honoring honesty and being honest, which has incalculably enormous benefits to all.


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