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13. History

Most U.S. people are taught, required to ape back for grades in schools, and believe a very whitewashed narrative of U.S. history, essentially a deliberately created mythology.  It goes something like this:

Way back in the 1400s, Europe was emerging from the Middle Ages, a dark period of ignorance, strife and suffering, brought about when invading Huns and other ignorant and savage barbarians destroyed the Roman Empire, which, along with ancient Greece, represented the pinnacle of cultured and high-minded human civilization anywhere, until now.  Even in the Dark Ages, Europe and Western Civilization were so much better than the rest of the world, we can really just ignore the rest of the not white world. 

Europe’s Middle Age feudal societies were ruled by glorious and powerful autocratic kings and Christian leaders, but its people were stuck in their stations in life, largely determined by birth and bloodline. 

They were mostly ignorant.  They believed the world was flat, and if you were able to sail far enough, past the sea monsters, you would fall right off of the edge of the Earth.  Now that we know everything, that seems silly, but they believed that.  Ha, ha.

Amidst this ignorance, a hero was born, Christopher Columbus, who alone believed the world was round and he could sail west to get to India, where there were riches for the taking.  He convinced the king to let him sail west to prove it, which he heroically did, discovering instead the great new lands of America, which we all celebrate on the national holiday of Columbus’ Day. 

Spain proceeded to conquer the lands of Central and South America, where they did terrible things, which aren’t really important because they weren’t here, and those are still inferior places and people.  England began colonizing and civilizing North America.  It sent heroes on the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock and other boats to Jamestown, where primitive natives recognized and greeted them as superior. 

It was hard to live here, because it was wild and uncivilized, but they did it, in spite of great odds, celebrating their survival and success with a Thanksgiving feast, generously and piously shared with native “Indians” (who have never been Indians, who we still call Indians, which they still don’t like).  These early heroes pulled it off, because God wanted them to and had their backs.

Soon, they were followed by other settlers, good, regular English people who sought opportunities to create new lives, free from oppression forcing them into low and miserable work and places in society, and free to worship the one true Christian God how they wanted, instead of how they were forced to.  These heroes heroically tamed the wild east, as part of 13 original colonies created by England.

Soon, however, England oppressed the colonies with unfair taxes, out of greed for wealth, and to pay for its wars.  The colonists, however, were idealists and higher minded than the English.  They rebelled in a bold tea party act, throwing tea in the bay rather than pay unjust taxes.  Against all odds, the bold and righteous colonists, led by strong-chinned George Washington, fought and beat the British, soundly, since God likes us better and wants us to win.  Sage Founding Fathers built our nation on utopian ideals, led by a just government based on human rights and laws.  We set up government, fairly balancing power between judicial, legislative and executive branches, and went to work making the U.S. great.

Following Manifest Destiny, or God’s will, U.S. people went west, bravely exploring and settling the wild and previously unknown lands from coast to coast, overcoming the primitive, savage and evil heathen Indians, who sought to destroy them and didn’t have souls, establishing freedom and justice for all. 

Along the way, it was unfortunately necessary to fight other wars, with England, Spain and Mexico, but like the American Revolution, they were all just wars, fought for liberty and righteousness against those wrongly seeking to oppress, and always started by the other guys in ways that proved their wrongness.  The U.S. won, and got an empire, because God’s on our side and wanted us to, like He still is and does.

England left behind an ugly practice of slavery in the U.S., which had continued in the southern states.  The central government was forced by moral goodness to fight a horrible but just civil war to end that.  That power became even more centralized was a necessary byproduct, to increase our goodness.

Europe still had not evolved to enlightened goodness, as the U.S. had.  It continued to struggle with greed, wars, empires, oppression and unfairness.  In World War 1, and then again in World War 2, out of high-minded moral goodness, the U.S. sent its good guys to save Europe from the evil of Germany.  Then, when the evil became communism in Russia, the U.S. stood almost alone, but again heroically, against that evil, eventually prevailing with the collapse of communism, proving that capitalism and democracy are best.  All of that again because God is on the U.S.’s side, because the U.S. is good.


Now, since it is best at everything, the U.S. serves as enlightened leader of the world, helping others to improve and create better lives for their citizens by adopting U.S. freedom, democracy and capitalism.  As necessary, as the world’s highest moral force, the U.S. is reluctantly willing to police the world, out of goodness, to stop evil when it surfaces, enforcing human rights and defending common man against oppression, so others can live the good life, like all people in the U.S. do, with God on our side. 

Thank goodness most of us don’t have to experience how others live outside the U.S., where most problems are or originate, since we’re much better than them.  Thank God for giving U.S. what we deserve!  The U.S. and its leaders are good and just, because we are the U.S., and God favors us. 

You can’t graduate from the U.S. education system without being able to tell a version of that story, with precise details, like the exact dates key events happened, such as the often fabricated incidents that forced the U.S. to take reluctant action in just wars, which explain why the U.S. is the good guy. 

This is indoctrination, programming and conditioning embedding into all a dominant belief system of U.S. righteousness and superiority.  “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…” 

In reality, there are many hundreds of millions of viewpoints and stories over 500 years that are squashed into that simple, scrubbed, mythological narrative.  Many are very contrary to that story.  When we adopt and believe the simple mainstream narrative, we ignore and diminish most of those. 


The truth is, in most historical contexts, the U.S. is as likely to be the bad guy as the good guy.  It can be painful recognizing that.  Many of us do not recognize it, because it is in conflict with our conditioned belief system.  We can’t see it, because we don’t believe it.  That’s not what we were taught was true.

History paints Native Americans, who are not and have never been Indians, but we still call ‘em Indians, as ignorant, pitiful, soulless, savage heathens, proven by their lack of great works and Christianity, unjustly attacking U.S. settlers out of evil, in unfortunate opposition to God’s Manifest Destiny Will. 


Actually, many Native Americans had and have a profound spirituality, recognizing and appreciating spirit energy in all things.  They lived in balance and harmony with natural systems full of abundance, taking with respect only what they needed to survive and thrive from land they owned no more than anything else did.  Native Americans used Mississippi and other river systems to create extensive trade networks and trading centers.  Massachusetts settlers would probably not have survived to celebrate the original Thanksgiving without Native American help.  About as long as people have lived in Europe, people have lived in the Americas, but with much less impact on and harm to natural environments.  Native Americans were and are at least as good as U.S. or European conquerors.

U.S. people conducted a horrible, insensitive genocide on Native Americans, killing maybe 100 million, with armies inhumanely murdering entire villages of men, women and children, using biological warfare, like giving natives blankets infected with Smallpox.  U.S. people stole U.S. land from Native Americans, ruthlessly lying to them, betraying them, killing them, and relocating them to lands we did not think we could exploit.  Few surviving nations killed as many or stole as much as the U.S. to create its empire.  Yet, the U.S. claims a moral authority and superiority on human rights?

Many, if not most, pretenses for U.S. wars were false or manipulated.  The sinking of the Lusitania by German torpedoes, killing U.S. passengers, galvanized U.S. entry into World War 1, but the ship was illegally carrying war munitions and was fairly warned. [1] [2]  The U.S. government knew about but did nothing to prevent the Pearl Harbor bombing to push the U.S. people into World War 2 in the Pacific. [3]  The 2nd Bay of Tonkin incident that started off the Vietnam War was a lie; never happened. [4]  Threats against the U.S. from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction leading to the second U.S. Gulf War were lies. [5]  There are many others.  It is part of the standard U.S. playbook in starting wars to create an incendiary “false flag” event perpetrated by the enemy or target that outrages the public to gain support for war.  That then becomes part of the whitewashed story of why the U.S. is just and good, even in war.

The U.S. is founded on big ideals of justice and equality.  Yet, there has always been classism in the U.S.[6]  As in England and most places, the U.S. has always had a wealthy and powerful ruling, controlling and exploiting class, with clear advantages over others, and it has always had impoverished, oppressed and struggling lower classes, with almost insurmountable disadvantages.  To this day, at least a fifth of U.S. people are in poverty, [7] when that could easily have been solved if the U.S. was true to its ideals.

Throughout U.S. history, its people have had to fight its government for many of the rights enshrined in its laws.  The U.S. government has often used force to suppress protests of its military endeavors, and its police are increasingly militarized to suppress protests of all sorts.  There are many thousands of stories of government force being used to protect its exploitative business interests.[8] U.S. ideals of justice and equality did not apply to Native Americans, African slaves or citizens, or women for most of its history, and justice and equality for Native Americans, African Americans and women still does not really fully exist in the U.S.  The equal rights amendment for women in the U.S. was never ratified.

About as likely as not, U.S. world police moral authority interventions in global history have been manipulations in the affairs of other sovereign nations to create advantages for U.S. special interests.  U.S. CIA, military and other agents have repeatedly influenced political processes, assassinated people, corrupted governments, staged coups, armed combatants, created leverage through debt, obtained economic concessions, forced business advantages, modified culture, and stolen rights in other sovereign nations.  Today, the U.S. operates its military almost everywhere in the world, and it routinely assassinates good and bad citizens of other countries in other countries, against international law.[9]

There are all kinds of other conflicts between historical events and perspectives and the standard whitewashed U.S. history indoctrination.  Until we can free ourselves from that conditioning, we cannot readily see reality that exists in conflict with that conditioning. 

When something seems to be in conflict with our deeply conditioned beliefs or programming, we often reject it, if we hear or see it at all, in a phenomenon called cognitive dissonance.  Conditioned, programmed, indoctrinated beliefs of whitewashed history prevent us from recognizing or believing it when things are broken in our systems, or when the U.S. is evil instead of good.  You may have experienced this yourself if you tried to read We Can Change Our Wicked Problems!

We need an honest portrayal of valued and diverse perspectives and issues in our views of history, and we need to open our minds and process many more stories critically in order to acquire more realistic, balanced and fair views of U.S. history, current situations and roles in the world.  Open our minds!


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