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10. Health and Fitness

Good health isn’t something that just automatically or magically happens.  Good health is proactively cultivated, like good food is cultivated in a garden.  Good health doesn’t get automatically or reactively restored with a magic pill when it’s lost.  A return to good health is a cultivated restoration process.


Healthy food grown in a garden requires good seed.  The genetic instructions must be good, or the food will not thrive.  The DNA in all living things can be compromised, through radiation and other poisoning.  To be healthy, all living things need genetic integrity. 

Healthy food in a garden requires good soil, healthy and alive, rich with nutrients, minerals, bacteria, natural chemicals, fungi, bio-matter and worms.  The soil ecosystem contains things we’re not usually aware of, like bacillus colonies, mycorrhizae and insects.  That whole system need to be healthy. 


Healthy food in a garden needs good climate and weather, appropriate temperature and sunlight, good air and water.  Too much or too little, and the health of the food suffers.  Optimal conditions produce optimal health and growth.  If the air and water are polluted, the soil and what lives with it are polluted.  For the garden ecosystem to be healthy, the greater ecosystems the garden is part of must be healthy.

Healthy food grown in a garden requires appropriate care, support and attention, like putting good intention and energy into efforts there, weeding out what’s harmful or hogging resources, discouraging pests, supporting plants with stakes and cages, pruning, and harvesting.  Good health and growth require maintenance and activity.  Without that, disorder, disruption and decay ensue. 

Cultivating healthy humans is like cultivating healthy food grown in a garden.  We need good seed/DNA, so we must avoid conditions and behaviors that harm DNA, like exposure to radiation and other poisons.  We need the equivalent of good soil, which is being integral parts of healthy living ecosystems and communities, families and loving, supportive relationships with others.  We need to be aware parts of healthy natural environments we thrive in, with clean water, air and Earth, sunshine, beauty, quiet, and other thriving beings.  We need healthy ecosystems integrated inside us, like digestive system bacteria.  And we need to actively cultivate our good health, with good food and water, exercise, spirit nurturing, care, love, activity, fun, good attitudes, healthy thinking, contribution, understanding and respect. 

Good health is important.  Without it, we feel bad, lack energy, feel dispirited, lack drive, don’t think well, behave poorly toward others, suffer, can’t contribute, spread dis-ease, act out, or perform poorly.  It’s important to restore good health when needed, but the way to do that is not to go into a health care system that doesn’t really care about people to ingest poisons and spend money. 

The way to do that is to cultivate good health, treating all of the conditions for good health:  reducing exposure to stuff that harm DNA, restoring our internal and external ecosystems to balance and health, and cultivating good health through care, nurturing, love, understanding, good thoughts and feelings, respect, good food and water, being in good environments, contributing, and getting good exercise.

Getting good exercise is important.  Humans are physical beings with physical bodies.  We need to be physically active to be and feel good.  It’s great when that’s real physical exertion, like running long distances, but it’s also enough to just use our bodies actively several hours a day.  We don’t have to go to the gym if we use our bodies during the day, instead of just sitting at desks, in cars and on sofas. 

Too many of us don’t.  If we exercise, we realize great benefits:  better health, more energy, less stress, more patience, clearer thinking, better performance.  We look and feel healthier and more attractive. 

Instead of putting poisonous makeup on to look more attractive, let’s exercise physically and cultivate good health by cleaning up our environments, restoring ecosystems at every level, eliminating poisons, loving and taking care of each other, and doing what makes us feel good.  That actually works, rather than destroying attractiveness and health over time the way artificial cosmetics do.[1] 

Instead of spending zillions of dollars on a healthcare system that reacts with delight to our problems, coming from our degraded environments and poor cultivation of good health, by poisoning us with drugs and doing things optimized to treat symptoms and keep healthcare profits flowing in, let’s spend much less than that cultivating good health and avoiding health problems in the first place.

Human health and fitness are very important.  Without them, everything else starts to break down.  Let’s cultivate them consciously and proactively, personally and collectively.


[1] See the subsection on Makeup in the We Can Change Our Wicked Problems! Chapter on Pollution and Other Environmental Harms, https://www.wecanchange.us/pollution-and-other-environmental-h


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