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Gun Violence

In 2032, in her 2nd term in office, President Sioux led an effort to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, which eliminated its 2nd Amendment, which had been used to support citizens’ “right to bear arms”, and specifically delegated the rights to determine most firearm laws to U.S. States. 


An exception was that the U.S. government passed a law banning all assault and military grade weapons, for civilians and police forces.  Assault and military grade weapons are held by the military in support of our pledge to the UNEC to prevent all armed assault by any people on any people anywhere on Earth.  U.S. military/police may not use assault weapons on any U.S. citizen or citizens or military anywhere, unless the UNEC authorizes and oversees that for the sole purpose of preventing violence against any. 

It was a hard battle.  The National Gun Association (NGA) and various representatives and organizations funded by military-industrial complex profiteers tried hard to prevent it, using various same-old but previously effective messages in public debates: 

  • Citizens need guns to be able to resist government tyranny and assemble a military, if needed, the initial rationale behind the 2nd Amendment.

    • Not if all governments are already prevented from taking military action against anyone, enforced by all nations via the UNEC, and we have military without needing citizen guns.

  • If we ban guns, only the bad guys will have guns, and we will be at their mercy.

    • Then let’s work to make bad guys into good guys, without the use of guns.

  • We need guns for hunting, even in densely populated cities.

    • There is no hunting in densely populate cities, but let States decide that.

  • Various messages hinting that a man cannot be a man without guns…

    • Take it up in the States.  It’s their call.  We don’t have to have the same answers to all of this in every State.  U.S. gun violence is epidemic, a leading cause of death in the nation.  Let’s empower States to try different things and see what works best to stop it.


At that point, people in the U.S. were so sick of gun violence, we rose up in support of these changes.  Government Takeback Amendment reforms had taken hold, so politicians were no longer bought and beholden to their benefactors, and the NGA and nobody was allowed to spend a penny lobbying them.  A student-led protest against gun violence in schools had shamed and motivated an inactive public.  President Sioux was so loved and effective as a leader of the people, we followed her.  It passed.

Within six months, Hawaii had passed laws banning all firearms.  There’s no real hunting in Hawaii, so there’s no rationale for owning a firearm, other than for fun, which Hawaii has lots of other options for; people want guns to futilely treat fear, which we’re better off releasing than pandering to with guns, or as a weapon for intimidation or doing others harm, which we do not want anyone to be involved with.  It bought back from its people all firearms, bullets and shells at 50% of retail value in another 6 months.  Gun violence in Hawaii utterly ceased after that.  There hasn’t been an incident of gun violence in Hawaii since 2034.  Police don’t carry guns in Hawaii.  Aloha and peace in the islands.

Washingtown, DC passed laws banning all firearms shortly afterwards.  There is no hunting within DC, so there is no reason for anyone to have a firearm there, other than to use it against another human.  Police carried firearms another 10 years, to protect citizens, but then, DC decided to send a message, that the U.S. nation’s capital no longer needed police with guns, because we’d evolved beyond that.

Alaska really didn’t change anything.  People there have legitimate opportunities to hunt for food, their ecosystems support that, and there are authentic reasons to have guns for personal and family safety, like protection from bears.  Gun violence against humans in Alaska decreased slower than in Hawaii, but it decreased steadily, as people adopted shared principles and values, raised states of consciousness, lived with more love and compassion, experienced less unfairness, got better educated, had resources, connected in caring communities, had more support, and went through other changes. 


California, Washington and Oregon banned handguns, arguing their only real modern purpose was for use in violence of humans against humans, and their people did not accept that purpose.  They enacted laws requiring rifle and shotgun owners to complete rigorous bi-annual gun ownership, use and hunting practice and safety courses, to be certified gun owners, and required guns to be registered and locked.  They bought back handguns and bullets at 50% of retail prices, and gun violence dropped immediately.

Other States did various things with gun laws.  Those that took action to reduce guns experienced immediate reductions in gun violence, injuries, accidents and deaths. 

Interestingly, those that did not also saw reductions, but it was associated with adoption of Earth Citizen Principles and Values and other changes we created in our worlds.  As unfairness, desperation, despair, income and wealth inequities, fear, anger, poverty, hunger, substance abuse, education drop-out rates, homelessness, racism, mental illness and other negative conditions, emotions and energies decreased, and as people benefitted from improved education and training, joined with supportive communities, started feeling secure we would be supported and helped if something happened and we hit bottom, ate better food and drank better water, experienced more quiet time and time in balanced nature, raised consciousness and awareness, felt love and compassion, and integrated other positive changes into our selves, environments and communities, violent and non-violent crime decreased compatibly. 

In 2060, gun violence in the U.S. is very rare.  Most police don’t carry guns, because they’re not needed. 


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