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We Can Change Our Programming!

52. Gumption and Engagement

Gumption and engagement are really about saying yes to life and life experience, getting out there and getting in there and working out.  We’re not just life spectators.  We’re here to create, appreciate, grow, enjoy and learn through life experience.  We develop wisdom by engaging in life, deeply and personally.  Experience new things and perspectives!  Try it!  Engage!  Show gumption!  Be an active part of life!  Expand awareness and consciousness!  Go for it!  Learn by being and doing!

In our culture, we are encouraged to passively do what we’re told to by others.  Go to work or school and do what we’re told to do.  Be the way we are told to be.  Look outside ourselves and consume something sold by others if we feel we need or want something.  Wait for it.  Sit quietly, dutifully, obediently and obey.  Let others decide.  Let others take charge of our lives for us.

There are times for that.  Those are experiences, and we learn and grow from them, but there’s much more to life than just that.  Those experiences are constrained and limited.  We’re unique, social beings.  We need personal experiences, and we need shared experiences.  We’re each on unique paths we make for ourselves.  Others cannot know us or our paths as we do.  Make personal experiences and grow!  Sharing experiences with others is one of the best ways to build relationships, because we share richness and depth subjectively.  Create shared experiences and relationships!

We each write, create, produce, direct, support and are star actors in the plays of our lives.  That’s a great gift we are given and give ourselves as incarnate life spirits.  Remember that!  Participate in that!  Take charge of that!  Get out there and get into it.  Do it!  Be it!  Be passionate about it!  Feel it!  Let it work on us and with us!  We grow and evolve; we develop values, character, abilities and knowledge; we create powerful life energies and become wise through deep, personal experience. 

Without that, there is no there, there within us.  Our energies fade.  Life loses its passion and meaning.  We become depressed and vulnerable to negative energies and manipulations.  We get frail and passive.  Our immune systems get weak, and we become vulnerable to illnesses.  We risk dying without living, wasting our precious lives.  We don’t care.  We diminish.  We allow what we don’t like or what makes us feel worse into our lives, because we don’t have the power to resist it or create alternatives.  We suffer.  Our inner light fades.  Others are less attracted to us, because they feel that.  Beauty wanes.


Say yes to life!  Engage!  Make beautiful plays of our lives!  Show some real gumption!  Get out there!  Dig into it!  Let’s get our hands dirty doing it!  Cultivate passion!  Feel good by doing what feels good!  Get up!  Shake it off!  Work out on life!  Experience, grow and evolve!  Yes!  Take charge of our lives!  Create worlds we want to be in!  Make it beautiful!  Get beaten down by it, figure out what went wrong, get up and try again!  Fail faster to get it right faster!  Trust it!  Feel free to be and do it!  Rise up!  Respect and encourage others to get up, be and do it!  Do no harm, but do it!


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