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We Can Change Our Future!

Government Take-Back Amendment

In 2025, a Native American took office as the first the female President of the United States of America. 

Her name is ÀyA Tĥatè, but she calls herself Sioux, pronounced Sue.  She got fed up after the disastrous 2022 Dakoda Access Pipeline spill on Native American lands fouled sacred waters and lands, just as she and many others had feared and worked so hard to prevent.  She’s short, with long dark hair and sharp, determined features, but she spoke with such straightforward truthfulness and a channeled charismatic inspiration that she captivated most who heard her.  Things simply could not continue as they had.  Basically, she was on the warpath against values, corruption, apathy, business and government that continued to ignore and relentlessly harm Earth, nature and our many great and small spirits for profit. 


She aligned herself with declared Earth Citizens and others in the U.S. and worked to mobilize them.  Together, they launched a constitutional amendment campaign to reform politics and election financing.  They argued that nothing would be fixed and all would continue to decay in the U.S. as long as any elected officials were beholden to anyone for money and influence to get elected and stay in office. 

“Elections are the process we use to hire people to work for us in key government leadership positions.  They are not competitive sports or entertainments.  It’s our collective HR work.  We want to take that seriously, because these are important jobs, jobs that have enormous impacts on us, roles doing things that are needed for our lives to be good.  We now have people and organizations, often in hiding, sometimes representing foreign governments, and usually special interests, spending many millions of dollars in marketing, PR, influence buying, game playing, manipulation and corruption to get somebody hired by us, by you and me, to work for us, for you and me, for jobs that pay $200,000 a year.  Huh?!”


“Stop, smack yourself in the face to be sure you are awake, and think about it!  Does that make sense?  That only makes sense if those interests are getting many more millions of our dollars than they spend to buy elections by having that person in that job.  That is a larceny setup, like someone unknown to us giving someone we trust $10,000 to convince us to hire a cashier at $15 an hour, so they can rob our safe of $100,000.  We don’t want anyone in that job when that is the setup and those are the costs.  This is profoundly and fundamentally broken.  If we don’t fix this, we won’t be able to fix anything, ever.” 

They created an Earth Citizens political party and spoke, wrote and advocated passionately about the importance of Earth Citizen Principles and Values, the need for shared U.S. Earth Citizen Nation Principles and Values and the pending collapse of the USA if we did not “take action right fucking now.” 


Younger generations absolutely fell in love with her, mobilizing incredible grass roots efforts, social media and other technology enabled efforts.  They flocked to her in droves, and they convinced their families, networks and friends to join them in the good fight.  This was peaceful, non-violent revolution.


The constitutional amendment passed after her election, not because Earth Citizens won a majority of seats in government, but because U.S. citizens insisted on it.  We descended on Washingtown, DC and on elected official offices all over the country and did not leave.  We buried their phones, emails and websites with communications all demanding the same thing, that we pass that amendment.  We inundated everyone’s communications and news offices all over the country with the same message: “Pass this constitutional amendment now or we are all screwed.  We will not let up until this is done.” 


When it appeared there would still not be enough votes in Congress to get 2/3 majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate, because congress-peoples’ handlers were strong-arming and paying them to resist, and using their militarized police forces to repress, arrest and frighten people, Sioux appealed to the nation, as part of her weekly addresses to the people, to “take it to the States”. 

We camped out at state capitals and in front of state representative homes.  We absolutely inundated their switchboards, emails and websites.  We wrote millions of letters and emails to representatives, newspapers and news stations, to all kinds of organizations and communities and to individual citizens.  We blocked streets and bridges.  We boycotted work and consumption.  We shut the nation down.  Government corruption was the #1 issue in public opinion polls.  The People fought for change.

We were respectful to all, but absolutely relentless.  We all communicated the same essential message:  “We must pass this constitutional amendment preventing anyone from spending any private money to influence any election, support or influence any elected, appointed or hired government representative, or in any form of government lobbying, in order to save the country.”  We worked on friends and family of state representatives.  Children talked with parents about it.  We marched and camped in the streets. 

We went on general and national strikes for weeks.  We hurt businesses and citizens financially with these strikes until we took action to stop the pain.  We got abused and arrested by the thousands. 

Finally, for the first time in the U.S., a constitutional amendment was called for by two-thirds of States’ Legislatures, a constitutional convention was assembled, and this sweeping amendment was approved, in an open conspiracy effort co-led by the President of the United States and U.S. citizens in our streets.  The whole world was watching, and most of the world cheered the results, looking to us in hope.

The amendment makes it illegal for any candidate, organization or individual to spend even one penny supporting or promoting any candidate for any publicly elected position in the U.S., or any effort to lobby any public official.  Instead, any candidate who qualifies for any election ballot receives the same, “fair and equal” public resources to present “hirself” and “hir” views, opinions and plans to the public, using the same public communication channels.  Candidate and elected official statements are analyzed, validated and in some cases valued by an independent Candidate and Elected Official Statement, Plan, Activity and Impact Evaluation Office, functioning much like the Congressional Budget Office. 

False statements are called out, declared false, tracked and corrected, and major plan proposals are independently evaluated for likely costs, impacts and outcomes.  Information is transparently and honestly shared about all elected officials’ votes, meetings and activities in office, and all elected, appointed or hired officials’ false statements are publicly identified as false and corrected.  We now insist on honesty and transparency from all government officials and all candidates for public office.

A public set of fair and equal information resources was created for all candidates, now part of the Inform Us system, which include a public website each can populate with information in the same fair and functional organizational formats, so information can be located equally well and easily evaluated. 

Tools are provided to make it easy to compare candidates in various ways.  All candidate public speeches are recorded and archived on the site, in audio, video and print.  All candidate publications, videos and other media are available in the same places in the same ways.  All have equal resources.


All candidates on a ballot participate equally in all public debates, which are shared on public channels, so even very marginalized candidates get opportunities to affect public discussions.  All information is equally available to the public and news media, including accommodations for people with disabilities.  News media may only have access to any candidate if they provide fair, equal and audited access to all.  There are no political advertisements, and no professional government lobbying, in any form.

Every meeting and communication with anyone in any public elected, appointed or hired position is logged and listed publicly, and each meeting or communication is recorded and either made available publicly or placed behind a firewall if it is verified as a national secret by panels including representatives of all political parties with any representation in government.  That provides a check and balance to even very small parties with few representatives or those representing the category of independent.  There are no more “closed meetings” or “backroom deals” that are truly outside of public scrutiny.

That amendment also abolished the Electoral College, which was determined to be obsolete and no longer serving us.  All citizens are responsible for voting, in informed ways, and pay fees if they don’t.  Election turnouts exceed 95%.  National President/Vice President election votes are counted by state. 


Candidate votes are adjusted in the national tally using the formula:  candidate’s # of votes in the state times [((# of U.S. Senators in state / # of U.S. Senators in country) + (# of U.S. House of Representatives members in state / # of U.S. House of Representatives members in country)) / 2 Houses of Congress]. 

This formula adjusts vote counts in more populous states down, and those in less populous states up.  DC now has a Senator and number of House of Representative members proportional to its population, as determined in the 10-year Census.  There are now 101 Senators, so Senate vote ties are unlikely.  Voters cast #1, #2 and #3 choices for President/VP, and ties are resolved using an instant runoff system.

This allows all citizen votes to count, eliminates Electoral College gaming, accommodates concerns that less-populous states will be overwhelmed and ignored by more populous states, and focuses President/VP candidates and staff on the votes, needs, issues and concerns of all citizens in all states, rather than primarily on votes and states that previously had disproportionate influences on elections.

Well, things changed almost overnight.  Government cleaned house; we made them do it; and we made sure they did it.  We created an army of watchdogs, people and organizations who provided oversight of government activities and decision-making.  The amendment created automatic immunity for any whistleblower in government, in any role interacting with government, and in any corporation, community or organization for any truthful disclosure made in good faith to inform the public of anything relevant to the fair, transparent, honest and efficient operation of government or business, function of society, or impacts on the environment or public, on behalf of all of us.

Voting districts are determined every 10 years, as part of the census.  After the census, voting district boundaries are drawn by computers, which are not given political party affiliation or demographic data, just raw counts of people, so voting manipulations through gerrymandering have been eliminated. 

Voters are required to take simple assessments before voting to determine whether they understand the people, positions and issues they are voting on.  If not, they may not vote for that position or issue.  That reduces impacts of efforts to influence the ignorant for political advantage.  All votes are auditable.  No voter discrimination or alienation are allowed.  Women and people with criminal records can vote.

No organization, including think-tanks, unions, trade associations, citizens groups or any other, has preferential access to government officials over any individual U.S. citizen.  The 2-party duopoly of power in the U.S. was broken with the addition of the Earth Citizens’ Party, and other 3rd parties exist.

We insist on and receive regular, unbiased reports on compliance with good governance principles.  Government complexity has been greatly reduced.  Government information is reported through the well-organized and presented Inform Us and Accountable to Us systems, and independent media.


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