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We Can Change Our Programming!

54. Fun and Play

When we ask ourselves and our children what the most enjoyable part of elementary school was and is, the answer is close to unanimous:  recess.  After all the hard work of trying to sit still, pay attention and do what is expected of us, it feels so unbelievably good to let go, be free, exercise, play and have fun. 

On the playground, we create joy that feels so good, it seems impossible to hold it in.  We laugh, yell and jump up and down as the good energy ripples through us and out into the world around us.  We are changed for the better as the good energies of others wash over and through us.  We rebalance.  We purge negativity.  We revel in it.  We use humor and laughter to shuck the dark and conjure the light.  We play games and use our bodies and enjoy the feeling of good health flowing into and through us.  We ask each other if we want to play, and we say yes!  We share good experiences and become friends.

Recess, good times on the playground with each other, is so undeniably good.  We know that deeply and personally with our wisdom, because we have all experienced it.  We truly know it in our cores. 

For those of us who are beyond elementary school, what happened to recess?  Why are we no longer enjoying time on the playground together?  Where is the fun and play?  Who locked the inner children away in the dark and won’t let them out to play and have fun?  Why in the world would we do that?  That is inner child abuse.  Shame on us.  Call Inner Child Protective Services!  Fie on us. 

We say things like:  this is the real world, not a playground; we’re adults now, there’s no time for play; and this is serious, be serious.  Spluttering exasperated expression of aaargh!  What are we doing to ourselves?  Let’s each take a moment to smack ourselves in the face.  Again, and much harder this time.  In elementary school, just because we have recess does not mean we do not still spend most of our time in classrooms doing what we’re supposed to do.  Recess allows us to bear it. 

Fun and play are undeniably good.  Do not deny good.  We each deserve and need recess, fun and play every day, no matter who we are or how old we are, to feel alive, be healthy, purge bad feelings, experience joy, have fun, laugh, interact without agendas, make friends, and be free.  Everyone play!  Anybody can do it, starting today.  Get up, go out, play, laugh and have fun!  Prioritize that.  Just do it!  Feels good, right?  That is truth.  Even the White House needs a playground.  More fun and play!


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