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42. Freedom

In the U.S., we make a big deal out of freedom.  “America, the land of the free.”  The word freedom is invoked frequently by politicians.  We often justify meddling in other nations’ affairs as attempts to help their people gain freedom, like us.  Most U.S. people think we’re free.  We’re free to choose a career, live where we want, buy what we can afford or get credit for, marry who we will, pursue the American Dream, do what we want, be what we want, within the constraints of law.  That’s true, kinda. 

Freedom is a relative term, though.  We’re free or not free in relation to something.  We’re free from… some constraint.  We’re free to… be some way, feel or do some thing.  Free is also a feeling.

Most U.S. people are not free from financial debt.  Far from it.  In fact, many of us are so indebted we’re essentially in bonded servitude to our lenders.  Most of us are not free from fear, stress and anxiety.  We worry a lot.  Many are not free from bigotry, racism, sexism, hate, intolerance, and other forms of judgment, criticism and discrimination.  Most of us are not free from our conditioning and programming, which determines how we think and behave.  Many are not free from frequent worry about losing jobs, which, without savings, could make us homeless.  None are free of harm from environmental poisons.  We are not free from having our privacy invaded and being inundated with advertising and selling.

Many parents do not feel free to allow our children to wander freely outside, because of safety fears.  We don’t feel free to drink the water from most of our rivers and streams, because we’ve polluted it.  Many of us don’t feel free to walk or be in some areas of our cities, where we live, because it’s not safe.  We often don’t feel free to say or do what we think is right at work, because of fear of losing our jobs.  We don’t feel free to pursue dreams, because risks of ruin are too high without financial or social safety.  We’re often not free to take a big vacation, because we can’t take time off of work.

A real test of freedom is to ask people if we really feel free to be and do what we want.  With that test, U.S. people are much less free than we pretend.  True freedom comes from lack of worry or concern, because everything is truly OK.  Many of us are far from free in that regard, here in the land of the free. 

We cannot be free or represent freedom if we lock so many people away in jails and prisons.  Stop that!  Create and share what we need to live and thrive, with fairness, so some are not pushed into lower energies by lack of basic needs and unfairness, which cause harms that lead them into prison systems!

There is an unspoken rule of accounting:  every asset is a liability.  Every single thing we own or control is something we have to take care of, maintain, insure, clean, secure, deal with and/or worry about. 

Many of us are captives to our things.  We are not free, because we spend so much time and attention frittering around with our stuff.  The less we have, the less we have to deal with.  Freedom is light!  Having fewer things creates lightness and freedom.


Let’s create and feel true freedom!  Let’s become free to be and feel free, to be, do and feel as we wish!


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