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Film, Theater and Video Entertainments

Prior to the 2020s, much of film, theater and video content was driven by financiers demands for profit.  These forms of art were big business, and big business was about making already rich people richer.  Films, theater plays and video content were products to be sold, using various proven business methods like market surveys determining people were dull, anesthetized, ignorant and vulnerable to cheap thrills. 

These forms of art were required to include tired but successful memes and desired social conditioning.  They often featured the exceptionally beautiful, with unbelievably nice homes, clothes and situations, causing people to judge themselves harshly and want things they could not afford or reasonably expect.  Many centered around conflicts, with people pitted against each other, good guys versus bad guys, glorifying violence, guns, competition, sex, unreal heroes and villains, military might, wealth and power.  Many were stories of conditional love, people finding each other and experiencing co-dependent love.

It’s possible now to make excellent films, plays and videos without a lot of money.  Most people carry devices with high quality still and video cameras and voice and sound recording capabilities now, which frees and enables creators to create what they want, without hard to surmount economic challenges.  Video and audio editing, preparation and presentation tools are cheap and widely available to anyone.  There has been an explosive expansion of film, video and theater, much created by common people.  Their topics are often informative, educational, idealistic, spiritual, community-focused or common life.  Lots of it has focused on shared principles, values and intentions, and how those can shape experience.


Inform Us includes a huge section where anyone can list and tag any electronic video content, including quick connections to it via devices and network connectivity virtually all have readily available, and simple methods for paying for content offered for fee.  Educate and Train Us has amazing video content.  We have small devices that project 2D, 3D and holographic videos anywhere.  Bigger devices project big.  We often show and share films, video and theater pieces in parks, communities and homes.

Bigger production operations now increasingly produce content intended to help us be better humans.  They include themes like:  experiences of raising consciousness, applying shared values and intentions, glories of nature, the power of unconditional love, and communities coming and growing together.


In 2022, the popular Star Tracks franchise, which had produced various successful series for decades, produced a series set in the near future featuring humanity’s transition to higher consciousness, consolidation as one if many diverse people on Earth, through common human values and intentions.  That was the necessary step in human evolution, which enabled the coherence, peace and advancement that led to the United Confederation of Planets, based in the headlands across from Santa Francesca. 

Earth’s testing of the first Worp drive attracted the attention of extraterrestrial allies in that story, but humanity’s newly evolved cohesiveness, peacefulness, harmony, higher states, values and intentions were what the aliens saw in us that led them to engage, cooperate and collaborate with us.  Earth Rises!

In 2025, the popular James Blond spy hero series ended with the death of 008, MI7’s greatest agent.  The film, We All Die, It Might As Well Be For Something, began with a crazy action series that included Blond jetting through space to steal info from a satellite, essentially free-falling to Earth afterwards, blowing up the lab of an evil but jealous foreign government intending to launch a global pandemic. 

After the theme song, Blond was recovering from injuries in an intentional community at a jungle beach in Africa, where he was nursed back to health by and fell in love with a stunning hippy-looking woman.  He resolved to quit the British spy agency.  He’d had enough.  It was time to move on and be happy. 


Surprise, that didn’t work out.  She was kidnapped.  He went to rescue her, discovering along the way that she was kidnapped by her powerful father, who was an incredibly wealthy head of a business cabal which planned to basically enslave humanity through economic imperialism and western military force. He disallowed his daughter’s idealism, and his organizations had infiltrated, bought off and controlled most western governments through various perfectly legal election, economic and business corruptions.  Blond gave his life heroically to reveal this corruption to humanity, detailing real-world corruptions, shocking the public and aiding in President Sioux’s efforts to take back government in the U.S.

Netflicks launched its extremely successful Earth Heroes and In Community reality series in the 2030s, that have run for decades now.  They open-source stories by finding them in OurStories, via Yeah! and Fellowship of Intentional Communities, from user submitted content or their own writers.  They feature human beings finding courage and resources inside their selves and communities that enable them to raise consciousness, come together, meet challenges, create and share community, do great works, thrive together in interesting ways, and contribute to improving the shared experiences of life on Earth. 

These shows shine the light on great efforts, best practices, experiences, learning and transformation.  They honor with attention and respect examples of character, integrity and being true to shared values.  They provide real examples that inspire human heroism in real life, creating virtuous cycles of humans rising and accomplishing good things stimulating real humans to rise and accomplish good things. 


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