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We Can Change Our Future!

Festivals and Special Events

Much of the new emerging music and visual arts have appeared, been cultivated and evolved at festivals, conferences and various special events, which there have been a great proliferation of.  Humans increasingly gather to celebrate, share and learn from each other in a variety of events, many of which combine information, value and thought sharing with community building and entertainment.  These events can be huge, with hundreds of thousands of people, or small, with a few 10s of people. 

They often have workshops in the day, where we learn about things like natural systems, permaculture, community building, reforestation, co-op models, alternate forms of community money, sharing models, how to be good citizens, education techniques, how to engage with technologies and social systems, methods for cultivating good health, experiences of raising consciousness, shared principles and values.  At night, they provide amazing parties, with grand music and accompanying visual art performances.  These kinds of events create connections, community, communication, sharing, friendship and fun.  They produce fabulous information, idea and practice sharing.  They provide inspiration and reward.

The well-known event Burn The Man! and its global community played an important role in helping us determine, define, adopt and share Earth Principles and Values.   This event had gathered and created community for decades, making the 3rd largest city in Nevada for a week in a barren and lifeless desert. 

It had very successful experience creating alternate, living, authentic, rewarding culture and community based on 10 shared principles.  Its participants had first-hand experiences with how shared principles can inform and change even deeply rooted being, behavior and action.


Participants experienced personally:  we can be, do and behave differently and successfully together; change how we are and interact; surrender even deeply embedded habits, like commercial interactions, work roles, attitudes toward waste, inhibitions in interpersonal interactions, how we express ourselves, engaging with communities and experience, openly gifting and serving each other, sharing and helping. 

This group knew first-hand how people can open, release, shift and raise consciousness with values.  They’d experienced the power of people coming together in shared community around shared values, taking free time to create, express and share, be together and experience fun, play, joy and satisfaction, how possible and fulfilling it was to free ourselves and rise, together, using shared values and intentions.

The idea of coming together as a global human community, uniting, sharing and helping each other, using shared principles and values resonated in this group, and it engaged in efforts to formalize them.  Its participants were very diverse, from artists, freaks and musicians, to CEOs, scientists and engineers, to healthcare workers, psychologists and social scientists, to entrepreneurs, managers and billionaires.  In the 2020s, a group of “burnies” from all over the world played a major role in assembling, managing and operating the global working group standardizing language and content of values and principles.

We have more shared and local holidays and celebrations, where we gather for the good times of it.  Communities host social events.  Cities have celebrations.  There are national and international holidays, such as the Global Day of Beauty, on 3-5.  Enterprises have great social events to build relationships.

Festivals, special events and celebrations play important roles in the Greatest Generations’ changes.


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