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We Can Change Our Future!

Fellowship for Intentional Communities

About the same time, the intentional community movement started catching wind, and along with it, so did the Fellowship for Intentional Communities.  It provided a magazine, online clearinghouse, directory, website and library of resources for people who already do or are interested in living with others, sharing close caring community and resources with other like-minded and -spirited companions.

It showcases stories of people trying to make that work, their many successes, failures and adaptations, best practices, common issues and challenges, models for organizing and making decisions together.  Stories include successful efforts to aggregate ICT service and electricity demand in neighborhoods and create solutions saving all money, improving performance and reliability, and reducing climate impacts; tenants coming together to buy and convert high-rises into vertical shared communities; sustainably growing good food and water, in country and city settings; setting up and using tool lending libraries; pooling resources; creative building designs; and creating exchange networks between communities.


The Fellowship for Intentional Communities made community in the intentional community movement, as a clearinghouse of inspiration, allowing us to learn from, share with, appreciate and shine the light on each other as we endeavor to create the worlds we want to live in, empowering each other to do so.


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