We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Programming!

Explorations of Deeper Programming

This section provides, in pretty random order, a series of 60 explorations, subjective essays or writings.  Each attempts to “see what’s going on under the hood”, to dig into our spirits, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, psychology, worldviews, conditioning or beliefs.  Each represents an effort to figure out what’s wrong that needs to be changed.  Each takes a core sample of us subjectively, and examines it.

You do not have to agree with what’s in these explorations.  We are all different.  That’s beautiful!  What we are trying to do is surface deep values and their implications.  When you encounter something that you don’t agree with or react to, stop and figure out why!  When our buttons get pushed, it’s often because some deep value, thoughts, conditioning or beliefs are affected.  What are those?  Know them!  That’s the purpose of this section.  If you have other perspectives and contributions on the topic, yay! Please share them by chapter on the website at wecanchange.us, so others can benefit from them!


If you agree with or are unsure of something as you read through these explorations, same instructions.  Stop and figure out why!  What is going on inside you as you read?  Is there some value, conditioning, belief or deep thinking that is affected?  What is that?  Where did that come from?  Is it something that you really think for yourself, or did you adopt or absorb that from some outside source?  Which source?  If any of this triggers something that is powerful or meaningful for you, please keep track of and share it!

In these explorations, we are trying to surface our deep programming, so we can change it intentionally.  If you work out with this, grappling with your own programming, that will be valuable to you.  Hopefully, you can use that to understand and articulate your own deep values, even if they differ from those here.