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Shortly said, most desires for empire building have now been supplanted by desires for close, functional, caring, sharing and living communities, for living according to principles and values we believe in because they make sense to us, and creating real wealth and abundance for as many beings as possible. 

Empire building is an egotistical pursuit, trying to dominate, control, manipulate, use and get attention from as many people as possible, pursuing wealth and power, viewing life as a giant competition we try to win over others, narcissistically seeking our names in lights, news and history, having the most lovers, trying to have the biggest, flashiest, most attention-grabbing or enviable properties and things.

Empire building was once mostly a military endeavor, sending out armies to conquer others, steal their wealth, control their lands, resources and people, and make them do what we wanted, for our benefits.  Rulers built empires, for countries, religions and their own glory.  All empires fail in the end.  Why?  Because they’re based in ego.  They take rather than give, and people resent that.  They treat some better than others, and people resent that unfairness.  They manipulate through falsehoods and force.  They create fleeting gains, frittered away meaninglessly in time.  They corrupt spirits, minds and hearts.  They harm.  They do wrong.  They cause pain, suffering, harm and loss to produce their gain and wins. 

Eventually, empire building moved away from military endeavor and into economics.  We sought to build economic empires, with which we controlled, dominated and exploited people, land and resources through capitalist enterprises to aggregate wealth and power we could use for acquisition, attention, fame, consumption, and comparing ourselves favorably with others.  More is always better, and there is no such thing as enough.  Bigger is better, and there is no such thing as big enough.  Get, take, steal, whatever it takes to prop one ego up even a little higher than others.  Me, me, me.  Look at me!


We used to be culturally obsessed with all that, following it in papers and tabloids, envying those who had or got “it,” dreaming about it for ourselves, endlessly scheming to make it happen.  In the values revolution of the 2020s, we realized or came to believe that was not serving us.  Really, it was sick. 


More than anything, it created suffering.  We suffered when we failed to make it big.  We suffered when we were manipulated, exploited and abused, so someone else could gain wealth, power and empire.  We suffered by judging ourselves harshly because we didn’t compare well in these grand competitions.  We wasted time following it, when we could’ve been in nature, or present, or creating real wealth, abundance and good feelings, as we suffered in many ways from lack of nature, presence, real wealth and good feelings.  People who got “it” suffered from dread of losing it to mistakes or attacks by others, or worry those around us just wanted to use us, rather than genuinely caring about us. 

In the 2020s, we began realizing this wasn’t serving us well.  Ego was holding us down and back, causing more harm than good.  It is easier and just as fulfilling to feel satisfied that we personally have enough, even when we have relatively little, just enough to meet our basic needs, and then be free to create what we want in our experiences, communities, relationships and environments.  It is more rewarding to create real wealth as gifts for others and see its benefits enjoyed by many.  Love, openness, sharing, caring, compassion, creation and serving are more fulfilling than personal consumption, ego and empire.  We aligned our principles and values, and we no longer looked up to or valued ego inflation or empires.  It was no longer about who could get the most, but who could give the most. 

Now, we honor those who embody our shared values nobly, rather than those who triumph in games.  We appreciate those who contribute to the best possible outcomes for as many as possible, rather than those who have the most and best stuff.  We appreciate those who empower others, over those who empower themselves.  We respect those who create resources, rather than those who consume them.  We laud those who free others, rather than those who control and exploit others. 

Today, in 2060, there are few nations, mega-corporations or people still focused on endless, rapacious growth and acquisition.  We’ve disempowered them by not buying their stuff or giving them positive attention they seek, because what they do doesn’t reflect our principles and values.  Greed gets negative instead of positive feedback now.  The grand stories are of individuals and groups transcending negative energies, emotions and motivations and achieving higher states of consciousness and being, and creating better lives, environments and ways for all to be able to achieve higher states of being.  Great stories tell of principled beings helping others rise up.  Unconditional love trumps greed.

There was, of course, one story of change we will not forget easily.  In 2028, President Sioux moved to change and reduce U.S. Intelligence operations.  With changes in the times and our values, with changes underway to refocus the U.S. military, and with changes starting to modify U.S. foreign policy objectives, she and others realized that the gargantuan, expensive U.S. Intelligence apparatus was a tool of empire. 

It mined information from foreign and U.S. governments, corporations and citizens to create strategic advantages for U.S. military and businesses.  It interfered inside other sovereign nations to change their systems, political processes and economies.  It secretly committed violence and harm to attain its ends. 

President Sioux addressed the nation:  “Dear ones, the U.S. operates by far the world’s largest empire, largest and most expensive military, arms dealers, and spy, secrets and global interference operations.  We spend almost $100 billion a year, 10% of money our federal government has to spend on anything, spying on and interfering with others, on 1,300 government organizations and 2,000 private companies, in 10,000 locations in just the U.S.  850,000 people have top-secret security clearances.  We try to steal and store virtually all public and personal data in the world, to be able to exploit it for the gain of empire and our wealthy and powerful.  We are the world’s most feared nation.  That may sound good, to some.  People all over Earth are afraid we’ll cause harm and suffering in their lives.  Is that who we want to be?”

That’s not what I want.  I want to see our nation and people honored and respected for our character, values, integrity, being, behaviors and actions.  I want us to again serve as a beacon of light and hope, modeling healthy modern human civilization, helping and serving others, being a model global citizen.  Model global citizens do not lie to, hide secrets from, steal from, interfere with and exploit others.  Tonight, I announce to you that I am reducing U.S. spy, intelligence and interference operations by 50%.  There will be no more secrets, from You the People, or from anyone.  We will not interfere with others.”

The People cheered.  The secret state did not.  3 months later, yet another attack on President Sioux’s life sprayed bullets into a crowd in front of a school where she had spoken.  President Sioux was injured, by bullets in an arm, a leg and one that left a permanent scar grazing her cheek.  4 secret service agents were gunned down.  11 people in the crowd were killed, and 27 wounded.  Students in the school scrambled to hide from the gun murderers, as they had been trained to do since kindergarten.

Heart-wrenchingly, Sioux’s daughter, Tĥànka, who had joined her to help with the school event was shot in the abdomen and upper chest.  We were in shock.  People all over the nation held candlelight vigils, praying for her life.  She had sung and played her little heart out for us during the Battle of New Orlenes.  She was our darling, an example of what we aspired to be one day.  Her plight landed hard on us.

A whistleblower emerged late that night, a ranking member of the CIA, who outed the assassination effort as originating with our own U.S. intelligence services, using hired mercenary gunmen.  He spoke:  “I’ve always done what I do in service to the nation, its principles and its people.  We did this to Tĥànka. This is not what I signed up for.  U.S. intelligence and mercenary forces initiated this attack.  It’s wrong.”  He sent documented proof to government officials and news agencies, that eventually proved his claim.  The next day, however, he was found dead in his home, from “natural causes”.  Disinformation and propaganda ran to discredit him.  They claimed he was a Russian agent.  The public didn’t buy it. 

Two days later, there were 500,000 people camped out around the Longlie, VA CIA headquarters, and they were pissed.  They shut it down.  They shut down over 500 U.S. intelligence locations that week.  20,000 U.S. intelligence employees resigned.  Thankfully, Tĥànka recovered, but it was touch and go.  Today, the U.S. has no secret intelligence services.  It operates and exchanges information openly.


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