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27. Deservingness

A symptom of ego inflation illness is a feeling of deserving privilege and reward, because we’re better than others.  That creates separation and division, judgment and criticism, ignorance and suffering.

Flipside disorders for those who have not realized privilege, wealth and reward are feelings of being undeserving.  Feelings of not being good enough to deserve what others have are like a voodoo curse afflicting many, holding us down and back, making us feel bad, making us unhealthy.


Feelings of being undeserving and unworthy that make us feel weak and bad are just as sick and harmful as overblown feelings of being deserving and worthy that make some feel they are better than others.  They stifle motivation, justify unfairness, create suffering, and diminish spirit.


There is no way to have a healthy society and healthy communities with ego inflation illnesses and unworthiness depression disorders raging as epidemics.  Both need to be treated and eradicated.

We are all worthy, and we all deserve good lives, full of love, happiness, fulfillment, growth and reward.  In this modern age, with the benefits and advances of civilization, science and technologies, everyone deserves decent places to live, good food and water, healthy natural environments, basic healthcare, good education, use of electricity, access to modern information and communication technologies, opportunities to contribute in our ways, love, respect, appreciation, support and decent lifestyles.  Everyone deserves a decent life, and nobody deserves to hog stuff.


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