We Can Change!


We Can Change Our Future!


The period of roughly 2020 to 2060, two generations, four decades, has been a period of extraordinary positive change, common sense change, a revolution of changes representing billions of people and trillions of positive changes.  From the very frightening precipice of environmental and social collapse, human beings have stepped back, woken up, become consciously aware, and made conscious decisions to change the ways we are, our behaviors, beliefs, principles, values, intentions, actions and systems. 

We seem to have averted the worst pending disasters, at what often seemed like the last moments.  We’re working to make the world better for all, and, for the most part, we believe we are succeeding. 

It has been a period of astounding energy, creativity, spirituality, growth, love, openness, fulfillment, appreciation, hard work, commitment, belief, exploration and happiness.  We have felt vigorously alive, especially compared to the harsh or sleepwalking zombie existences many of us had before we awoke.

Some try to compare it with the 1960s, when there was also an awakening, an explosion of energy, creativity and new ideas, deep questioning of beliefs, behaviors and actions, and spiritual exploration, opening and growth.  Yet, the 1960s turned into disappointment, disillusion and regret for so many.  That period’s great promise seemed to have been broken, its great and promising potential unrealized, its great awakening anesthetized, its great energy dissipated or shut off, its great spirit slowly repressed.  This time, it all seems to have taken hold.  It is very much alive, thriving and growing still.


Some call this period The Great Awakening.  Some refer to it as the Start of the Era of Principled Living.  It’s been called The Revolution, The Rising, The Transformation and The Time of Common-Sense Change.  Maybe it is the fabled “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.

Regardless of what it’s called, it’s undeniably been a profound period in human development.  Arguably, it’s as profound as the Agricultural Revolution, that transformed us from nomadic hunter gatherer lives, or the Industrial Revolution, converting us to profit-seeking producers and sellers of goods and services, or the Information and Communication Technologies Revolution, which transformed us into being interconnected nodes of information and knowledge and creative sharing and learning. 

This age has shifted us into being awake, aware, conscious and intentional creators and cultivators of real wealth, real health, and virtuous energies.  We have shifted from identifying as individual egos separated from and greedily competing with each other for material gains and power, willfully ignorant of costs and impacts to our natural environments, living systems, humans or other beings, to being diverse and unique contributors of experience and abundance for the best possible outcomes for all. 

We’ve gone from being externally governed by ruthlessly enforced, complex, ever-proliferating, voluminous and badly communicated rules, regulations, laws and codes, made by far away others for us, for often not understood or questionable reasons, and often unknown to us, to being internally guided by simple, shared principles and values that are known and make common sense to us.  

We’ve gone from measuring success as a monetary number to success as estimates of the aggregate past, current and future positive impacts, net of costs, for all humans, other living beings, Earth, and our shared life support systems and environments, and that success is recognized with honor and respect. 

We’ve gone from valuing and striving with our time and efforts as individuals for abstract, fake money, media attention, conspicuous consumption and power, so we could make others do what we wanted, to:  valuing and creating personal relationships with thriving nature; engaging passionately with life, without fear of death; nurturing and cherishing diversity as parts of us, and seeking best results for all; valuing success of our living communities and others at least as much as our own success; evaluating impacts on real health and real wealth of all; suppressing wealth, power, greed and ego as social ills; having time to create and enjoy good lives, raise our consciousness, and cultivate virtuous energies.

We’ve gone from environments and life in dangerous declines to seeing them in vigorous recoveries.  We’ve gone from automata resonating fear, anger, closed-ness, resentment, hate, greed, dissatisfaction and despair, to alive humans resonating love, compassion, care, understanding, respect, honesty, hope, openness, creativity, inspiration, joy, satisfaction, trust, fulfillment and happiness.  We’ve gone from broken to the point of being irreparable, with centrally controlled social systems governed by the elite, through corruption, mostly for their benefits, to largely decentralized self-governing living communities, in which empowered and motivated people find joy in creating diverse worlds we want to live in, locally.

This is not one his-story, written by the victors and imposed by conditioning on the masses.  It’s many billions of stories, felt, lived and aggregated.  Additionally, most of these stories contain elements of profound, meaningful personal change.  This wasn’t just external change “out there” that we adapted to and made the best of.  This was, first, foremost and undeniably, internal change, deep inside ourselves, which changed how we perceived the world, behaved in it, thought and believed, and set our intentions.


Everyone alive in 2020 has a personal story about big personal transformation.  It’s like knowing where you were when the big earthquake, tornado, fire or hurricane hit.  It’s the deep personal change we each grappled with and realized in ourselves that led to the profound aggregate changes to the world.


It didn’t matter whether we were wealthy or poor, successful or failing, healthy or unhealthy, insured or uninsured, in the city or the country, educated or not, old or young, male or female, working or retired, religious or not, republican or democrat, gay or straight, married or single, a parent or not.  It didn’t matter which country we lived in, what our skin color was, how big we were, what we did for a living, where we lived, how we lived, what we felt like, looked like or wanted for ourselves. 

Somewhere in this age, pretty much everybody stopped, was still, opened, listened, felt and shifted.  Our spirits or consciousness rose; our energy became higher; we experienced life at a higher level; and that changed everything.  We each have our own personal story about that.  And for each of us who did, that story is one of the most important things in our lives.  It redefined who we are, and that new being changed its behaviors and actions, making many different decisions and taking many different actions.  It radically changed our individual lives, and it radically changed our collective lives, for the better. 

Individually, and together, we have changed our characters, the avatars our intellects imagine us to be, as part of their way of trying to make sense of the world, modeling it with names, images and stories.  Those characters choose to live by shared and personal principles and values, with integrity and effort.  Those characters honor the character and integrity of others by expressing appreciation and respect.

We stopped what we were doing, got still and quiet, opened, woke up, became aware, got informed, chose to love unconditionally and care about all, as inseparable parts of us and Earth’s living systems.  We chose to become our highest selves, acting as we imagined our higher selves would until we did, and we chose to be honest at all times, respecting those who were honest, and disrespecting who were not.  We endeavored to do no violence or harm, and to have deep personal relationships with thriving nature, respecting the life and life support systems of Earth, learning from them, emulating and assisting them, trying to become good stewards of them, mostly by allowing them to exist, evolve naturally and thrive.

We chose to believe there is no such thing as us versus them; there is only us; and we thrive together, when we open to, acknowledge, respect and allow all of our rich diversity as beings and life expressions.  We chose to return to living in close communities, as humanity has since we came down from the trees, at least, where we developed our greatest strengths, like language, cooperation, tools and sharing, where we’re not separated or isolated and competing with each other, lonely and suffering emotionally.

We chose to value, proactively cultivate and share together good energies in healthy food and water, creating and sharing abundance with each other, and healthy air, lands, forests, mountains and waters.  We chose to proactively and responsibly create good health, in our selves, environments and other life.  We chose to appreciate and cultivate real beauty and real wealth, rather than artificial economic games.  We chose to be fair and constrain material wealth, power, money, ego, greed and other lower drives.

We chose to value making time for sleep, vacation, free time, quiet time, meditation, nature and spirit, to be present, observe, grow, evolve and change, and have good relationships with family and friends, have fun and dance and laugh and play and make music together, to love and take care of each other.  We chose to engage with life experience, with gumption and energy, without fear, of death or anything, so we can develop wisdom though experience, learn and evolve, and apply that knowledge and wisdom.

These conscious choices of what principles and values to live by, and committing to them and to change, changed us deep inside, profoundly, from the bottom up and from the top down.  We evolved.

And those of us born after 2020, if the world has ever seen enlightened human beings such as these, those were blessed times, indeed.  These young people came to be in great times of very high spirit. 

Most barely know vicious energies.  The effortless and flowing ways they create and share unconditional love, beauty, spirit, happiness, joy, compassion and understanding are profound.  They’re super-human, compared to earlier generations.  Healthy, whole and handsome, they embody and manifest wonderful energies and outcomes effortlessly.  They openly trust and are honest.  Their own needs are modest. 

They create and gift abundance and good feelings readily.  Obstacles disappear before them magically.  They express beauty, art and high energies effortlessly.  They serve with joy and have excellent values.  They are capable.  They know, feel and respect nature and their parts in it.  They are compassionate. 

They live in states of unconditional love, and they share love without trying.  They do no willing harm.  They’re knowledgeable.  Their diverse paths, abilities, talents and experiences are actively cultivated.  They learn quickly.  They’re united, with shared principles, values and intentions.  They have power.  They’re supported by strong, caring communities.  They know, love and are loved by Mother Nature.

I, for one, could not be more happy and proud to cede all that I am and have to these future generations and go into my death with trust and without worries, with complete faith that they will be far better, and make the world better for all, in a future more wonderful than I can conceive. 

Blessings to all with that, and thank you all!

I was recently asked what I would say to the year 2020 version of humanity, knowing what I know now: 

Beautiful Human Beings, of the Year 2020!

Things are difficult and feel uncomfortable, right now.  

For years, we’ve felt dismayed as things are getting worse, fearing existential threats of human created global climate change and deteriorating and failing social systems.  We’ve been caught up in a rat race, struggling and competing for survival in artificial economic and money games, as real wealth dries up.  Three-fourths anxiously struggle, living paycheck-to-paycheck, in fear of failure and homelessness, while some have obscene income and wealth.  Our health and that of our living systems and other life suffer. 

We struggle with mental health, substance and media addictions, as we struggle with wicked problems.  We’re polluting everything, causing mass extinctions of life and living systems, frustrated in ugly traffic.  Critical infrastructure is decaying, our food systems are unhealthy and we have epidemic gun violence.  We fear the world’s most oppressive punitive prison systems, locking us up at 5.4 times the global rate, harming our lives and those of our loved ones, with unbelievable volumes of laws, by and for the rich, where only the wealthy can really afford expensive legal representation, and all fear predatory lawsuits.

Homeless people are everywhere, with no solution in sight, as more than enough housing is empty.  Family, friend and lover relationships are suffering.  Way more are poor than we publicly recognize.  We’re drowning in public and private debt, with the most byzantine tax system the world’s ever known.  We believe economics and money are the most important things, and yet they’re not real or fair, devastating lives, families and communities.  Our education systems are failing and we’re ignorant.

We scapegoat and abuse immigrants, asylum seekers and their children for wicked problems we create, at home and abroad, creating conditions desperate humans try to rationally escape, but we prevent.  We’re bankrupting ourselves running the world’s biggest empire, military, arms and spy operations, burning three fourths of the money our federal government has to spend on them, causing harms.  We’re violating others’ human rights and freedoms, and our human rights and freedoms are violated.

We’re separating ourselves from healthy interactions with other humans to defend ourselves against pervasive and invasive marketing, selling and advertisement assaults, confronted with 5,000 ads/day.  We’re escaping into media, spending as much time in its fake worlds as we spend awake in real worlds.  We’re overwhelmed with information, but we don’t trust it, as propaganda and dishonesty prevail.  We’re frustrated with the profound corruption of government we depend on, that’s our #1 issue, and we seem unable to do anything about it.  We’re corrupted ourselves, because we’re complicit in all this.

To top it all off, we’re now isolated in lockdowns at home, as a global pandemic rages and creates fear, fear that we cannot pay our bills, will become homeless, will lose everything, will get sick and die.

That sucks!  There’s no way around that.  But take heart!  This is the time when it all begins to change.  Mother Earth is sending us some tough love.  We’ve been screwing up.  We’re being given a timeout.  She could shake humanity off her back, like a dog shakes off water after a swim, if she really wanted to.  Things could be so much worse.  Imagine airborne Ebola.  Imagine what awaits us with climate change.  This is actually a relatively benign wakeup call, a crisis opportunity to change, a chance to improve.

Mother Nature is gifting us rare free time, time to stop all our frantic running around, time off of work, time to relax, let go, open, trust, become aware, get informed, wake up and commit to change inside.  This is our time to crawl into a chrysalis and evolve, later to emerge as something unimaginably better.  We do not have to be, behave or do as we have been.  We can be, behave and do in any way possible!  We’re being given a chance and a choice.  Do we want to muddle along as we have been, creating harm, or would we rather become better beings, who will make the many decisions and take the many actions to change for the better?  This is a stage of evolution for us, where we either evolve or we collapse.

Take heart!  I have seen the future.  We will rise to the occasion!  We will change!  We will evolve!

Take on the challenges of these times as a personal yoga, something we engage with to raise spirits!  Use the quiet time to sit with your being and feelings!  How do you honestly feel?  What do you think?  Release what is not serving us!  Let go of past conditioning that is leading us astray, for others’ benefits!  What do you truly care about?  What makes you truly feel good deep down inside?  What’s important?  What do you truly value, and why?  Take care of yourself, and be healthy!  Take in good food and water!  Where do you find beauty?  Find more of that!  What do you truly love?  Make time for that love!

The hard work in the chrysalis of evolution is personal, but you are not alone!  We are all one together!  We will use this time to awaken and change for the better!  Our lives, communities and environments will be so much better in the future than they are today!  We can change our future!  We will!


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