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We Can Change Our Programming!


In the first part of We Can Change, We Can Change Our Wicked Problems!, we attempted to wake up, observe the world around us and be aware of and assess how things are going, by gathering information and using common sense, about 25 issues or social systems in the U.S., as the world’s richest economy, actively trying to get other people to adopt its ways.  We found brokenness and unsustainability in each.  Each is either failing or on a path to failure.  We are complicit in that, at least by going along with them. 

There are things any of us can do to change our relationships with these issues and do our part to help.  With various issues, we have various levels of engagement and opportunity.  Some are consumers, and we can help change things through choices we make in what we consume, and from whom, and how.  Some are producers, and we can help in big ways by changing what we produce, how and how we sell it.  Some are government decision-makers and employees, and we can help by changing what we are doing.  Some are capitalist owners of businesses, and we can make big differences with our wealth and power. 

Regardless of our roles, we badly need to each wake up, change, and do what we can to make it better.  Like, really quickly.  Crises are coming, and they will be intense otherwise.  We have less than a decade.

In this second part of We Can Change, We Can Change Our Programming!, we attempted to go deeper.  If something is wrong in so many of our social systems and issues, that indicates there is something wrong down deeper, in people’s worldviews, beliefs, values and desires, that underpin and affect them.  If so many social systems are broken and unsustainable and not getting better, that indicates something is broken and unsustainable deep down inside people in the U.S., in our subconscious and programming.  When something is seriously broken in most U.S. social systems and issues, knotty, wicked problems that are not easy to solve, and which do not seem to be getting solved, that suggests deeper problems, problems in the underlying cultural, value, worldview and belief systems of U.S. people. 

When a human body’s physical systems get sick and no longer function well, and are not getting better, that often indicates deeper problems, somewhere in the person’s spirit, emotions, psychology, behaviors or beliefs.  Our subjective states of being, a complex blend of what we think and don’t think, what we do and don’t do, what we feel and don’t feel, what we do and don’t pay attention to, what we work to create, and don’t, what we are and aren’t, interacts with our physical bodies.  When something is off in intangible areas, that can cause something to be off in our tangible, physical bodies.  Dis-ease.

Wholesome, healthy, thriving states and ways of being manifest healthy, thriving bodies.  If something is sick in our spirit, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, psychology or beliefs, there is often corresponding sickness in the physical body.  Truly healing the physical body often involves and requires healing the non-physical thoughts, emotions, psychology, behaviors and spirit.  The subjective and non-physical being needs to be in harmony for the objective and physical being to be brought back into harmony.  Humans are energetic beings.  Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs create energy in our bodies and lives.  If we hold and suppress harmful energies, they produce physical harms.  We must tune up our energies.

Similarly, if something is wrong in most U.S. social systems, that indicates something is off in the underlying spirit, soul, beliefs, worldview, values, psychology, behaviors, emotions, thoughts and/or culture of the U.S. people.  In order to make observable, real world U.S. social systems wholesome, healthy and functional, we must make the underlying, subjective, spiritual, psychological, emotional, worldview, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and values wholesome, healthy, harmonious and functional.

When we think there is something wrong outside ourselves, in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Syria, with terrorists willing to destroy themselves, overriding even their own life preservation instincts, in order to do us harm, that indicates there is something wrong inside ourselves.  Any problem “out there” has a corresponding problem “in here.”  We must examine and fix internal problems to fix outer problems.  “As above, so below.”  Everything is inter-related.  Improve our inner worlds to improve outer worlds!  We must change ourselves deep inside to change our worlds outside.

When so many U.S. social systems are essentially broken, and we are unable to fix them, that indicates other sources of problems that are deeper than the social systems themselves.  If our social systems are broken and not being repaired, that points to foundational issues even deeper and more basic than social systems.  Something is broken in our basic worldviews, mythologies, values, principles, beliefs, behaviors, and/or aspirations.  Identify and repair those and the social systems built on them can also be meaningfully and effectively changed.  Fix our inner subjective states, and we can fix our outer states.

So, what is healthy and unhealthy in U.S. culture, beliefs, behaviors, worldview, values, dreams and thoughts?  What is wrong with the U.S.; what is wrong with us?  We dug into that some in a series of 60 explorations, in no particular order.  There is a relationship between subjective and objective realities.  These explorations were subjective, not supported by external facts, the way the first section was.

We dug into those depths and rooted out some things, certainly not everything, but some good stuff, through a series of essays or short pieces exploring ways we think, how we behave and things we do.  We don’t have to agree about all of the stuff that came up in those pieces.  The point was to dig around and bring to the surface, or conscious attention, lots of thoughts about how we are and could be.

In the final and previous section, we attempted to sort through things that came up in those exercises and try to boil it all down, consolidate it into just 10 things, which we could more easily remember and work with.  To achieve the scale of changes that are currently needed to fix our many wicked problems, we need to achieve scale in getting human beings to change inside, to become better human beings, and we need tools or guidelines for those changes.  What are 10 things we can change about ourselves that would collectively create the scale of changes we need to see in ourselves and our worlds?

Current systems of creating, enforcing and punishing transgressions of extraordinary volumes of detailed laws, codes and rules are not working.  There are too many, and there is little effort to inform people what they are, in spite of holding people accountable to rules they’ve never been informed of.  The system has been corrupted politically, with wealthy and powerful interests giving money to politicians and influencing their elections, in return for getting laws and rules made that benefit them.  Only wealthy can afford specialized lawyers to advocate for their interests in our byzantine legal system.


We want something simpler, more powerful and useful.  We came up with 10 principles, one per finger. If we follow these guidelines, we will significantly change, for the better, becoming better human beings.  Changed and better human beings following these guidelines will be able to fix the problems we aren’t.  That is actually simpler and more efficient than continuing to try to incrementally patch fundamentally failing systems with the same conflicting mentalities and states that are creating the problems.  What are 10 things we can focus on being and doing that would help us metamorphosize, transform into beautiful, wise, healthy, balanced, enlightened, sensible beings who will be, behave and do as needed?

We came up with:

Adopt and Live By 10 Shared Earth Citizen Principles, with Character, Integrity, Honesty and Trust! 


To accomplish real-world changes we need to as humanity, to prevent catastrophic climate changes and other failing and unsustainable system crises, we need to change radically and quickly as human beings.  It’s not enough for some to do some things to adjust our systems; we need wide, fast and deep change that affects a critical mass of humanity.  We need to become better human beings and let them fix it.

To that end, we adopt the following 10 Shared Earth Citizen Principles, which we personally know, believe in and grapple with to build good, strong characters, which we endeavor to live by with integrity, and which we promote by communicating honor and respect for character, integrity, being, behaving and doing, as related to our shared values, as foundations for societies, environments and lives we want to be part of, for the best possible outcomes for all. 

  1. Wake Up; Be Aware and Informed; Love and Care; Be, Do and Evolve as Your Highest Self!

  2. Do No Harm or Violence, Directly or Indirectly, to Any Being or Natural System!

  3. Know and Emulate Nature, Natural Systems and Life, and Allow and Help All to Thrive!         

  4. There Is No Us versus Them, Only Us; Cherish our Diversity and Make It Work for All!            

  5. Thrive as Individuals, Families and Friends in Close, Cooperative, Caring Communities!

  6. Cultivate and Share Good Health, Food, Water, Air, Lands, Beauty and Abundance!

  7. Create and Foster Real Wealth, Like Love, Relationship, Beauty, Happiness and Evolution!

  8. Be Fair and Constrain Material Wealth, Power, Money, Ego, Greed and Lower Drives!

  9. Make Time for Sleep, Vacation, Nature, Spirit, Quiet, Growth, Presence, Fun and Change!

  10. Without Fear, of Death or Anything, Engage in Life and Experience and Develop Wisdom!


Some of the changes that are coming in our pending crises are coming soon, and have gigantic impacts.  To address global warming or climate change, our best informed scientists now agree we have less than 10 years to radically change our behaviors and actions, or it is too late to prevent catastrophic changes, like a million species going extinct, water and weather system harms, violence over water and food, coastal city flooding, insurance system collapses, and millions of humans displaced.  That issue alone means we need to make massive scale changes, as fast as possible, changes affecting almost all of us.  To accomplish that, we need to quickly become better human beings, which we do by:

  1. Greatly improving ourselves and being, behaving and doing as our highest selves,

  2. Doing no violence or harm to any being or natural system,

  3. Knowing, allowing, supporting and emulating nature, natural systems and life,

  4. Respecting diversity, treating all as us and none as them, and making it all work for all,

  5. Being active parts of close, cooperative, caring communities, where all thrive,

  6. Cultivating and sharing good health, food, water, air, lands, beauty and abundance,

  7. Focusing on producing real wealth, like love, relationship, beauty, happiness and evolution,

  8. Being fair and constraining material wealth, power, money, ego, greed and lower drives,

  9. Making time for sleep, vacation, nature, spirit, quiet, growth, presence, fun and change, and

  10. Without fear, of death or anything, engaging in life and experience and developing wisdom.


These 10 Shared Earth Citizen Principles may not be right, need more work, or be missing something.  They really boil down to one thing:  we must awaken, evolve and engage as higher and better beings.  Our problems result from our being, behaviors and actions as conflicted and unevolved human beings.  We must quickly become higher and better beings and be, behave and do right from those positions.  These are 10 things we can tackle in our personal lives that will quickly change us into better beings. 

If it’s not these principles, then let’s work out on it, together, and create something better that provides fundamental energetic alignment and tools to guide the creation of our personal and group characters, and the worlds we want to live in, with integrity, that are accessible, knowable and actionable to all, which lead to us being better human beings, who will live, act and be in ways that are healthy for all! 

When we do that individually, the world changes for us, for the better.  We enough of us do that, collectively, the world changes for all, for the better.


Grappling with these in our personal lives takes intention, time and effort.  We need to take each one and wrestle with it until we understand and feel it deeply, and we need to practice applying it our lives, to our thinking, being, behaviors, decisions, actions and communications.  We must practice applying them in our personal lives, our work lives, our community lives, our relationships and our political lives. 

It takes time to implement changes, about things we will no longer be or do, or will now be or do.  Spreading the adoption of our 10 Shared Priniples will take time and effort, for us to make our changes, for others to witness and be inspired by them, for others to make their changes, for others to witness and be inspired by them, and so forth.  These changes won’t happen overnight, but they’ll be big.

Love, and best thoughts, energies, feelings and intentions for all, as we work to evolve and be better!

May we awaken and evolve quickly into more enlightened and wise beings, and create as those!


“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves.”

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

“We must become the change we want to see.”

     - Mahatma Gandhi

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