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29. Community

Humanity has developed many of its most useful and rewarding strengths and capabilities in close community, in villages and tribes of people who know each other, live and work together, take care of each other, and share food, water, stories, values, dreams and efforts.  We develop our abilities to communicate effectively and virtuous communication feedback loops in community that help us to thrive, grow, advance and evolve.  We learn how to work out our interpersonal issues in community.  We feel safe, supported, loved and fulfilled, and we experience belonging and purpose in community.  We and our children are nurtured and thrive in community.  We feel meaning in close community.

Without loving and supporting, close, living community we feel isolated, lonely, insecure and vulnerable.  We experience more stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty.  We miss shared purpose, seeing the benefits of our contributions impacting those and what we care about, and feeling like we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  It’s harder to raise children, and we don’t do it as well.  We communicate worse.  We’re not as good at working out interpersonal issues.  We lose important purpose and meaning.  Something essential is missing, and we suffer a variety of disorders from lack of close community.

It can be hard to work out interpersonal issues in close community, but it’s far easier there, with loving members of a bonded tribe, than in isolation around others we don’t feel connected to.  It’s important to develop life skills in resolving differences and conflict, creating harmony, finding solutions that work for all, listening and communicating well, and resolving our psychological and emotional difficulties.  How can we possibly expect to solve huge and difficult problems between nations if we are unable to resolve simple problems between people we live around?  Community is a safe environment to develop human abilities to get along, work together, be together and thrive together.

It will never work to live and develop in fragmented individual isolation, stressed with overburdened personal responsibilities, with inadequate love and support, with insufficient life and interpersonal skills, experiencing fear, anxiety and community deficit disorders, worrying about our family and children, because we know intuitively they’re not getting all they need, consuming bad food and water, and to expect any far away and removed organization to solve all our problems.  It’s never going to happen.

It can work to live and thrive in caring, supportive communities, with shared values and intentions, and strong life and interpersonal skills, providing abundance for most needs, and sharing the overflow generously with others, creating a world and lives that community wants in a place it can truly influence, and not depending heavily on far away governments or other institutions.  That puts lives where they can be created, nurtured and grown in an environment that is personally nurtured and cultivated to be that which those lives value, desire, appreciate and thrive in.  That gives us love, care, support, friends, shared purpose, communication, social lives, fun, interactions, meaningful work and meaningful lives.

Close, caring, living community is essential to functional society and healthy people and environments, and so is the shared commons infrastructure communities need in order to thrive, including healthcare.  Create and share what life needs in order to thrive, in balance and harmony!


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