We Can Change!


We Can Change!

We Can Change! - Beyond Burning Man

Now, at the place in time where Burning Man 2019’s Metamorphosis evolves into the 2020 Multiverse, one 21-year burner offers as a gift to the Burning Man and broader community We Can Change!

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At WeCanChange.Us are basically 3 books, free as a gift, seeking to help us use this time to awaken, become aware of what’s not working, and change our selves, ways and worlds for the better.

We are messing it up.  Our systems and behaviors are unsustainable.  We are harming Earth’s life support systems, and we’re poisoning and harming life and health.  Our social systems are unfair and harm us.  We’re dissatisfied in life.  The default world paradigm is killing spirits. 


If things don’t work in outer worlds, something’s off in inner worlds. 


Let’s change and evolve, by adopting 10 Principles for Earth Citizens!  If we do, we have a beautiful future ahead of us!

Beautiful Human Beings, of the Year 2020!

Things are difficult and feel uncomfortable, right now. 

For years, we’ve felt dismayed as things are getting worse, fearing existential threats of human created global climate change and deteriorating and failing social systems.  We’ve been caught up in a rat race, struggling and competing for survival in artificial economic and money games, as real wealth dries up….

To top it all off, we’re now isolated in lockdowns at home, as a global pandemic rages and creates fear, fear that we cannot pay our bills, will become homeless, will lose everything, will get sick and die.

That sucks!  There’s no way around that.  But take heart!  This is the time when it all begins to change.  Mother Earth is sending us some tough love.  We’ve been screwing up.  We’re being given a timeout.  She could shake humanity off her back, like a dog shakes off water after a swim, if she really wanted to.  Things could be so much worse.  Imagine airborne Ebola!  Imagine what awaits us with climate change!.  This is actually a relatively benign wakeup call, a crisis opportunity to change, a chance to improve.

Mother Nature is gifting us rare free time, time to stop all our frantic running around, time off of work, time to relax, let go, open, trust, become aware, get informed, wake up and commit to change inside.  This is our time to crawl into a chrysalis and evolve, later to emerge as something unimaginably better.  We do not have to be, behave or do as we have been.  We can be, behave and do in any way possible! 

We’re being given a chance and a choice.  Do we want to muddle along as we have been, creating harm, or would we rather become better beings, who will make the many decisions and take the many actions to change for the better?  This is a stage of evolution for us, where we either evolve or we collapse.

Take heart!  I have seen the future.  We will rise to the occasion!  We will change!  We will evolve!

Take on the challenges of these times as a personal yoga, something we engage with to raise spirits!  Use the quiet time to sit with your being and feelings!  How do you honestly feel?  What do you think?  Release what is not serving us!  Let go of past conditioning that is leading us astray, for others’ benefits!  What do you truly care about?  What makes you truly feel good deep down inside?  What’s important?  What do you truly value, and why?  Take care of yourself, and be healthy!  Take in good food and water!  Where do you find beauty?  Find more of that!  What do you truly love?  Make time for that love!

The hard work in the chrysalis of evolution is personal, but you are not alone!  We are all one together!  We will use this time to awaken and change for the better!  Our lives, communities and environments will be so much better in the future than they are today!  We can change our future!  We will!

That’s from We Can Change Our Future!, 160 pages of stimulating make-believe, a description and history of change, which is set 2 generations in the future, in the year 2060. 

If we committed to change, and shared human values, how might we have changed, and what might our worlds look like?  How might it be different?  Let’s use our imaginations, and try to envision a different and better future than we are on the path to realizing now!  If the world were the way we wish it was, how would that world be? 

If we were to come together, united while honoring our great diversity, agreeing with common sense to improve ourselves deep inside, evolving to higher states and being, behaving and doing from there, using shared principles and values, we can do anything!

Look what we did, and how!   Congratulations!  Read this first as a free PDF or online.

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We Can Change Our Wicked Problems! gathers densely packed factual information on 25 social systems/issues and uses common sense, without partisanship or preconceptions, focused mostly in the U.S.  It finds brokenness, unsustainability and big, urgent problems, in 300 pages with 2,000 references.  It encourages and suggests impactful changes.  

It’s hard reading.  Cognitive dissonance kicks in, and you will want to stop reading this, because that much brokenness is shocking and challenges our worldviews.  Don’t quit, but skim through it until you accept the premise:  a hard case for hard change is made; we can’t continue living as we are, or we will suffer harm from catastrophic collapses; either we proactively change, or we will be reacting to disastrous changes as systems fail. 


We are supposed to be the good guys, but our systems are broken and causing harm.  It hurts to recognize that, but it defies common sense to ignore it.  We’re all a part of that.  We’re complicit, at least by going along with it, but we can change and make it better.  We seem to want somebody else, some hero, to rise up and do something about it, but we each have to find the hero in each of us and change.  PDF or web.

We Can Change Our Programming! posits: if something is broken in so many of our systems, we create the systems, and they aren’t getting better, something must be broken inside us, in our conditioning, beliefs, worldviews and values.  Our inner and outer worlds are related.  "As above, so below."  To fix our wicked problems, we must fix ourselves, and evolve.


It explores stuff we think and how we might improve, to surface programming and values, and it drafts 10 Shared Principles for Earth Citizens.  We need to change consciously, quickly and massively, to proactively avert pending harms.  We can do it if we intentionally change our deep programming, become wiser humans and evolve, using deeply shared values that we personally understand using common sense and personally choose to adopt and live by. 


If we agree on and widely adopt common values to help us be more evolved human beings, wiser humans will take on the many decisions and actions needed, by integrating those values in our characters and living with integrity, respect and honor according to them.  That’s one way to change big, by harmonizing human being, behavior and action using shared values and intentions we understand and work with.  PDF or web.  140 pages.

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Does the idea of coming together as a global human community, uniting, sharing and helping each other, with shared principles and values resonate with you?  Want to engage with it? 

Read We Can Change Our Future!  Share input online by chapter or email.  We’re between 2019’s Metamorphosis and 2020’s Multiverse.  Can we use this time to come together, make this better and make positive change with it? 

I’m sharing this now, because the time is right, not because this is finished, right and ready.  Please forgive its failings and help improve it!  Please share it with others it may resonate with!  Thank you!  We Can Change!

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