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We Can Change Our Future!

Arts, Entertainments and Athletics

This great period of great change has enjoyed a flowering of arts, music, athletics and entertainment.  There has been an almost explosive outburst of expression.  Life stimulates art, and art stimulates life.  Expressed and stimulated subjective experiences inform and inspire objective real-world existence.  Utilitarian buildings and infrastructure include efforts to be beautiful.  Arts, entertainment and athletics are integrated throughout education.  Festival events and celebrations abound.  Talents are cultivated.  People have time to explore and develop abilities.  Harsh economic pressures no longer curtail artists.

Music and art played big roles in opening us up, teaching us, helping us to find ourselves and change.  They lifted our spirits and helped us raise consciousness.  They informed and helped us protest harms.  They connected us with nature.  They helped us understand, interpret, find meaning in and adopt Shared Earth Principles and Values.  They helped us show honor, respect and appreciation for integrity.  They helped us find courage to overcome our fears and do what was right, even when it was very hard.

There were shifts in entertainment.  Rather than pandering to the ignorant and uninformed, lowering the bar to meet the public at levels to which it was sinking on the slippery slopes of an empire’s collapse, wallowing in gratuitous conflict, violence, sex, foul language, gore, glamor and wildly confusing action, starring low and negative emotions and motivations, like fear, anger, revenge, jealousy, hate and envy, entertainments began to encourage us to rise up and engage with higher being, behaviors and actions.  They taught values and challenged us to be better, motivated and inspired change and transformation. 

Athletics became less about indoctrinating us to ideas of opposition, conflict, competition and violence, and more about stimulating and profiling individuals pushing to grow and achieve and improve.

Some glimpses through some windows at some of that:


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